Every Pokémon God, Ranked

The gods of the Pokémon world might just be the most important beings in it, and we've ranked every one of them.

There are no beings more powerful or more important to the Pokémon mythos than the gods of the Pokémon world. These beings are responsible for all life in the Pokémon universe and maintaining the various dimensions of existence. Which makes it all the more bizarre that mere children could capture and control the beings responsible for the existence of the universe.

Though these are the most powerful beings in all of Pokémon lore there are some gods that are superior to others, be it in power or by simply being more interesting. So here’s a ranking of all the gods of the Pokémon universe.

11 Egg

In the Pokémon mythos the first being to ever exist was born from a solitary egg that existed in a void of nothingness. The first Pokémon god, Arceus, hatched from this egg and proceeded to create all life. No explanation is given for where this egg came from or who was responsible for its creation, its likely not even Arceus knows.

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It’s strange that a mythos as detailed and complex as Pokémon’s wouldn’t have an explanation for the origin of the origin of life. It is possible the creators want to keep this knowledge obscure so fans can fill the void with their own ideas. A popular fan theory is that the egg’s creator is Satoshi Tajiri who is responsible for the creation of Pokémon in the real world, which if official would make him the most powerful Pokemon god, but without that confirmation the creator of the egg ranks the lowest on the list simply because nothing is known about this anonymous god.

10 Mesprit

Mesprit was created to provide the living beings of the world with emotion. The lore explains that this Pokémon currently sleeps at the bottom of a lake, but it’s astral form explores the lake’s surface. Although Mesprit is in the second hierarchy of the gods, it ranks this low for lacking any major powers and for it’s odd appearance.

Resembling a mew with an extra tail, jewels and a pink mop on its head this psychic Pokémon looks more like a fairy than a god. Granted it is responsible for emotion, but it doesn’t make for an intimidating Pokémon.

9 Kyogre

Kyogre is in the lowest tier of the gods and is responsible for the oceans and can further expand them through massive rains. Resembling a whale with fingers on it’s fins, this Pokémon isn’t anything special to look at and its signature move Drizzle merely causes rain to appear on the battlefield.

It is the mascot of Pokémon Sapphire, but other than that it doesn’t possess any memorable characteristics.

8 Groudon

Groudon is the foil of Kyogre, being ruler of the land. The lore states that it has the ability to utilize magma to evaporate water and expand its dominion and after battling Kyogre has been sleeping in underground magma recovering.

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It’s easily one of the more interesting looking Pokémon on the list resembling a rocky dragon and one of the more powerful in the games. It ranks low however because it’s battle with Kyogre wore it out to the point it has been asleep ever since another god put a stop to their fighting.

7 Rayquaza

Resembling a flying, metallic serpent, this fierce dragon Pokémon is ruler of the air and rumored to be charged with protecting the earth from meteors. This Pokémon is also powerful, having put a stop to Groudon and Kyogre’s fighting for dominion by itself. It’s signature move Airlock can utterly remove any weather that’s occurring on the battlefield and prevents new weather patterns from happening.

The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is because those ranked above it are simply more powerful. It’s a fierce and powerful Pokémon that deserves its status as leader of the Weather Trio gods.

6 Azelf

Azelf was created to provide mankind with willpower, or the determination to tackle life’s obstacles and succeed. It’s for this inherit ability that it ranks so high on this list as it could be argued that every Pokémon trainer in existence has this Pokémon to thank for their success and subsequent power. It is also credited for bringing balance to the world.

Without this power over balance and determination Azelf would rank much lower. It’s a psychic Pokémon that like Mesprit resembles a Mew, but with a blue hat this time. It’s unclear how this Pokémon maintains balance, other than its existence might inspire both humanity and Pokémon to keep things in balance.

5 Uxie

Uxie was created to give mankind knowledge and as a result possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and is one of the few Pokémon gods to achieve near omniscient. Pokémon lore also suggests that this Pokémon keeps its eyes forever closed as opening them would cause any to see it to lose their memories.

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Memory loss is a powerful ability in combat and possessing all knowledge makes it very powerful as it can anticipate all possible threats and how to resolve them, like how it assisted the player in Pokemon Platinum in handling Giratina. Like Mesprit and Azelf it too is a psychic type with fairy features that resembles Mew wearing a yellow helmet and two tails.

4 Palkia

Sitting in the top four, Palkia is the weakest member of the upper hierarchy of Pokémon Gods called the Creation Trio. Created by Arceus to control space it used this power to assist in the creation of the universe. This water dragon has the ability to create a pocket dimension it lives in and uses to travel between worlds. Lore says its very breath has the ability to stabilize and balance space.

This is a very powerful Pokémon with a mechanoid dragon-like appearance that can strike fear into enemies. The fact that it doesn’t rank higher says more about those in the top three than it does about itself.

3 Dialga

With the ability to control time itself, this steel dragon deserves its number three spot. The lore states that Dialga has the ability to experience the past and the future at will and its very heart beat is what keeps time flowing forward. It’s a little frightening to think that life itself would be frozen in time if its heart were to ever stop.

In addition to this frightening connection to time itself this four legged dragon bears an intimidating figure and resides in a dimension of time that ebbs and flows according to the Pokémon’s whims.

2 Giratina

Argueably the most powerful god of the Creation Trio, Giratina is the antithesis of Arceus, the creator of all life, which would make Giratina the closest thing the Pokémon mythos has to a devil. This ghost dragon strikes a frightening image with its six legs, bat-like wings, and insect-like mandibles on its face and throat.

Giratina was created to control antimatter, but Arceus feared it’s dark and destructive nature so much that it banished Giratina to a chaotic dimension called the Distortion World. The fact that the god of the Pokémon universe itself felt the need to personally banish this creature says enough about its power and the level of danger it poses to existence. It is said even now that Giratina is silently watching the Pokémon world, plotting.

1 Arceus

It’s no contest that Arceus is the most powerful Pokémon god in the mythos considering it’s responsible for not only the creation of existence itself, but the other gods as well. Resembling a four legged dear stuck in a strange wheel, this Pokémon is amusingly a normal type, though one of it’s powers is Multitype which is the ability to change its type to another.

Apart from its constructive abilities and ability to change its very type, this Pokémon singlehandedly banished Giratina to another realm of existence from which it couldn’t escape. That alone speaks volumes to Arceus’s power and easily earns its spot as the most powerful Pokémon god.

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