Every Major Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoiler Explained

Kingdom Hearts 3 packed a lot into its narrative. Here's every major spoiler in the game and what they mean.

Despite its title, Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually the twelfth Kingdom Hearts title. It concludes the Dark Seeker plot arc which started in the first game, and is set after Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Here, Sora teams up with Riku, King Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy as they try to stop Xehanort’s plan to initiate a second Keyblade War. On their journey, they cross paths with a multitude of Disney and Pixar characters and locations, and their adventure even takes them to a number of Disney Park attractions.

The ending is full of twists, and as you’d expect, there are a ton of spoilers. Those final five hours are full of eventful moments. For people who are interested in those spoilers, this is the right place. We discuss all the burning questions, like whether any of the main characters dies, and if Xenahort is finally defeated.

It goes without saying, but there are massive spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 ahead.

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10 They Save the Universe

The Kingdom Hearts 3 ending is pretty long, lasting over 5 hours. In that time, Sora recovers the hearts of his friends as he chases a boss through the worlds he has visited. Then he travels back in time to before his friends’ hearts were stolen. But Xehanort still manages to forge the legendary χ-blade, which needs 13 hearts of darkness and 7 hearts of light to make. He uses the blade to reopen Kingdom Hearts, thus jeopardizing the fate of the universe. Sora drags him into a portal which takes them to another time, where Xehanort can be defeated. Xehanort eventually loses, and admitting defeat, he gives Sora the χ-blade to seal the Kingdom Hearts and save the universe.

9 Sora Dies… Probably

During the ending, Sora goes on a final journey to rescue Kairi, who was killed by Xehanort in the game’s climax. He goes alone, refusing the help of Goofy and Donald. Then, the next—and last—time we see him, it’s during a cutscene where Riku sees him and Kairi holding hands on a distant tree. Then Sora fades away, signifying that he’s probably dead.

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However, because it’s not conclusive, it’s hard to tell if Sora really died, or if he managed to rescue Kairi, or even if that’s a story for a future game.

8 Xehanort Dies

Yes, the series’ main antagonist finally dies. We see him flying to the moon of Kingdom Hearts as a ghost, with some help from Master Eraqus, an old friend that he killed when he was obsessed with darkness. As they hold hands, the two turn into their teenage selves, who are the same age as the remainder of the crew. Then they fly up into the sky and fade away, signifying that they are over their difference and have found peace.

Some fans might be annoyed that Xehanort found peace in the afterlife after everything he’s done, but in the end, the important thing is he was defeated.

7 Ventus, Terra and Aqua are Saved

These three characters, from Birth by Sleep, are rescued, starting with Aqua. As Riku fights with a corrupted Aqua, Sora comes to help. Together, Riku, Sora and King Mickey are able to rescue Aqua from the Realm of Darkness. They then go to Castle Oblivion, where Aqua hid Ventus’ body for the past decade. They battle Xehanort’s apprentice, Vanitas, and manage to revive Ventus, whose heart was lying in Sora. As for Terra, he is rescued in the final act of the game after Xehanort gets banished from him. In the last cutscene, we see Aqua, Ventus and Terra leaving their Wayfinder charms on the grave of Master Eraqus.

6 Xion Returns

Xion, who was in 358/2 Days, is revealed to be one of the mysterious Organization XIII members. After she faces off with Sora and Axel, she gets a change of heart—a literal one, at that—and she becomes good. After Xemnas kidnaps Kairi, Xion vows to lay down her keyblade in her place. We see her during the ending in Twilight Town eating sea salt ice cream in a new outfit next to Axel and Roxas. We also learn that Axel was another member of Organization XIII and he has also gotten rid of his Organization outfit.

5 There’s a Secret Ending

After finishing the game, you can unlock the Secret Ending and Movie. How you unlock it depends on the difficulty you’re playing, though. You will need to gather Lucky Emblems of Mickey’s head which are scattered all over the various worlds. If you’re playing on Beginner difficulty, you will need all 90 Lucky Emblems; if you’re on Normal difficulty, you will need 60 Lucky Emblems; and if you’re playing on Proud difficulty, you will just need 30 Lucky Emblems.

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After you’ve taken the required number of Lucky Emblems, you just have to go back to where you saw the Epilogue, and the Secret Ending will be there.

4 There is a Secret Boss

In the Keyblade Graveyard world, you will find a tough enemy at the final Battlegate. This is the swole heartless which Terra’s heart drifted back to, according to USGamer.

He aided Terra in rescuing Ventus and Aqua from the evil clutches of Terra-Xehanort. However, when you encounter him here, he has become evil again, and he has a serious grudge against Sora. As Sora battles him, he will have to do so alone; neither Donald nor Goofy is around to help defeat this boss. This makes the battle more challenging.

3 Roxas and Namine Return

In the final cutscene, we see that the replica—a shell of a human where a lost heart can dwell in and take its original form—of Namine has finally been completed. Namine then wakes up in Radiant Garden. She meets Riku, and the last we see of them, they are inside a Gummi Ship, heading off somewhere unknown; though there’s a chance their destination could be the final cutscene’s Destiny Islands.

As for Roxas, he makes his return at the Xion reveal. He reveals to Xemnas that his heart came and entered one of Xemnas’ replicas.

2 Axel Doesn’t Do Much

Axel is one of Kingdom Hearts’ fan-favorite characters. So, it’s great that he’s featured in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, he doesn’t do much in the game, especially with relation to the main plot. He and Kairi train with Merlin somewhere that time doesn’t move, and decides on the name Axel instead of Lea. During the last act, he gets hurt as he battles Xion, and is caught off-guard after her hood drops and he remembers her after he thought he’d lost his memories of her. He eventually drops his Organization XIII clothes, and he lives on.

1 Luxu is Still Alive

During the epilogue, we see a mysterious Organization XIII figure at the Keyblade Graveyard, meeting the Foretellers; the Foretellers are Keyblade Masters. We see Xigbar, a series side-villain, in place of Ava, the missing Keyblade Master. Xigbar’s real name is Luxu, and is one of the Master of Masters’ apprentices. Luxu’s fight with Ava was the cause of the Keyblade War, after she found out he was the prophesied traitor.

The fact that Luxu is still alive means that in a sequel, he could be the main antagonist—or, at least, in league with the main antagonist.

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