10 Essential Don't Starve Together Mods For Better Gameplay

From character mods to fast travel, these are the best of the best when it comes to Don't Starve Together mods.

Don’t Starve Together is an action-packed survival game with a quirky atmosphere and dark, menacing tones. From the second you start the game a sense of urgency to craft and survive becomes apparent. It is also an absolute blast to play with friends.

While Klei Entertainment did a great job creating the base game of Don’t Starve Together, there are a few modifications you can find on the Steam Workshop that make it all the better, while not taking away from the experience the developers intended. Here are 10 essential “Don't Starve Together” mods for better gameplay.

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10 Giant Size

Bigger maps are better maps. You and your team have more to explore, harvest, and fight in the game when you install Giant Size. The mod is as easy to understand as it is to implement, making map sizes not only bigger but also makes them customizable in how large you want to make them.

This mod is simple all the way around, from installation to implementation all the steps are laid out in front of you. It’s recommended you use a mod that adds some extra biomes to the game alongside Giant Size so the areas don’t get repetitive.

9 Skin Queue

Skin Queue is a big time saver. The ability to queue up items you want to unravel or weave every time can be as boring as it is time-consuming and this mod seeks to deal with that tediousness.

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Another key feature of the mod is the ‘Unravel All Duplicates’ option that the game so desperately needs. There are countless situations where players could save hours of time by having that simple button available. Also, as it takes no skill to unravel something, this does not make the game an easier, just more fun.

8 Automatic Gardener

Not everyone has a green thumb. For some, gardening in DST is an enjoyable pastime reminiscent of games like Stardew Valley or Farming Simulator, but for others, it’s a time-consuming chore.

For those in the latter group, Automatic Gardener is the mod for you. The mod enables you to craft a machine, out of supplies that are not too difficult to find, that does every aspect of gardening for you. All you have to do is put seeds in, choose the area you want the machine to operate in, and voila, all those pesky tasks are done for you.

7 Beefalo Settings (Taming, Riding, Loot etc.)

Beefalos are awesome. They can be anything from a noble steed to a quick meal in a tight spot. This mod lets you change anything and everything about a Beefalo to fit your preferences.

One of the things this mod does well is give the player the ability to make the game easier or harder depending on what they want. Want Beefalos aplenty that all let you ride them as long as you want? Want scarce Beefalo that hate your guts? Well, this mod has the best of both worlds.

6 Fast Travel (With UI)

Fast travel is something that has been in modern video games for years, and this mod seeks to help usher DST into this modern trend. Using signs to fast travel, and a helpful UI alongside it, this mod makes crossing vast distances easier and less tedious.

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One drawback of the mod is it makes the game significantly easier, especially in the early stages. There is less of a sense of fear of finding out what lays just ahead when you know you can skip it. This mod is helpful and fun, but is best saved for later in the game.

5 Drops Reset Countdown

Collecting skins is a fun and important part of Don’t Starve Together. Every DST player knows the annoyance that comes along with trying to remember the last time you collected a weekly or daily skin drop.

Questions like: “Did I grab that yesterday, the day before, or a week ago?” Will no longer haunt players thoughts with this simple and effective mod. There are color indicators of Red, Yellow, and Green that show if there is no drop, you’ve collected the drop, or the drop is available, respectively.

4 G10MM-3R

G10MM-3R is a simple and easy way to automate collecting resources. Leaving all of the hard parts of labor to the easy-to-build robot, this mod is one of the most well designed and polished you can find on the Steam Workshop.

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You can tell G10MM-3R what resources to pick up and which ones not to, which is key in letting the player decide how much impact the helpful collector will have on the game. All the resources picked up will also be stored in a base that is both easy to access and nice to look at.

3 [Gorge] Victorian HUD

Not every mod needs to have a direct effect on gameplay in order to enhance a player’s experience with the game. Some of them can be purely visual. This mod replaces the old textures used in multiple heads up displays with a Victorian texture that was used in the Gorge event some time ago.

After the event ended, many players felt that the Victorian HUD fit the theme of the game more than the default one. The creepy undertones that make DST so great are enhanced by this awesome mod.

2 ActionQueue Reborn

ActionQueue Reborn is the definitive mod to use when playing Don’t Starve Together. It is the most helpful, time-saving, and easy to use mod for the game.

In its simplest form, this mod allows players to hold SHIFT, click and drag the mouse over the area you need to do the action in and the mod queues up the uses of the tool you have equipped, so you do not have to click action after action over and over. This can automate so many mind-numbing tasks and frees up time spent doing repetitive actions that really only take away from the enjoyment of the game. If you have to choose just one mod, make it this one.

1 Character Mods

Individual and unique characters are what make multiple sessions of DST with your friends continue to be engaging and fun. While the base game has a litany of cool and quirky characters to choose from, mods have taken this aspect of the game to another level.

While it is impossible to choose just one character mod (It really depends on your play style and aesthetic choice) some of the most popular include: Jak, Wort, and Sue-Shi. While these are certainly fun characters it is best to do a deep dive in the mod list and find the right one for you.

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