Every Ability In Rage 2, Explained

Rage 2 gives you plenty of ways to mow through your enemies. With this guide, every ability in Rage 2 will be explained so you can master this game.

RAGE 2 has a pretty impressive wealth of options when it comes to various ways to dispatch (and entirely dismember) your enemies. On top of the different weapons and vehicles available in the game, there are also eleven different abilities available to you. Each ability is upgradeable and has skill trees to work through, all combining to make every ability a true force of nature.

While all of the abilities are pretty straightforward in what they do, figuring out the best times to use each one can require a bit of trial and error. Here's a quick guide on what each ability does, and the best time to pull each of them out:

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"Lunge towards targets and unleash a strong kinetic SHATTER that sends enemies flying and breaks armor."

Shatter is what you're going to use when you have to reload your shotgun, but there's still someone in your face. This typically sheds off a hefty portion of the armor from a target (if they have any) and sends them sailing in the opposite direction. Think of it like a Warlock melee from Destiny, except deadlier.


"Use your GRAV-JUMP booster to give you an extra burst of lift while in the air."

Grav-Jump gives you that little bit of an extra 'oomph' for a jump that you wouldn't quite make otherwise. It doesn't give a whole lot more lift, but there are quite a few times where it's very handy to get that extra bit of hangtime or height. Missing a jump in RAGE 2 can lead to a pretty easy death, so Grav-Jump is an ability that gets used pretty often.


"Save yourself from death by discharging electrical shocks to the heart. Automatically activates when dying."

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There's not a whole lot to say here, this ability just resurrects you with a small amount of health once you die. It takes a bit of time to recharge, so don't expect multiple resurrections in the same fight.


"Raise an energy BARRIER that blocks bullets and explosions."

Every once in a while you get caught in an area without a lot of cover in RAGE 2, and Barrier comes in handy there. In most areas of the game, there's plenty of cover scattered around and it's pretty easy to speed from cover to cover without much danger, so this ability isn't going to necessarily be something that gets used in abundance.


"A brief sprint boost that is useful for both offense and defense."

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Ever wish you could DOUBLE-SPRINT? RAGE 2 has you covered. While already sprinting, try to sprint again, and you'll Rush forward. It's pretty self-explanatory what this is useful for, but it should be mentioned that one of the unlockable upgrades for Rush makes you invisible while it's active.


"Deploy a singularity that pulls in nearby enemies. Step into the VORTEX to launch yourself into the air."

Vortex is perfect for getting enemies a bit more grouped up for certain attacks, like rockets or grenades. It's also incredibly useful as a movement mechanic, with its ability to slightly push you upwards if you time your jump right. It's a pretty multifaceted ability and can be used in a lot of different scenarios.


"Automatic cellular regeneration that partially heals injuries and protects incoming damage. Regenerates health when picking up FELTRITE."

This is mostly just a passive ability. This means that any time you pick up Feltrite (which most, if not all enemies drop when they die) you'll regenerate some health. Different upgrades also reduce certain damage types, like kinetic and elemental. If you're having trouble with staying alive, getting this ability upgraded is going to help in that department.


"Focus NANOTRITES to highlight enemies and pull in nearby FELTRITE." Focus goes pretty hand in hand with Constitution in the beginning. Pulling in Feltrite with focus heals you, and ensures that you don't need to run around to grab every tiny bit of Feltrite on the ground.

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Where Focus gets really interesting is in the upgrades. With Focus activated, you can remotely detonate explosives, allowing for a ludicrous amount of hilarious chaos.


"A temporary superpowered state that regenerates health. Kill enemies to charge, keep a high KILL MULTIPLIER to charge faster."

Overdrive is a truly glorious ability. Activating this ensures that every weapon you fire is an upgraded version of itself, meaning shotguns absolutely (and I cannot stress this enough) dismember enemies, rockets are going to detonate like little nuclear explosions, and much, much more.

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This is all without mentioning that Overdrive regenerates your health while it's active, too. And with upgrades, Overdrive will decrease the cooldown on abilities, allowing you to just about use whatever ability you want to your heart's content.


"A SLAM that generates a powerful kinetic shockwave. Damage and range increases with height."

Slam is an absolute blast. It is so much fun to find the tallest object in an area to climb, the sole purpose being leaping off of it and slamming into the ground, annihilating anything unfortunate enough to be below you. Upgraded, Slam creates a miniature black hole underneath you, pulling in enemies and objects while you scream towards the ground, ensuring the destruction of anything in the vicinity.


"A quick Nanotrite propelled dodge. Use during combat to throw off the enemy's aim or to evade incoming attacks."

Dash is one of the pillars of combat in RAGE 2, and is something that is used by most players constantly. It's so fast that it's essentially a teleport in whatever direction you desire, either getting you directly into the action or getting you out of a tight spot when necessary. When fighting some of the larger enemies in RAGE 2, Dash is the only way to dodge some of their attacks, making it one of the only abilities/weapons in RAGE 2 that is absolutely essential for success.

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