Epic Games Mega Sale Hits A Snag As Publishers Pull Their Games From The Store

As the Epic Games Store begins its first Mega Sale, miscommunications over what games developers want included are causing issues.

Epic Games has been going the distance recently in its efforts to take a share of the player base that uses Steam for their game purchases. On May 16, Epic announced a “mega sale” that will attempt to attract consumers by offering percentage discounts and $10 off all games priced at $14.99 and over. The sale began without incident, until two games were removed from the store without warning and another was mistakenly seen to be misleading customers.

The first game to go was Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, the highly anticipated action RPG due to release in March of 2020. There was mass confusion because this had not been announced previously by either the developer or Epic, and so the title was available at a discounted for a short while. When players sought to check the store page, only an error screen would load.

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Eventually, a representative at Epic Games stated that Vampire: The Masquerade publisher Paradox decided that it would not be partaking in the sale, but did not communicate this in a timely manner, causing the confusion. Epic also added that any player who did purchase the game at a discount during its brief appearance in the store would have the price honored.

This was followed by developer and publisher Klei Entertainment pulling their game, Oxygen Not Included, from the store as well. No word yet from them regarding the decision, however it may simply have also been either a miscommunication, or an untimely response to the inclusion in the sale.

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Another rather embarrassing mistake occurred in the pricing of Hades. Greg Kasavin, the Creative Director Developer at Supergiant Games, explained that they had a plan had been set to raise the price of their game from $19.99 to $24.99, and unfortunately this was done with sufficient communication to their player base, and around the time that the sale began. They state that this was an unfortunate mix up and not done with any malicious intent whatsoever.

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Until the clarification was made, consumers who were familiar with the lower price of the game would have thought that either Epic or Supergiant Games had increased the base cost of their game, so that any “sale” price was not in fact as good as it may seem.

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Considering that Epic is attempting to move into a spot so-long- dominated by Steam, it should come as no surprise that small issues become present in this, their first large sale. As time goes on, these types of errors should not happen again.

The Epic Games Mega Sale is on now and runs until June 13.

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