Everything We Learned About Doom Eternal (From E3 2019)

The hype for DOOM Eternal is very real, and there's quite a bit to unpack from its segment during Bethesda's E3 conference. But, first things first: they've finally unsealed their lips concerning the release date, and players will be able to start ripping and tearing on November 22nd, 2019.

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Until then, those fans that weren't fortunate enough to attend will have to content themselves with eagerly anticipating the ultra violent roller coaster they'll be embarking on in just a few months. Luckily for them, there's plenty to salivate over, and below are the ten juiciest tidbits to take away from its time in the spotlight at E3.

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10 They Didn't Fix What Wasn't Broken

The first and most obvious thing to address would be the fact that Bethesda hasn't dropped the ball. Everything that fans fell in love with in DOOM's 2016 reboot is still well intact.

From the frenetic, "push forward" pacing of the combat to the much-coveted glory kill mechanic, all the elements are in place. "More and better" seem to be the keywords that developer id Software kept in mind for DOOM Eternal, and if what's been shown so far is any indication, they were adhered to pretty stringently.

9 Doomslaying Across Dimensions

While fans had correctly anticipated that DOOM Eternal would be bringing everyone's favorite demon murder machine to Earth in order to settle a few scores, it's looking like the game has set its sights significantly higher than a field trip through its demon-infested ruins.

As executive producer Marty Stratton explained, they aren't building a world for DOOM so much as they're crafting "an entire universe." DOOM Eternal's scope is set across dimensions, including Earth, Hell, Heaven, the homeworld of the Sentinels, and beyond.

8 It's Taking More Visual Cues From The Classics

If the gameplay shown off during the conference is any indication, DOOM Eternal's aesthetics include a lot more callbacks to the classic DOOM titles than even the 2016 reboot did.

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Health bonuses take the shape of the original blue flasks, and some weapon models, such as the plasma rifle, clearly kept the old-school designs much closer in mind this time around. Even the Cyberdemon went through a sort of throwback glow up, looking uncannily similar to his original sprite model.

7 There Are A Lot Of New Toys

The new grappling hook attachment for the shotgun and wrist-mounted blade have had fans foaming at the mouth since they were revealed, and they looked absolutely stunning when put to use over the course of the shown gameplay footage. However, said footage also managed to showcase at least one additional toy that hasn't received nearly as much attention.

The Doom Slayer now has a shoulder-mounted auxiliary weapon of some kind, and for all intents and purposes, it seems to be a close range flamethrower. "Barbecue" is now a solid candidate for inclusion in the beloved "rip and tear" motif.

6 New Demons To Face

Would it really be a DOOM sequel without a few new demonic friends to maim and mutilate? While there are undoubtedly a few original creations in the mix, of particular interest to hardcore fans is the reintroduction of a few old buddies.

Among which are the Arachnotron, a miniaturized version of the Spider Mastermind armed with a plasma cannon, and what would appear to be Eternal's take on the Nightmare Imps, more dangerous and agile versions of their more common, less nightmarish counterparts.

5 Even Deeper Movement & Parkour Mechanics

DOOM 2016's fluid and intuitive movement system was the subject of considerable praise upon its release, and id Software has obviously decided to capitalize on this by building upon it with a few new tricks.

A new dash mechanic propels the player in a given direction at crucial points, there are an abundance of climbable walls for them to latch onto, and the Slayer is able to swing from bars to keep his momentum. That said, there do seem to be much more involved platforming sections, which could put some players off a bit.

4 The New Multiplayer "Battle Mode"

DOOM 2016's multiplayer received heavy criticism, with many players dismissing it as highly derivative and lacking in meaningful innovation. But Eternal seems set on surmounting that obstacle with a new way to experience DOOM multiplayer.

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Enter Battle Mode, which pits two players as demons heads-to-head against another player rocking a fully kitted out Doom Slayer. Billed as "demon strategy versus Slayer skill," the demons get a few extra tools at their disposal to aid in stopping the Doom Guy, including the ability to summon AI monsters into the fight.

3 VEGA Is Back

During one of DOOM 2016's more memorable sequences, VEGA calmly guides the Slayer through the process of shutting him down and essentially killing him to power one last trip to Hell. In a rare display of fondness, the Slayer actually takes the time to back up VEGA's essential files first, discreetly tucking the chip he's been saved on away into his suit.

It's pretty great to see that bit pay off when VEGA aids the Slayer in directing a landing pod to the surface of Mars during one of Eternal's gameplay teasers, as the calm and collected AI construct was easily a fan favorite.

2 The Collector's Edition Looks Amazing, But...

Bethesda was also keen to unveil the DOOM Eternal collector's edition, replete with fan essentials such as an exclusive steelbook, a lore book, a wearable Doom Slayer helmet, digital in-game goodies and more.

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However, it's more than understandable for fans to be wary after the fiasco surrounding the contents of Fallout 76's collector's edition. But since none of the mentioned articles are made from canvas, it seems like this one might actually end up being a safe bet!

1 There's A Lot Being Held Back For QuakeCon 2019

DOOM Eternal certainly managed to do a lot with less than fifteen minutes, but for a sequel as highly anticipated as this one, fans certainly want to see a lot more than they managed to cram into its slot.

Naturally, the presenters were quick to point out that the showcase was just "a piece" of what was playable at E3, going on to affirm that there was "a lot more to share" at QuakeCon, in-depth coverage of which fans can definitely expect here at TheGamer.

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