Every Character In Octopath Traveler, Ranked From Worst To Best

Octopath Traveler is a fun turn-based JRPG for the Switch and soon the PC that channels the old Final Fantasy games in a modern/retro style. In addition to its great gameplay, it boasts an engaging story as players take over one of eight characters that are navigating the world for their own reasons justifying at least eight playthroughs of the game.

The characters have diverse storylines that can make their quest noble pursuits of valor, revenge quests, or just another way to make coin. They also vary in terms of combat and some are much easier to play with powerful skills and abilities, while others start to fizzle near the end.

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8 Olberic

Considered the Warrior of the game, this former knight turned mercenary turned hero seeks revenge on bandits that stole away his young apprentice Philip. He does have some use for his ability to challenge NPCs which can cut down on some of the game’s grind and he serves as a fair tank in the beginning of the game.

But as the game progresses his abilities start to become lacking and he’ll be eclipsed by the other characters fairly quickly. He’s great for getting into the game, but not so good at getting out which causes him to rank so low.

7 Primrose

Bearing one of the most interesting stories in the game, Primrose is the daughter of a noble who fell into poverty after her father was murdered by three men bearing marks resembling crows. Without her father, she was forced to make ends meet through dancing in a seedy tavern.

Despite her interesting storyline she’s among the weakest of the characters. She can summon NPCs into combat and she’s great at providing them with buffs through her sultry dance moves, but that’s kind of it. Players will struggle with her lack of offensive skills and feel more like cheerleaders as they dance  to help their NPC party members win the fight.

6 Alfyn

Alfyn is a tender character in the game who, as an Apothecary, seeks to heal and assist others he meets. When his best friend’s sister is bitten by a snake he ventures out to find a cure, no matter the cost.

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This noble character is capable of being the most powerful character in the game, but only if he’s played correctly and players enjoy his particular brand of playstyle, which many don’t and that's why he ranks so low. His power stems from the ability to Concoct potions that can heal and buff allies or damage enemies. Without his potions he’s next to useless, so players must enjoy the nature of hunting down ingredients, discovering recipes, and putting them together before fights.

5 Tressa

Tressa is a surprising hero for the game, considering she has no formal combat training or innate magical abilities. She’s a merchant seeking revenge on pirates that stole from her and uses her economic prowess to guide her.

Her abilities allow her to obtain more money from combat and she can purchase items from NPCs that aren’t normally obtainable. This ability to create golden streams of income enables her to access high-level equipment and obtain hired help sooner and more often, making her very effective in combat, but only if she spends her coin, as on her own she is rather limited.

4 Cyrus

A scholar brimming with knowledge and intelligence, Cyrus finds himself caught up in a world of adventure when a priceless book disappears from the Royal Library. Cyrus pursues the thieves not so much out of a sense of justice, but more to discover what knowledge the book contains that would motivate someone to steal it.

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Essentially the mage class of the game, Cyrus is capable of dishing out ridiculous amounts of damage. His abilities to purloin knowledge about his enemies’ weaknesses makes him very powerful in combat. The only reason he doesn’t rank higher is that he’s a glass cannon and requires others in order to keep him alive while he attacks the enemy.

3 Ophilia

A servant to the Flame, Ophilia is a powerful cleric who joins her sister in the church on a pilgrimage known as the Kindling. She’s the noblest of all the characters and very firm in her faith and abilities.

In combat, she possesses incredible healing powers that only get stronger as the game goes along. This combines well with her ability to summon NPCs into battle and keep them alive through the worst fights. She may not be as strong on her own as other characters are, but she’s far more useful to her entourage than other characters on the list.

2 Therion

The traditional Thief, Therion is a rugged rogue whose sole ambition is to perform the ultimate heist; break into the great mansion of House Ravus. His story admittedly isn't all that special until later in the game when his past comes back to haunt him, but it takes a while to get there.

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Therion shines as a warrior in battle who is very hard to hit, but if an enemy does hit him he goes down pretty quickly which is why he doesn’t take the number one spot. However, players would be fools to overlook him as he has arguably one of the most useful abilities in the game, picking locks. This ability grants access to special treasure chests that only he can open and loot from. Combined with his ability to lift items off NPCs he can start earning serious levels of income, assuming he isn’t caught in the act.

1 H’aanit

One of the few remaining descendants of a mighty ancient clan, H’aanit is a fierce Hunter. Haunted by the disappearance of her master when he never came back from a difficult hunt, she jumps at a desperate noble’s pleas to kill a fearsome beast in the Whisperwoods, wondering if it may have something to do with her master's disappearance.

She possesses one of the more interesting stories in the game and is by far the most capable character. Like Olberic, she can provoke duels which cut on the overall grind and she’s a capable fighter, but by far her most useful ability is to capture various monsters and animals to serve her by her side in battle. She also has a cool snow leopard as a companion.

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