Everything You Need To Know About Red Dead Online's Latest Massive Update

Great news today in Red Dead Redemption 2, as the multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, gets a massive update. Are you ready for new content, Free Roam activities, and invite-only poker games for you and your friends? This update has it all.

The Law of The Land

Red Dead Online will be offering several modes that let players choose how to experience the world. First, Honor and Hostility will individually track the behavior and choices made by a player, and how one chooses to act will accordingly determine what opportunities the world offers.

Hostility will be affected by such actions as killing, lassoing, or hogtying another player. This level will fall over time once they desist in the act. On the other hand, other players will not receive any increase in their hostility for killing other highly hostile players. A player’s current level of hostility will be viewable in the game's menu.

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Law and Bounty hunters will also need to be considered, as committing crimes will increase the odds of a Bounty Hunter coming after players. Players killed in cold blood will be able to enforce the law with the “Press Charges” function, which in the long run, may help persuade players to treat each other well.

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Play Styles

Different options for playing styles will allow different types of players to coexist comfortably in the world. They will include “Offensive Playing Style” (default) that is akin to Free Roam play, allowing players to engage in combat with both enemies and other players without any special protections.

“Defensive Playing Style” works off of GTA Online's Passive Mode concept, but with Red Dead Online’s more grounded experience in mind. This allows players flexibility in how they interact with other players, giving them a “shield” icon over their body if an enemy aims at them.

Players that relish in simply hunting, seeking out treasure, or exploring the vast open world may enjoy the Defensive Play style over all others. This also introduces balances that complement the idea of less confrontation. They cannot be lassoed by rival players unless they initiate, which would punish them by granting a significant increase to their hostility level.

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New Content:

Free Roam events are an easy way to jump into the action to grab XP and cash, and can be played individually or in skirmishes. These include Competitive challenges, Fool’s gold, Cold Dead Hands, Dispatch Rider, King of the Castle, Master Archer, and coming in June, Railroad Baron. There are also a number of Showdown series modes, as well as Races.

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Additional Activities

Poker will now allow private, invite-only game of Hold’ Em for you and friends. There are also going to be Daily Challenges to complete, as well as Posse Versus Contests.

Player Customization

This is something that will continue to evolve as time goes on. For now, players will have ability cards to aid in combat, recovery and defense, emotes, and walking styles, as well as a wide selection of clothing from the Wheeler, Rawson. and Co Catalogue.

Coming soon: Roles

Finally, future updates will allow players to truly flesh out the fantasy of their character, allowing for a unique story to unfold in a series of new roles slated for release this summer, including tracking down criminals as a bounty hunter, searching the world for exotic items to sell as a collector, or a more traditional route with building a business at a camp as a trader. More roles are sure to be added in the future.

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