Epic Games Store To Add Humble Integration - And Much More

Epic Games Store

Epic Games has added Humble Store integration with its latest store update, and a whole bunch more.

While the Epic Games Store might have launched with a pretty abysmal set of features (basically none to speak of), Epic has been hard at work bringing its new digital storefront to something approaching a modern launcher such as Steam, GOG, or basically anyone else out there.

The latest update, which rolled out yesterday, features a much-requested addition: cloud saves. But not for every game on the store, unfortunately. Games such as Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Limbo, Mutant Year Zero, Darksiders III, and World War Z (just to name a few) are getting the promised ability to save games to the ethereal cloud, but other titles on the Epic Games Store will have to wait a bit longer for cloud saves to arrive.

Hyper Light Drifter, due to “technical limitations,” will not be getting cloud saves at all.

Another added feature that folks will be glad to hear is Humble Store integration. Now, Epic players will no longer need to perform the cumbersome task of buying a key on Humble only to activate the game on Epic. Instead, you’ll be able to link your Humble and Epic accounts so that any purchases made on Humble will automatically appear on Epic.

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There is a little bit of work to do for Humble users, however. You’ll need to go into the “settings” menu to link your Humble account with Epic. But after that, keyless integration of games will be complete.

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Finally, an overall refresh to the product pages of each game makes them appear a little more streamlined. You’ll be able to cycle through screens, videos, and grab the system specs without all that much digging.

For the future, Epic plans to bring patch optimization to their downloader. This will drastically cut down on the amount of data that must be transmitted with every patch and should speed things up quite a bit. Library improvements, such as being able to sort your library and track playtime on games, is also coming up in the next 1-3 months.

It’s still no Steam, but Epic is slowly getting there.

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