Epic Games Store Roadmap Gives Details Into Plans, No Mention Of Improved Security

Epic Games posted a roadmap for the Epic Games Store which includes requested features like a friends list and searching, but is lacking security.

It's no secret that the Epic Games Store is earning an unsavory reputation among consumers. Minor complaints about the platform came first, such as a lack of basic social features and offline functionality. Then accusations got serious, with some even going as far as to say the store is secretly collecting user information to sell. Even so, more and more developers are flocking to the platform, meaning gamers will have to deal with it eventually. Epic Games is finally extending the olive branch to these wary potential customers in the form of a roadmap that addresses several key issues, although its plans are oddly lacking in the security department.

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The Epic Games Store Roadmap can be found on Trello. It's laid out neatly by time period, allowing the viewer to see which problems are being addressed in the near future, and what Epic hopes to tackle later in the year. April appears the to be the target for the next wave of features, including things like automatic cloud saves and more refined searching.

While these are all well and good (although probably too late for some gamers' tastes), the roadmap says nothing of a fix for the Epic Store's most recent "spyware" scandal. Reddit users posted a few days ago that they found the Epic Store poking into directories on their computers, places that a games store launcher has no business accessing. Most suspicious was that the Epic Store seemed very intent to delve into users' Steam history.

The accusations gained enough steam (heh) that Epic's own CEO Tim Sweeney chimed in. He personally apologized and said that the security issues were on him as he pushed the development team to implement certain features. The goal was simply to allow users to import their Steam friends list, but the rush job made the launcher a little overzealous in its digging. He also said fixing it would be a top priority.

Strange, then, that the fix is nowhere to be seen on the roadmap. Maybe Sweeney envisions it taking only a few days, thus not being worthy of a spot on the map. Even if that is the case, there's still no mention of basic security and privacy upgrades that any program would undergo. If Epic really wants to claim a spot in gamers' hearts and minds, it would do well to add more security features ASAP.

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