Every Harry Potter Game, Ranked Worst To Best

The Harry Potter games have surfaced on a variety of platforms over the years. Some games were awesome, some were... not so much.

When you think about Harry Potter it is likely that either the books or the movies are the first thing that spring to mind, which makes sense because of the huge success they had, with the books selling over 500 million copies and the films making over $8 billion in total combined.

But what people often don't think of straight away is the video game series that came because of Harry Potter's popularity. Of course, the trend nowadays is that any movies that become a huge success end up as video games, and the wizarding world was no different.

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Because of its popularity, every company wanted to get their hands on the property and due to that, there have been tons of Harry Potter games, from main series titles to LEGO and mobile games. Within this article, we will give a definitive ranking of the 10 best Harry Potter related video games.

10 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This is the newest Harry Potter related video game and it is one that utilizes new technology to its best with the mobile game being similar to that of Pokemon Go, encouraging people to get out into the world and explore via gaming.

While the game didn't quite take off to that level, it has still been a major hit amongst fans of the wizarding world who have enjoyed walking around and exploring, attempting to hit spells and cast potions.

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Because of the nature of the game, it really does allow the freedom to explore and feel like you are part of a wizarding world, which is exactly what every Harry Potter fan is looking to do.

9 Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup

This is another very different style of Harry Potter game with the focus being all around the game of Quidditch, which is one of the most popular aspects from the wizarding world with the fictional sport being a real hit amongst people.

Within this game you can play in the Hogwarts Inter-House Quidditch Cup, being able to play as any of the four teams, or you can take part in the famous World Cup, opting to be a nation.

The controls aren't the easiest to work out, but once you've sorted that it is a whole lot of fun to play as you try to win the Quidditch Cup with your favorite house.

8 Wonderbook: Book Of Spells

This was a slightly different type of game, with the augmented reality game being created for the PlayStation 3 using the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye controllers, with the player becoming a Hogwarts student.

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The focus on this game was learning spells, hence the name, and the importance on this was using the technology from the controllers that really allowed people to feel like they were a wizard.

Being able to connect up with a Pottermore account also helped make this game a hit, with the whole thing being incredibly personable as the game would reflect the style of the player.

7 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

This game did get some mixed reviews upon its release, and perhaps I am biased due to this being my favorite Harry Potter film and book, but the Goblet Of Fire was a lot of fun to play.

This game is more focused on the action, rather than puzzles as previous instalments had been, which was mainly due to the content they had to work with, as the game really concentrated on following the story, which made you a lot more restricted in what you could do.

However, that actually helped the flow of the game and given that this was also the first to bring in multiplayer mode, which allowed friends to finally enjoy playing in the wizarding world together.

6 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

The Order Of The Phoenix is the fifth game that came out in the classic Harry Potter storyline video games, and this one built well on what had happened previously while bringing serious additions.

With the mini-map being replaced by the Marauder's Map and HUD displays being gone, there were plenty of enhancements that wizarding world fans absolutely love, with the exploration being a lot of fun as well.

The exploring factor was a big one here and with a lot of side-quests to be completed that get picked up on the map, you're always going to be busy while playing this one.

5 Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

Philosopher's Stone was an early installment in the series of Harry Potter video games, and while it certainly shows its age in terms of graphics and clumsy exposition, there is no doubt that this was just tons of fun.

The game can be rather challengings with some tough battle sequences that do take a fair bit of precision, and it also provides some incredible Quidditch gameplay in the form of a fantastic mini-game.

They did end up re-releasing this game after just two years with new voice actors and reworked models, but there aren't crazy differences between the two, it is just a lot of fun to play.

4 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

This game obviously followed the previous entry, with this coming after the second movie and it certainly stepped things up from the original instalment, although it doesn't follow everything from the film, so it is best to watch it first so you understand everything.

Chamber Of Secrets is a fun step up for the game, with the obvious improvements on controls and graphics, but it is in the actual gameplay itself that is so fun, from collecting Bertie Botts Beans to the fun mini-games that were available.

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The brilliance of Chamber Of Secrets was that it didn't take itself too seriously, which was the downfall of some later Potter instalments, and instead kept itself rooted in the fun of the magical world.

3 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Who doesn't love a LEGO video game? Harry Potter unsurprisingly got the LEGO treatment twice, however, it was the first four years and the original game that was actually the pick of the two.

While there isn't too much different between them, with the style of play being very similar, the map for this version is greater, with this being the largest open-world of any Harry Potter game created to this point.

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The game is tons of fun and felt fresher than the sequel, simply due to the fact it was made first, but being able to fully immerse yourself into the world of Hogwarts was just tons of fun, even in LEGO.

2 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

The third game in the Harry Potter series takes things into a more serious tone for the first time, however, Prisoner Of Azkaban doesn't lose the charm that the first two games brought by immersing you into the world of Potter.

This had the biggest open-world feel yet out of the games with more time being spent developing Hogwarts, with a much larger castle and grounds which were jam-packed with mini-games to keep people entertained.

This was also the first game that allowed people to choose between the three main characters, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, with all three having a different skillset that was needed for certain moments within the game.

1 Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter And The Half Blood-Prince felt like the moment that this series really stepped things up, with EA really advancing things and opening the game up to the point where it almost feels like a complete open-world game.

This is why it is the best Potter game because that is the main thing people wanted to do, was explore the castle, the Forbidden Forest or the rest of the grounds, seeing what they could get up to in the magical world.

With 150 Hogwarts crests hidden around, EA gave people a reason to go and explore and while there was still the usual film storyline to follow along, the main fun was had in simple exploration.

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