Evidence Is Piling Up For A Batman: Court Of Owls Game

Arguably one of the best Batman runs of all time, Court of Owls, in addition to the titular organization with all of its many Talons, will forever be an unforgotten legend. Debuted in The New 52 issue #1 of Batman (Volume 2), Court of Owls ran for seven issues, showcasing an all-new form of Batman after the Flashpoint reboot and helmed by premiering writers Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo.

The secret criminal organization proved itself a worthy adversary. Having existed under Gotham City's nose since the colonial era, kidnapping children and twisting their minds into Talons, or assassins, the Court of Owls tested not only Batman's might and fury but Bruce Wayne's will and psyche. While the League of Shadows may look tough and menacing on the outside, the Talons are most often portrayed as mysterious and cunning, giving them far more room for absolute lethality. Though it's called Batman vs. Robin, an animated movie was partially based on the comic, so it's only right a video game should follow suit.

At least, all the Reddit evidence and Warner Brother leaks point that way. WB Montreal has been touting some secret project all across social media, but mainly on Twitter. A series of cryptic images posted by Patrick Redding and another employee has signaled the eventuality of a Court of Owls game with not only their well-known masks in view but a well-crafted insignia on the back of a developer's shirt. The signs are all right there for us to see, but it's no secret the Talons keep close to the dark in more ways than one.

There's also the fact that WB has (whether on purpose or accidentally) outed itself on a number of occasions. From the job listings for "a new Batman game" to leakages, it's clear there's a Batman game in the works. The great Jason Schrier even deleted a Tweet from 2017 stating that an old Batman game was brought back to life, and though many may be hoping for an Arkham series follow up, it's about time for a fresh and interesting storyline for us gamers to get lost in.

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Another Reddit user asks about the leaked concepts behind this supposed Court of Owls game. Is it true? Most likely, though the images in the post are merely a fan's rendition, there's enough evidence to admit the fact that a new Batman game is on the horizon. I am hopeful for a Court of Owls centered story and the facts seem to be pointing pretty heavily in that direction. It's clear WB Montreal is waiting for the opportune moment to reveal the game, as its pre-development obviously nears completion.

As mentioned with the evidence, I'm among the crowd who wants to see a Batman Beyond video game. How could you not? Beyond is even getting a remastered edition, so it would line up. Maybe the developers are working on Batman Beyond title, setting the story up with Court of Owls as the main enemy? That sounds intriguing but highly doubtful. Batman Beyond might be a futuristic and alternative expression of the character, but the original will always remain the best.

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That's why a Court of Owls game just makes sense. Look at the numbers and praise behind Spider-Man, the wall-crawler toppled Batman's stranglehold on the superhero gaming industry by winning Game of the Year in 2018. It's about time the Dark Knight rose back up again. It's unclear when we may see the potential iteration, but I'd say sometime late next year or 2021. The comic book held so much acclaim for being dark and gritty beyond normal Batman standards. The game could elevate the story as one awesome tie-in adaption, showcasing Batman's limits to its fullest potential.

Arkham Asylum (both comic book and game) rank as among the best forms of superhero media, though I'm relatively content to believe whatever WB Montreal has cooking, it'll be far more epic and powerful than the last.

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