Battlefield V: All You Need To Know About The Recon Class

How to be a Recon Badass in Battlefield V, with all the old favorites and new updates.

The Recon Class in Battlefield has been my long-running favorite in the franchise. There's something about the high-risk-high-reward nature of putting someone down in one shot (or missing and giving yourself away), that I very much enjoy.

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I've learned a lot in my time with the class, and thus far, I've logged almost all of my hours in Battlefield V with Recon. There are some things that have stayed the same, and some things that have drastically changed about the game and about the Recon Class; I've put together the most crucial information to hopefully gain you the upper hand.


There are definitely some universal tips for anybody using Recon, regardless of how you choose to play the class.

First and foremost: keep moving. The more you stay in one spot, the larger the target on your back becomes; this is especially true if you've gotten a few kills already. Someone has figured out where you are, and odds are they aren't happy with you. You'll need an internal clock that you consult often, and when that bell in your head starts ringing, it's time to pack up and find a new spot.

There are certainly going to be times where you have to be in the thick of things with the rest of your team, but it's very beneficial to find a place outside of the general mess to apply pressure to the other team. There's almost always a spot you can get to where you've got a line of sight on enemies who think they're behind cover, and from that vantage point, you can do some serious damage.


So far in Battlefield V, there are two types of rifles available to the Recon Class; Bolt-action and Self-loading. Bolt-action rifles require you to chamber a new round between every shot, forcing you to come out of scope, but they sport a higher damage and lower bullet drop. There are four different bolt-action rifles in the game thus far:

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I – This one has the highest magazine count of all the bolt-action rifles, with ten. It also has the highest rate of fire. This is definitely the most forgiving bolt-action rifle in the game.

Gewehr M95/30 – This is my favorite bolt-action weapon right now. This sports the highest damage of them all, with the second highest rate of fire, but the second worst control.

Krag-Jorgensen – This is the only bolt-action rifle in the game without a six-times scope option, making it the least viable in long-range engagements. It also has the lowest damage and second-lowest rate of fire.

Kar98k – Familiar to anyone who plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the Kar98k is the last unlockable weapon for the Recon Class. It has the worst control and the worst rate of fire of all bolt-action rifles but has the second highest damage.


New to the Battlefield franchise, every primary weapon in the game comes with skill trees, called Specializations. These can drastically change how your weapon performs, and when you specialize a weapon to fit your play-style, can make a significant difference. Here are just a couple of the best specializations for bolt-action weapons:

Quick Aim - This is an almost must-have. With Quick Aim enabled, you transition down scope 33% faster, which is absolutely fantastic for situations where someone surprises you.

Lightened Stock/Custom Stock – These two perks are both great for someone who, like me, likes to strafe while down scope often. One allows you to move 60% faster while down scope and the other improves accuracy while moving and down scope.


There are three self-loading rifles in Battlefield V so far. These are a lot easier to use in mid to close-range engagements, though they're a little bit lacking the further out somebody is. They certainly won't be able to compete with somebody using a bolt-action weapon at a longer range, but if you manage your engagements well, you'll be in range to do good damage more often than not.

Model 8 – The Model 8 weapon's base stats are the exact same as that of the RSC. In optimal range, this drops enemies in two shots, whether they're headshots or not.

ZH-29 – This self-loading rifle has the highest damage of any in the game thus far. It'll still be two shots before you get the kill, but the higher damage broadens out the range in which you can two-shot somebody by a bit. This and the RSC both can wield a six-times scope.

RSC – This is my favorite self-loading rifle. Statistically, it's the same as the Model 8, but this one can sport a 6-times scope, and has a magazine size of six. It also has a much quicker reload time.


Some of the self-loading Specializations are the same as the bolt-action, and some are different. Here are a couple of the ones that I think are great:

Recoil Buffer – Oftentimes, you'll find it's difficult to maximize the rate of fire on any of these weapons because they bounce just enough that it takes a moment to line up the second shot. Recoil Buffer makes a big difference.

Trigger Job – Paired with Recoil Buffer, these two perks can work wonders. Trigger Job increases the rate of fire, so if you can manage the kick with the help of Recoil Buffer, you can get shots off with a real quickness.


An old familiar face, Spawn Beacons return once again in Battlefield V. Forever useful in helping your squad maintain a constant assault on a specific objective, Spawn Beacons are almost indispensable. They aren't nearly as loud as they have been in some previous iterations, making them that much harder to find for the other team; a well-placed beacon can really set the other team back significantly.


With the changes to spotting in Battlefield V, the Spotting Scope is much more useful than it would have been otherwise. Basically, the Spotting Scope allows you to mark targets exactly like it worked in other Battlefield's, with a marker that follows the enemy for a few seconds. If enemies are outside of your comfortable range, or if you need to give your teammates some valuable intel, the Spotting Scope is going to come in handy.


The Flare has gotten a debilitating downgrade in Battlefield V. Instead of the crazy-wide radius in which it would spot enemies in Battlefield 1, it seems to mark an area about five times smaller, even with shooting it into the sky. While it's not useless, you'll be hard pressed to find a situation in which the flare is more useful than one of the other gadgets available.


The AP Mine does what you would expect; if an enemy walks over it, it blows up. It doesn't seem to do incredible damage, maxing out at about seventy damage in my experience with it, but it does act as a nice warning bell for enemy presence if you're paying attention. If you happen to have two of them, placing them side by side is typically lethal.


Another intel-giving gadget, the Sniper Decoy is a dummy that, from the waist-up, looks like a sniper. Well-placed behind cover, you can fool other players, especially other snipers who think they've got an easy kill. Once they shoot it, they're marked for you to see. This will probably only work once for each enemy, but if you get creative and keep moving it around, it's like having a buddy around that calls people out around you.


Getting rid of your grenade can be a difficult decision, but trust me when I say Throwing Knives are a lot of fun. There's no question that grenades are useful in a much wider variety of engagements, but let's be real here; dropping somebody with a Throwing Knife makes you feel like the coolest soldier on the battlefield. You get six of these to throw, and a knife to the head or neck area seems to be a one-shot.


Lastly, Combat Roles are a new addition to Battlefield V, and the Recon Combat Roles are pretty interesting.

The first Combat Role is called Sniper, and it allows you to spot enemies when you shoot them, which is a benefit for every teammate around you. It also allows you to hold your breath for longer, letting you keep a steady scope more often. Your hold breath duration is replenished every time you get a headshot kill too, so if you have multiple targets lined up, this is going to make your life a lot easier.

The second Combat Role is called Pathfinder, and it makes Spawn Beacons even more useful than they were previously. It allows you to spawn on any teammates spawn beacon, regardless of whether or not they're in your squad. It also gains you additional points when someone spawns on your beacon, allowing you to call in whatever you need with your Squad Points that much faster.

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