Every Character In Apex Legends Ranked

Anyone who's played Apex Legends knows that there's a lot going on in the game, especially when it comes to the different Legends, their abilities, and the ways they can work together as a team. Each and every character in the game can be incredibly useful in different scenarios, but some of them are beneficial to have on your team a bit more often than others.

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Wraith is a tricky character. On one hand, her passive ability is one of the best in the game. Getting a warning when somebody aims at you rivals Bloodhound's ability to avoid ambushes. But other than that, her abilities leave a bit to be desired.

Her 'Into The Void' ability doesn't generally help out in most scenarios since enemies will simply follow the light trail you leave behind and shoot you the moment you leave the Void. Really, the only times this will be super-useful is when running into the arms of your teammates, or in a longer-range situation and running to cover.

Her Dimensional Rifts, while unique, are very difficult to use in a way that doesn't jeopardize your own team almost as much as the enemy team. One solution to this is to pair her with a Caustic to trap the ends of the Rifts, but this feels like a lot of hassle to make a bit of a lackluster character effective.


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Mirage excels at sowing discord and confusion in the enemy team, and if that's what you thrive on, he'll be a great choice. Holographic decoys are a great way to obtain information and turn the enemies' attention elsewhere while you slip around and wreak havoc.

That being said, players who have some experience in the Apex Games will probably recognize the slightly off behavior of the Holographic Decoys and ignore them entirely; you might give away more information than you gain.


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Bloodhound is another one of those characters that isn't going to be super-useful all the time, but in certain situations, his tracking ability can be a lifesaver. Freshly-laid ambush spots aren't going to be a surprise if you have a Bloodhound around since he'll see the footprints ahead and warn teammates.

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His information gathering with his Eye of the Allfather is especially useful in urban scenarios where people are more closely-packed, and his Ultimate is a dream for players who like to rush into the fray. That extra speed his Ultimate gives you makes it that much easier to close a gap quickly.


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Gibraltar is not everyone's cup of tea, but for a certain play-style, there's no character better. Gibraltar is the King of medium to long-range engagements, with his Gun Shield enabling him to last longer in those gunfights than his enemies. On an equal footing with the same weapon, same gear, and same aiming ability, beating a Gibraltar in a gunfight from this distance is nigh-on impossible.

At range, his Dome of Protection allows him to easily revive teammates, as well. But keep in mind using the Dome in close-range is going to attract the attention of those with shotguns since you're essentially trapping the engagement distance to their range.


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Let's get this part out of the way: Caustic is not always going to be useful. There are going to be some situations and late-game circles where his Gas Canisters are going to have limited viability.

But when in those situations where you're in an urban environment with buildings all around, he is an absolute force of nature. There are plenty of spots you can slap down Gas Canisters where the enemy will be entirely unable to see them until they trigger them, giving you a warning as to where they are, slowing them down, and causing a bit of damage. If you're able to plant yourself in a building with a shotgun and a handful of Gas Canisters, you're probably going to do pretty well for yourself.

As an added bonus, his Ultimate ability is a great way to force a team out of a building, as well. Toss it in a window and turn the exits into a shooting gallery.

If you do happen to find yourself caught out in the open, Caustic's Gas Canisters can be used as visual cover too, with a little bit more effort than Bangalore. Throw the Gas Canister down where you need the cover, and shoot it.


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While Bangalore is a solid character overall, there is only one reason that she's this high on the list: her Smoke Launcher. In a Battle Royale where there's always the possibility of getting into a fight without very much cover, the chance to give yourself a ton of easy visual cover and get yourself into a more advantageous position is invaluable.

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It's also useful when reviving teammates, helping you stay out of sight while you're vulnerable. Her Smoke Launcher can also be used aggressively, lending itself useful when you're trying to rush an enemy to shotgun them, keeping you out of their sight until you're in range.


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Pathfinder is fantastic for players who like to get a little agressive... Once in a fight, Pathfinder's grapple line allows players to pounce on enemies that aren't expecting it, or get into flanking positions quicker than would be otherwise possible.

This is all without mentioning his ability to find the next circle location before anybody else, allowing you to establish a dominant position ahead of schedule. Battle Royale games are all about being in the right place, and no character is better at that than Pathfinder.

For some extra fun, team him up with a Caustic and trap the ends of your Ziplines.


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We've said it in previous articles, and we'll say it again in this one: Lifeline is the only character in this game that is an absolute must-have for any team. She enables herself and her team to stay in the fight longer and get back into the fight quicker with her Healing Drone and ability to revive teammates faster.

Her Healing Drone is going to save your team so many healing supplies that they might need later, and that alone would warrant picking her. Add in her Supply Drop that can carry the best possible equipment in the game dropping wherever you want, and you see why she's at the top of the list.

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