10 Essential Tips When Playing The Subnautica Multiplayer Mod

Since the first player entered the early release of Subnautica, it was clear that the game was going to be a huge success. This underwater survival game pits man against the sea in an epic battle to make it through an alien world alone. Building a complex watercraft, finding materials and supplies, and avoiding dangerous sea life all make this a non-stop underwater thrill.

One thing many fans felt was missing, though, was a co-op multiplayer mode. Surviving the briny depths with friends was not a feature the developers were willing to add. Thanks to a mod, however, players don’t have to miss out anymore. Check out these 10 tips to help you and your friends stay alive.

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10 Installation

Before you can play the mod you’ll need to install it. This isn’t technically a gameplay tip but enough people have had a hard time with the installation that it’s worth talking about.

The easiest way to install this mod is to download the installer that’s recently been released by Nexus Mods. You can create a free account on their website and easily find what you need. Be sure you extract all of the necessary files and add them to the same directory your game is in. You won’t have much luck with launching your mod if your files aren’t in the right spot, though.

You can find tons of guides to manually install Subnautica multiplayer but the launcher is definitely the most straight forward option.

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9 A Plan

When you open your eyes after your escape pod lands and find that you are not alone, it's a huge relief. That relief may be short lived though. How are you going to feed both of you? Do you split up and try to survive on your own? How are we going to get off this planet? The first thing you may want to do is head off into the gorgeous depths. But if you want to survive out here, you are going to need a good plan. Do we work together or split up to get more things done?

8 Backup

We've all been there. Diving in the Kelp Forest for some silver and gold and you hear that Stalker growl... You flee and try to work your way back down to the cache of outcroppings your toothed friend is now guarding. If only you had some way to distract that Stalker! In comes your new friend — maybe one of you can swim around drawing all the attention so the other can gather. If you get your hands on a stasis rifle, things become incredibly easy. Now its just a matter of "I’m going to search for stuff while you have fun freezing time for everything in your view." There's no need to worry about making sure you have your weapon at the ready.

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7 The Right Tools

Having the right tool makes all the difference in how easy things go down for both of you. Before you can even begin to build that base, you need a builder tool. Until you craft yourself a scanner tool, you will find it awfully hard to gather those blueprints. One of the most helpful tools for exploring is the stasis rifle. Find yourself backed into a tight spot? That time freezing gun can mean the difference in making it out okay or becoming fish food. Every tool in this game will find a place in your pack. Just remember to carry some batteries or charge flippers to power your favorite.

6 Setting Up A Home Base

The hardest part here will be trying to decide on the best place to start building. You are going to need something bigger than that cramped escape pod. We all know how annoying it is to have to stop building that subaquatic base because you ran out of titanium. But this time you have a helping hand. With one building and one grabbing the needed resources, that base will soon be a sprawling undersea compound. Just make sure that if you are the one building, you don't forget to give your partner some say. It's hard enough being trapped on this planet — let's not add sharing a bunk to that list.

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5 Food

Along with all the help your friendly survivor brings, they tend to also need food and water. Making sure you have a decent stockpile of food and water should be a given. But with all the things you might want to take care of, this might not cross your mind right away. It's a good idea to have one of you on this task. The last thing you want to find yourself doing is chasing down fish while you starve to death because you just had to have 10 floors in your base.

Build yourself a few cabinets for that base and stock them full of food and water. When you start making further trips from home you will be grateful for a pack full of fish and water.

4 Split Material Acquisition

When it comes to most of the tech you will find, you need all sorts of materials. Before you can fabricate most things, you will be out searching for blueprints in some pretty sketchy places. This might be one of the few times you will find splitting up helps.

After finding the three Cyclops blueprints you will find you have a huge list of things to delve for. While you are out here in the Mushroom Forest looking for lithium, your partner should be back near the Kelp Forest searching for teeth. Having the load split between you means less time running back to home base because your inventory is full.

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3 Safe Exploring

Checking out all the cool Biomes is fun and sometimes pretty dangerous, but doing it with a friend just takes it to a new level. No need to fear being stranded in the event a Reaper eats your Seamoth. Being able to jet around in your own Seamoth while your partner pilots the Cyclops is epic. When things get dangerous just dock the Cyclops and enjoy the safety of that big armored hull.

My advice is never head into a cave alone and always carry a few medkits. For added safety, you can load some fancy torpedos or a shield on your submersible. You never know what is waiting at the bottom of that sheer drop off, so don't chance it.

2 Communication

This has to be the most challenging issue down here; when you're moving along the ocean just behind your partner and you see a long shadow and hear that haunting roar... But your buddy is busily harvesting things and paying no attention. How do you warn them without putting yourself in danger? Seeing as there is no in-game voice, your best bet is to find yourself a chat program. Whether it's Discord, Skype, or any other voice program you end up using — you will find being able to shout that there is danger ahead is definitely a lifesaver. Not to mention being able to plan things out like base builds and hunts for items you may need.

1 Storage

Seeing as you can only carry so much in that little pack, you're going to need something more for two people. As soon as you can, it's a good idea to build yourself some storage. Get yourself a few wall storage cabinets and label all your stuff. Do you have a Cyclops? Well, this beauty comes with some serious built-in storage on the lower level. There is plenty of space to stock up on the food that you'll need when you're off exploring new Biomes. If that's not enough, you can build a little more storage on your Cyclops. Your Seamoth can also help take some of your stuff with a little modification.

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