10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Luigi's Mansion games have always been a treat, not just because they give Luigi the spotlight.

The Luigi's Mansion games have always been a treat, not just because they give Luigi the spotlight. They're also games that are completely different to the more traditional Mario games. The gameplay is something much closer to that which you would expect from a plumber and the humor overall fits with who Luigi has become as a character.

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Both the original game and its sequel were charming games that let players know more about this younger brother to Mario who often times stayed in Mario's shadow. They were full of all kinds of hidden and ghostly goodies. With the third game now out and to help uncover some of these things, here's 10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Luigi’s Mansion 3.

10 New Poltergust Functions

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Luigi's trusty Poltergust has been upgraded in this latest installment of the Luigi's Mansion games. Now called the Poltergust G-00, it still retains all of its previous functions. It can, of course, suck in ghosts, blow stuff away and it acts as Luigi's flashlight. The Strobulb and Dark-light device from the second game are still there as well.

The upgraded Poltergust G-00 form can do a few more things. It can fire a plunger on to something. This allows Luigi to get a better grip on certain objects and pull them away or off with his vacuum. He can also use an air burst attack which pushes all enemies away from him and allows him to jump. He can slam ghosts around and into each other, speeding up the capturing process. He can also use it to summon Gooigi.

9 Gooigi

The Luigi's Mansion games have always been very clear in showing that Luigi is very scared of a lot of things, especially ghosts. This does make for some fun moments and an engaging game but it also puts a lot of stress on to Luigi. To remedy that, at least a little, Professor E. Gadd invented Gooigi. This new gooey follower will be able to do things the regular Luigi cannot.

Gooigi can walk over spikes, through bars and just generally reach areas the regular Luigi cannot. The only things you need to be wary of when controlling Gooigi are water and fire. Both of these things will either melt or disintegrate Gooigi. Gooigi has also made appearances in various multi-player modes. Just don't think too deeply about what happens to Luigi when you first summon Gooigi.

8 ScareScraper

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The fun cooperative mode from the second Luigi's Mansion game returns in Luigi's Mansion 3. ScareScraper's main objective, unless in endless mode, has always been to reach the roof of the ScareScraper. Along the way you must capture ghosts and defeat bosses. With the release of the third game, there have been a few new updates and changes.

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There are some new game modes but you can no longer specifically choose one, instead you decide how many floors you want and each new floor randomly picks one of the new game modes. The games modes are: Capture the Ghosts, Collect the Money, Find the Toads and Defeat the Crows. There are also a variety of new items and such to find as well as new ghost types, including the final boss on the roof.

7 ScreamPark

But Luigi's Mansion 3 doesn't just bring back the old cooperative ScareScraper mode, it also adds in a more competitive multiplayer mode. This new mode, ScreamPark, allows you to compete with and against your friends or others. Think of it as being something similar to Mario Party, except packaged within a full game.

When you start, you'll either be part of team Luigi or team Gooigi. There are a few different mini-games that you will play: Ghost Hunt, Coin Floating and Cannon Barrage. In Ghost Hunt, you compete to see who will catch the most Goobers. In Coin Floating, you're floating in a swimming pool and must collect coins. Finally, in Cannon Barrage you will test your shooting and aiming skills.

6 Making Moral Choices

There is a part of the game in which you are presented with a choice. Let a ghost stay as he is, doing what he loves or capture him. The floor in question is Paranormal Productions, in which you must help a director ghost find his megaphone. That seems all well and good and you'd expect that you wouldn't need to make any sort of moral choice.

After you give him back his megaphone, he has you be the star in his next film. With that done he goes to his office to edit the thing. If you decide to follow him you'll notice that he has an hp bar and you can suck him into your Poltergust. This isn't required to advance through the game and while you do get an achievement for doing this, it's clear that Luigi wasn't thrilled by it. After sucking up the director, he gives a disheartened fist bump and "Oh yeah".

5 Collectibles

Just as in the previous games, Luigi's Mansion 3 has its own set of collectibles to find. Among the most basic of these are the coins and gold bars. Sometimes they're in difficult to find spots, other times they're much more obvious. Even before you get your Poltergust, you can spot gold bars tucked away neatly in certain areas.

The much more difficult to find collectibles are the gems. Each floor has gems hidden around it which will require a thorough check to find. Even when you do find them, some of them are like a mini puzzle. Maybe one is frozen in ice, requiring you to take it to a hot place or bring something hot to it. Finally, there are the gem goobs which you must be quick to capture once you find them. If you're quick enough, they'll drop a gem.

4 Otherworldly Hotel Rooms

One of the most spectacular and fun things about the new Luigi's Mansion game is the variety of levels. It starts out pretty simply as the first couple of floors you explore are mostly just regular dilapidated hotel rooms. But this doesn't last long as the game ramps it up with all kinds of interesting designs and ghosts.

To name a just some of these, there's a medieval castle based floor, an overgrown garden, a museum with a giant skeletal t-rex, a pyramid floor and so much more. The game really puts Luigi through a lot of varied environments all while keeping the player entertained by the stupendous visuals. And, of course, the various puzzles and ghosts will follow suite with the floors chosen decorations.

3 Retains Its Humor and Charm

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The Luigi's Mansion games have always been charming and they're always scaring Luigi in different ways. But this isn't to say that they'll be all that scary to the people playing them, which is a good thing. This trio of games sets its horror in a vary light-hearted and colorful way. It keeps the prankster nature of the ghosts and uses them to torment poor Luigi. Which is kind of half the fun of the games, seeing who Luigi reacts.

It's not just about Luigi, though. It's also about the ghosts and how they react when the tables are suddenly turned and they're the ones in trouble. But this isn't to say that all of the ghosts are bad, there are still ghosts like the director or Polterpup. And yes, Polterpup returns and helps Luigi out both in the tutorial and when he's in danger.

2 References Galore

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As with other Nintendo games, Luigi's Mansion 3 has references. Some of these references are for other Mario games while others will reference other Nintendo games. Right from the start, as soon as you enter the hotel you can find the first Mario reference. Mario himself will walk right to the cake buffet, if you follow him over there, the Mario theme tune will play. There are many other Mario references, see how many you can recognize and find!

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Now, for other kinds of references. Pretty early on, once you've met with Professor E. Gadd, you'll be given the Virtual Boo invention, which is a reference to Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy.  There are also all kinds of move references, particularly once you get to the Paranormal Productions floor. On that same floor there are also posters to other Mario games and even one for 2009's Punch-Out game. Furthermore, if you suck that poster out, a green boxing glove will be there.

1 A Peek Into The Characters Lifestyles

Pretty early on in the game you'll be given your own hotel room and it looks to be really nice looking. However, you'll soon find that amazing decor fades away, quite literally. It's at this point that you'll be allowed to visit the other characters rooms and when you do, you'll get to see just what they're like in private. Of course the characters themselves won't be there.

Mario's hotel room shows some pretty eye-opening things about him. He's not all that tidy and he doesn't eat all that healthily. When you visit his room you'll discover three empty pizza boxes just lying there on the ground and some pieces of pizza on the floor. Contrast that with Peaches room which is much neater. Furthermore, it's clear that she likes to bring all the comforts of home with her, judging by all the luggage she brings.

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