• Epic Games seems to have accidentally leaked news of its upcoming Megasale 1 / 9

  • It is no secret that Epic Games wants to take over the market controlled by Steam 2 / 9

  • Other platforms besides Steam are Humble and GOG, and they all have sales during certain seasons 3 / 9

  • The leak was then confirmed on Twitter as happening in the near future, likely summertime 4 / 9

  • Players who sign up for Two-Factor Authentication will get $10 to spend during the sale 5 / 9

  • How will Steam respond to this news? Will Epic offer their sale sooner to get consumers to spend with them first? 6 / 9

  • Steam may do nothing, or they may in turn make an offer to try and keep players on their platform 7 / 9

  • Either way, competition between both Epic and Steam means better deals for players 8 / 9

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