Etika’s Passing Creates Outpour Of Support For Those Suffering From Mental Health Issues

The internet has reacted to the news that Desmond Amofah, aka Etika, has passed away with heartfelt messages and support.

Desmond Amofah, better known as YouTuber Etika, disappeared on Wednesday, June 19. Shortly before he vanished, he uploaded an emotional video in which he discussed his recent erratic behavior and his deteriorating mental health. Sadly, police later confirmed his passing, after some of his possessions were found on Manhattan bridge.

Etika was best known for his reaction videos in which he discussed new releases, often from Nintendo. Many YouTubers have taken to social media to pay tribute to Etika, as well as to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Here is a round-up of just some of the tributes to the 29-year-old YouTube star.

The news broke on social media via a tweet from the NYPD, which has since amassed over 2100 comments, most of them expressing sadness at the news.

Many other YouTubers, fans, and friends have also taken to social media to send out tributes, condolences, and support to others going through mental health struggles.

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PewDiePie posted a short note of condolence, followed by a further post that read: “If you're struggling mentally, speak to someone close or call, you are important,” before listing suicide hotlines for several countries.

The official YouTube Creators channel also expressed their sadness and, like Pewdiepie, posted some resources for those who need them.

YouTuber Joe Weller expressed concern that other content creators may also find themselves in a similar position, as he posted his condolences.

Meanwhile, Keemstar, who is known for his drama alert show, talked about Etika’s famous comeback after his original YouTube channel was removed.

He went on to discuss how he felt, having been mentioned in Etika’s emotional final video, as well as his feelings about YouTube removing Etika’s channel. Finally, he mentioned that he had spoken to Etika’s mother and suggested that friends and fans donate to a mental health organization of their choice to honor his memory.

The most emotional of all the tributes came from Giancarlo Parimango, Etika’s closest friend. His timeline is a journey as he struggles to process the news. He talks about his disbelief, his memories, and the plans they made together. He mentions trying to reach out to Etika in recent weeks and Etika responding by saying that he “wouldn’t hurt himself.”

We've rounded off the tributes with our favorite, this post from Giancarlo:

If you are struggling with your mental health and need support, the International Association For Suicide Prevention has a directory of International crisis centers and support lines.

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