EVO 2019: Yuttoto Takes Soulcalibur VI Championship

Sudo “Yuttoto” Yuta has dominated Soulcalibur VI and won this year’s first EVO 2019 Grand Finals Tournament. Through a dazzling display of high-caliber Voldo play, Yuttoto left no doubt that he is the top player in SCVI.

Voldo is considered among the best characters in the game, as a well-rounded fighter with a high skill ceiling that allows for new players to learn the game and veterans to dominate. The matches leading up to the Grand Finals were intense and filled with moments that brought the crowd to their feet. Check out below how Yuttoto edges out a victory with the smallest possible amount of health one could have, and how the audience reacts.

The road to victory was impressive as well, as Yuttoto had to face off twice against Zain “Bluegod” Tibeishat, an established and fierce competitor in the SCVI community. First, the pair met in the Brackets where Yuttoto lost the first round, and then in the Grand Finals when he emerged victorious.

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When the dust settled, the following were left as the top 8 players at EVO 2019:

  • Yuttoto (Voldo)
  • BlueGod (Azwel)
  • Skyll (Mitsurugi)
  • Woahhzz (Raphael)
  • Shen Chan (Cervantes, Voldo)
  • Tamonegi (Maxi)
  • Kayane (2B, Xianghua)
  • Saiyne (Ivy)

The conclusion of the event still has fans of the game waiting for some kind of announcement. Some are expecting a single character to be announced, or for those who are more hopefully, the announcement of season two, which would lead into the drip-feed reveal of new characters likely from now until 2021. Nothing has been announced yet, which is not a good sign since the competitive side of the SCVI tournament has wrapped up.

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There is always the possibility that we hear something on Sunday, August 4th, at the close of the event, but it is strange not to have heard something by now, which may simply point to no news incoming.

The final match brought in a large number of viewers on Twitch, topping out at nearly 40,000 views during and leading up to the Grand Finals. Evo 2019 also appears to be the second-largest to date in terms of competitor sign-ups. Smash.gg reports that a total of 9,173 competitors have registered for the event, which is nearly 20% more than 2018 which saw 7,664 players register to compete.

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Now that Yuttoto has shown his dominance at Evo, we wonder what he will be doing next. Although SCVI is a game with a loyal following, it has a far smaller following than something like Tekken 7, and we wonder if he will continue with the same game or transition over to something else.

Either way, we are excited to see Yuttoto as this year’s champion at Evo 2019. Congratulations to Yuttoto!

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