European Fortnite Players Are Not Happy About The Upcoming Secret Skirmish

Fortnite players in Europe have criticized the game's upcoming Secret Skirmish for being biased in favor of North American players.

Fortnite enjoyed quite the 2018 and basically overthrew the gaming world. In fact, the game became so popular that it started staging worldwide tournaments and has basically become its own sport. The most exciting part of this development was Epic Games' announcement that there would be $100 million up for grabs across these tournaments.

Some of those tournaments have already taken place and pitted the world's best Fortnite players against each other. A fair bit of that prize pool has already been given away. Epic has now announced Fortnite's first tournament of 2019 will be the Secret Skirmish. How exactly the Secret Skirmish will play out has not yet been revealed. However, invites have been sent and the prize money unveiled. A cool $500,000 for just two days work.


The invites part of the Secret Skirmish is what has got certain players a little ticked off. Invites were sent to players who had performed well in previous tournaments, fair enough so far we think. However, the invites were sent during the middle of the night European time. That's why of the 95 spots filled so far, only four of them were clinched by those who play outside of North America.

As you can see from the tweet above courtesy of Svenoss, a professional Fortnite player from Sweden who did not get to his invite in time, the field is very North American heavy. Among the US and Canadian players there are two Swedish entrants, one from Norway, and one from Latvia. There's no word on whether this is the final field in terms of the Secret Skirmish, but either way, it is not a good look.

Fortnite's last tournament, the Winter Royale, was laid out a little differently. The battles in North America happened at a completely different time and day to the ones in Europe. However, the Winter Royale took place across multiple weeks. The secret Skirmish will only run for two days, February 14 and 15, so both continent's players have been lumped together. However, Epic probably should have issued the invites at a time when both sets of players would have been awake.


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