Every Major Marvel Star: Who Are They Dating?

Unless you have been living life on a farm, you probably know about the tremendous success of the Marvel Universe movies. With the new release Avengers: Infinity War blowing up the world record for the biggest summer movie ever, you might wonder how it became such a sensation. From the writing to the effects to the actors, they have continuously had hit after hit. We would like to have a closer look at the actors themselves. They are human just like the rest of us, so of course they are looking for that one true love in their life.

Many of these actors are happily married and others are in on and off relationships. Hollywood is an interesting place for love being that most stars prefer to be with other well-off socialites. However, love is not always easy in the life of a big Hollywood star, but thankfully most of these actors and actresses have found that special someone. Or at least hoping to find that special someone. So who is dating who? Well here is a list of some of Marvel's biggest movie stars and who they are partnered up with. Or rather, in some cases, still up for grabs.

23 Chris Evans

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The man himself! Captain America. We think we all can agree that Chris Evans is a very handsome man. Well, there's some good news everyone, he is currently single! Though, unlike his very straight edge movie counterpart, Chris is a bit of a ladies man. Though thereares a lot of rumors of relationships along with the confirmed ones, one thing is certain and that he's had a lot of female attention over the years.  Most recently, he just broke up with Jenny Slate. He has dated Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel and was rumoured to be dating Lily Collins.

Even though Chris is single, he seems to exclusively date others of similar social status to himself, but he still is up for grabs ladies. Knowing him though, he is already dating again and he just has not shown his hand to the press yet. This Marvel star is hard to resist and you can not blame anyone for falling into the spell of those eyes. Being almost 37, he is hopefully looking for someone to settle down with, but time will only tell. He currently has no children and it is unclear if having kids is a goal for him at all.

22 Robert Downey Jr.

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We can all be thankful for Robert Downey Jr.'s decision to go on the straight and narrow as he turned his acting career on full blast. After his arrest in 2001, he decided to turn his life around and focus more on acting and less on partying. Towards the end of that wild phase of his life, his wife at the time, Deborah Falconer, filled for a divorce. After this point, he began to act once again and even produced a music album called The Futurist. More recently you may know him as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He is currently happily married to Susan Levin, who is the mother to two of his three children. 

Chris Pratt has spoken very highly about his time working with Robert Downey Jr. even saying in an interview: "Getting to work with Robert, it just felt really really natural... He’s a remarkable actor." Many of his coworkers have spoken of his fun nature and hard work ethic, which he seemingly brings to every aspect of his life. Even standing up for friends who have made mistakes, stating on behalf of Mel Gibson "Unless you are without sin... you should forgive him".

21 Elizabeth Olsen

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When you think of the Olsen family you may think of the previous childhood success of her two twin sisters. However, Elizabeth has been doing very well for herself recently playing Scarlett Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has also have found roles in various other movies and even a small part in a television show. Rumours have surfaced that she was dating her co-stars Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston. Neither of these relationships was made to last and recently she began a relationship with Robbie Arnett.

Robbie Arnett is a vocalist in the band Milo Greene, an indie-pop band that has been pretty successful in the past. He is also a huge movie buff and from rumors, he may be looking to try to find a way into the movie business by creating music for cinema. The couple has been dating for just over a year and they seem to be getting along very well. The rumor is that the ladies like a man who can play the guitar and sing. For this case, the rumor seems to be true. For some of us that cannot sing well perhaps just the guitar will have to suffice.

20 Chris Hemsworth

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So with the physique of someone that can play the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, there is no surprise that Chris Hemsworth has married a model. His wife, Elsa Pataky, is a Spanish model and actor, famous for playing Elena Neves in Fast Five. They have been happily married since 2010 and have had three children together. When the two actors leave the house with their children, they could be easily mixed up with an average family. They seem very down to earth often dealing with their children personally. 

In an interview with TV Week he stated, "Each week I find something different, more I love about her." Any woman that just read that will coo at such a compliment, so fellas take notes. Elsa has been quoted saying "He was always trying to be the best dad and has never failed to make me feel like his family is the most important thing to him." Beyond their close relationship as a family, they also are close friends with Chris' brother's girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. Their day to day life is as average and extraordinary as you can imagine and they seem perfect for each other.

19 Scarlett Johansson

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Hollywood superstar Scarlett Johansson has dated quite a few famous members of Hollywood's elite. Some of those includeJude Law, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Sean Penn. The cause for most of her breakups and divorces is that she struggles with having to work around the busy schedules that they keep. She keeps her personal life out of the public eye as best as she can.

She's been recently linked to Saturday Night Live's co-head writer and cast member Colin Jost.

They look very happy with each other.  The two were first seen holding hands and skating after the SNL sign off mid-December. However, the couple made their first public appearance at the American Museum of Natural History Gala earlier this year. Johansson was previously married to Romain Dauriac, an owner of a creative agency. The two began seeing each other in 2012, before tying the knot in 2014. Johansson and Dauriac daughter, was also born in 2014.  However, the relationship ended in 2017 when Scarlett filed for a divorce. Johansson and Dauriac have joint custody of their daughter Rose and have decide to remain close friends as they co-parent.

18 Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds has had a great career thus far, starting small in after school dramas and starring in the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror. However, most of us can agree that he has finally found the role he was born for with Deadpool. His fast wit and sarcastic demeanor allow him to really nail the role. He can do comedy, action, and horror which makes him very versatile. This Canadian born actor is without a doubt very talented, but he is an equally good father.

After some good and bad relationships, Reynolds finally settled down with actress Blake Lively. They have been married since 2012 and have two daughters. Ryan said this of his wife, “My family is everything to me... She’s my best friend. I absolutely love and respect her. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” They even have taken to following a rule where they do not allow their filming schedules to overlap so that someone can always be available for the girls. There may not be a couple in Hollywood that is more committed to their children then Ryan and Blake.

17 Benedict Cumberbatch

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Mr. Cumberbatch seems to be a crowd favorite among women for his good looks, but we have a suspicion that a lot of that love comes from him being British. From his very popular for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on the BBC series Sherlock and Smaug in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of Five Armies. He has recently stepped into the role of Doctor Strange in the MCU. Sorry to tell all of you who find him very attractive, but he has been married to Sophie Hunter since 2015. Hunter is a theatre director and playwright who seems a very great fit with the posh Benedict.

As a family man, he is quite reserved and does not often talk about his private life. On the subject of his children he is quoted saying, "It’s a joyous thing, I’m very happy to have them in my life, very lucky as well." He is a very modest man with great talent, so it is hard not to admire him for being considered one of the most attractive actors in the world. Along with his lovely wife, they will continue to star in everything from top rated movies to theatrical productions.

16 Evangeline Lilly

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Though Evangeline Lilly has not had a ton of work in Hollywood thus far, after her breakthrough role in the television show Lost, her career is looking up. In 2015, she landed the role of Hope van Dyne, The Wasp, in Ant-Man and she has two future movies on the horizon playing the role. She is currently in a long-term relationship with Norman Kali, who is the father of her two children. Norman and Evangeline met on the set of Lost where Norman was part of the production crew then became assistant director for the show.

As far as why they have not tied the knot yet, Evangeline had this to say, "My partner is a stay-at-home father, so if he wants to be on my health plan, or taxwise, or maybe on paper we want to have our I's dotted and our T's crossed, but emotionally neither of us really feels the need for it." A view that is fairly popular among the acting elite.

For some love is enough, there is no need for it to be in writing.

Norman Kali is a stay at home father, allowing his wife to pursue her career to the fullest. It just goes to show that the mother does not have to be the parent at home, Kali is living proof of this.

15 Chadwick Boseman

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With the very positive reception of Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman has come into the spotlight more than ever before. One of the first things the media jumped at was his unknown relationship status. He has done his best to keep his personal life out of the media, but we have a few clues to run with. There have been a few times where he has been photographed with women thought to be in a relationship with him. Most notably when he was seen alongside Taylor Simone Ledward at the NBA All-Star game this year in Los Angeles. Boseman has not commented on any possible relationship so far, but our money is on Ledward.

It is, of course, entirely possible that they are just close friends and he could be single. Though it would seem likely that if he was merely single he would say so. It is hard to say with some of the Hollywood actors who have become very good at dodging the spotlight. Regardless, Boseman is a very handsome man whose relationship status will be up for debate for some time. Only time will tell but we have the feeling we will be in the know before you think.

14 Chris Pratt

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As Avengers: Infinity War continues to do well at the box office, we are just glad to see Star-Lord on the screen again. Chris Pratt has done a great job bringing the character to life on the big screen for us, but just last year his love life seemed to take a major hit. After 8 years of marriage, Pratt and Anna Faris filed for a divorce last year. Chris often spoke up saying how much of a toll the whole ordeal had taken on him, saying "Divorce sucks. But at the end of the day, we’ve got a great kid who’s got two parents who love him very much."

More recently, however, Chris Pratt mentioned a special someone in his life. The identity of the someone he is talking about is one of the cows on his farm! He had this to say: "Love at first sight. This good looking lady is from the great state of Texas. She’s adjusting quite well to life on the farm." It seems he is enjoying a simpler life on his San Juan Islands farm after the split up. He is currently single and splitting his life between his son, work, and farm life. He was seen briefly meeting with a gorgeous blonde over coffee, but this does not mean he is quite dating again.

13 Michael B. Jordan

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Unlike his co-star, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan is a little more open about his relationship status. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he mentioned that he would consider himself "single" but he is dating around. One of the mystery women seems to be Ashlyn Castro, which has raised a bit of a stir amongst the African American community. That controversy does not seem to have phased him at all though and good for him.

Love is not something that should be confined by social pressure. 

There is not a whole lot to be known about Ashlyn besides what can be seen in Instagram photos. She seems well off and is perhaps a model, but from there all you can do is speculate.

With his work as Erik Killmonger in the movie Black Panther, he has cemented himself in the spotlight. If there is any merit to the rumors we will know in the near future, but in Jordan's own words we know that he has not yet made up his mind for an exclusive girlfriend. For now, that might be how he prefers it. He is, after all, one of Hollywood's most eligible men, so why not date around and find that perfect someone.

12 Zoe Saldana

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For Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, her acting career started after she was cast in an episode of Law and Order. From there she has gradually been cast in bigger and bigger roles including Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and just recently Avengers: Infinity War. As her career began to take off, another amazing thing happened. She found her true love Marco Perego, to whom she married in 2013. Since then they have brought three boys into the world. Being a very progressive thinking family, they have decided that both parents would be the disciplinarian when needed. Zoe told Eyewitness News, "That 'Mom's the boss' thing is not doing to happen in our family because that means he's the fun one, the good guy, while I'm the disciplinarian. I don't want my kids to look at women like 'Oh, god, they're so annoying! They always come with structure.'"

Marco himself has made quite a name for himself as an artist. His early work focused on making modernized paintings of fairytale legends. In 2014, he may have made the most metal sculpture on the face of the earth. He sculpted a gumball-like machine that seemed to be full of skulls. As you can tell, he is a very creative and diverse man who has won over Zoe.

11 Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo, a Wisconson native, is most famous for his portrayal of the green rage monster, The Hulk, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not many people know that Mark's acting career would have never came to be if it was not for his wife, Sunrise Coigney. Being an actor herself, she knew the struggles of finding good work before that defining role. After they met in 1998, she knew that he was a bit of a mess, but knew he was destined for more. She helped encourage him to continue his acting career and they married in 2000. She put her acting aside as she is now the mother of three children and still does what she can to inspire her husband today.

If you were to look up pictures of the two together, a lot of the ones you will find show Mark with a shining smile. You know that when he is with her he is the happiest man on earth. When you find that someone that just brings the best out of you, that person is your true love. He has even been quoted saying, "I don’t know if I would have made it without her." She has encouraged him to follow his dreams when things got tough and you can not ask any more from a loving partner.

10 Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner has been in quite a few movies since he had his start in 1995, having roles in movies such as 28 Weeks Later, The Avengers, and the Bourne Legacy.  With such success in his career, you may be surprised to hear that his love life has not followed suit. Most recently, he had married Sonni Pacheco in 2014, but it was not to last as they divorced just the next year. They share custody of their daughter Ava Berlin. Since the divorce, there have been rumors of a new girlfriend in the works, but nothing has been confirmed or denied.

Just recently journalists thought that maybe he was on the road to be engaged, but it turns out that the rumor was false.

After his divorce, there were rumors about him being gay, but he put these to rest when he said, "I'm not going to try to prove what I am or am not. ... I don't care, ultimately, if that's what people want to think, read and care about." He then mentioned how he felt it was petty as people were trying to make the rumor into something negative. From what we can tell he is currently single and may remain that way wishing to focus being a father instead.

9 Krysten Ritter

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Most recently, Krysten Ritter is known for her portrayal of Jessica Jones on The Defenders and the character titled Netflix series. She is a notable animal rights activist and has been part of PETA for some time. That is not all, as she is the vocalist and guitarist for a duo called Ex Vivian, an avid knitter, and a sprouting novelist. Of course, such a creative soul would be looking for someone just as equally creative, so it's no surprise that she is dating Adam Granduciel.

Adam is the front man for the indie rock band The War on Drugs. He's a Dickinson College graduate, where he primarily studied painting and photography. You can see how such a creative couple would get along so well. Her artistic and romantic side is shown in the comment she made saying: "He’s my favorite artist. He’s incredibly supportive and encouraging. We played guitar together for a bit yesterday before he left on tour. He taught me a scale that I’m going to practice a bunch and try to blow his mind when he gets back." Earlier this year, there were some rumors floating around about them splitting up, but they are still together.

8 Tom Hiddleston

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You may not recognize him out of character, but Tom Hiddleston is responsible for our favorite rendition of the Norse trickster god Loki. He has done a great job bringing the character to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his charismatic performance in the Thor and Avengers movies. As we previously joked, it is hard to believe that such a handsome British actor could be single. He has dated starlets such as Lara Pulver, and even the whirlwind dater Taylor Swift. He was even rumoured to be dated Elisabeth Olsen. However, nothing has stuck for very long there is still a chance for the right one to come along.

There are some strange rumors that state he is going through some tough times, however. Some have been even calling his decision to grow out his hear and beard akin to a midlife crisis. However, alongside his newer role as Loki, he is being considered to be the next James Bond. If he successfully portrays agent 007, it could boost his career even further and open up even more options to the actor. Perhaps it is a change of pace that he needs to get his head right. Or maybe he is tired of all the grooming and wants to grown out his hair. Only time will tell.

7 Vin Diesel

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Hollywood tough guy Vin Diesel has been enjoying great success after his role as Riddick. More recently, he has been showing off acting skills in his critically acclaimed Fast and The Furious franchise. His voice-over talent has also been on display as he played Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.However, in his private life, he is apparently a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, even having a false tattoo of his character's name in the film XxX.

Finding out that celebrities are actually nerds like the rest of us makes us feel more connected to them. 

Speaking of his personal life, he does what he can to try and keep it away from the media as best as he can. One thing he is not shy about is his love for his partner, Paloma Jiménez. She is a Mexican model who has been dating Vin since 2007 and they have raised their three children together. Jiménez is very good at avoiding the media and we do not hear much from her end either. But, Vin has been quoted saying "She’s so stunningly beautiful, but the thing people don’t realize is she’s my rock, so she’s so stunningly beautiful on the inside. She’s everything. She’s the perfect mother."

6 Dave Bautista

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Who knew that former professional wrestler Dave Bautista would ever break into acting? The former WWE Champion became the perfect person to play Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Being an active bodybuilder, he was a great match for the role. He is relatively new to acting but with this role, we are sure that we will be seeing more of him in the near future. We will see him in more Marvel movies in his new signature role, but in others as well. He has realized this himself as he mentioned that "Everyone in the world sees these movies. You fly across the world and people know who you are. It’s really surreal."

As a professional wrestler, he gained a lot of female attention. Bautisa has been married twice before his current wife, Sarah Jade. Sarah is a professional competitive pole dancer who has opened her own school in the Tampa Bay area, where she teaches full time. This line of work has created a substantial income for her alone, but together you could say they are going quite well financially. Even with their 20 year age gap, they have been great for each other.

5 Brie Larson

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Though she has yet to make her debut as Captian Marvel in the Marvel Universe, things are looking good. It would seem along with the Captain Marvel origin movie, she will be included in the next Avengers movie as well. She has a long list of movies behind her and it would seem that this will be just another stepping stone in her career. So who is the actress engaged to? Well, none other than musician Alex Greenwald of the band Phases. She mentioned him as she accepted her Oscar award saying, "He’s the other half of the equation – how can you explain support? I mean, it goes beyond anything. He’s just my person, he’s my best friend."

Alex himself has been in the music industry as far back as 1994 and has been a part of several bands since. He has even had some time on the silver screen, most notably in the cult classic Donnie Darko. However, he has not been seen on screen for some time, focusing on his musical life instead. The engaged duo does not seem to have a wedding date picked out just yet but we are sure it will be between one of her movies in the near future.

4 Josh Brolin

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Josh Brolin is perhaps the first actor to have two separate roles in two different Marvel films. He took on the role of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cable in the Deadpool franchise. Since his first role in The Goonies, we always knew that big things were in store for Josh as he became more and more famous. Though with great success comes a certain amount of obstacles. He has been married a few times, but not all of his marriages lasted. Most recently, he has gotten married to Kathryn Boyd in 2015, but this time they seem to be doing very well together.

Kathryn is a model, actress, and Brolin's former assistant.

Having been together for three years now, Brolin has said many heartwarming things about his wife. One example is when he was quoted saying, "So incredibly proud of my wife. Through all the hardship and frustration you have done it and the engines have ignited. I love you so much and am so thankful you are who you are." There are many examples of him gushing over how much he loves his wife. Brolin seems to be very gentlemanly in that way and we are glad to see that this relationship seems to be the one.

3 Tom Holland

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After playing Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, we knew Tom Holland would be a great fit for Spider-Man in upcoming Marvel titles. He delivered a very great rendition of New York City's web-slinging protector. His perfiormance made Spider-Man feel like the young, quippy college student that previous movies did not show us as closely. Love him or hate him in the role, he is here to stay, as we got to see him in the newest Avengers movie and is planned to have a sequel to Homecoming.

As a lot of actors do, he is trying to keep his private life separate from his career as much as possible, so are there any signs of a girlfriend? Well yes and no. There's plenty of speculation as to who he may be with at this time, ranging from a childhood sweetheart to his co-star Zendaya. Both Holland and Zendaya have denied any off-camera romance, but they do seem to be suspiciously close on and off the screen. Perhaps they are just good friends or maybe this is their way of keeping their lives out of the tabloids. We will see soon enough as, sadly, no one's life stays secret for long in Hollywood.

2 Bradley Cooper

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Though we have not seen Bradley Cooper in the flesh in any Marvel films, he has brought the character of Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy alive with his sarcastic charm. He has been in many movies recently, mostly playing characters with military history. But, he has been in a few other romantic titles, such as Silver Linings Playbook. Not to mention his comedic acting, which makes him a very well rounded actor able to do just about anything.

Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper seems to be off the market as of 2015 as he has started dating Irina Shayk. Irina, who is a Russian model, has had some acting success as well in a television show and even in the trailer for Need For Speed: The Run. Last year, they gave birth to their daughter Lea, who is currently just over a year old.

It would seem that they are rarely seen in public together as it only prompts more unwanted attention from the press. Cooper has even sarcastically said , "You're right, it's so great to take someone you're with to a place where a hundred people are going to photograph you every step you make and ask you tons of questions, and then rip it apart the next day." So even if they are not always together, they do seem to have a love that will last.

1 Paul Rudd


Ever since his role in Clueless back in 1995, Paul Rudd has had a very promising career in Hollywood. A career in which seems to be finding new heights after his role as Scott Lang in Ant-Man. It would seem that he is going to have at least two more movies on the way as Ant-Man. However, he is perhaps most known for his comedy roles over the years. You may not know a lot about his romantic life since there is no long list of exes.

It may sadden some of you to learn that he is not only happily married since 2003, but is the proud father of two.

He is married to Julie Yaeger, who used to be his publicist after he moved to New York. Being new to the city he asked her out to lunch and soon after they fell in love. Through his ability to keep his private life out of the public eye and stay faithful to his wife, we do not hear a lot about his family. On one occasion he even joked about this saying, "I don’t think I’m going to sell a lot of tabloids. My wife and I have been together for 16 years."

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