Evo Japan Shuts Down Dead Or Alive Stream Due To Inappropriate Content

Evo Japan 2019 is being broadcast all over the world via Twitchbut the stream had to be temporarily shut down during an advertisement for Dead or Alive 6 due to material that was considered to be inappropriate.

The stream in question was meant to be a promotional segment for the upcoming release of Dead or Alive 6, which included two scantily-clad female presenters, who were there to play up to the series' reputation for fanservice. There were three moments when the content of the promo was considered to be too raunchy for Twitchwhich led to the stream being cut until the segment was over.

The three clips in question have been saved and can be viewed on TwitchThe first moment shows the in-game camera being used in an immature and silly way while the presenters are showing off part of the game.

The other two clips involve real-life models who were there to present the event. In the first clip (which has since been removed fro mTwitch), the models were pretending to draw focus to the logo on their shirt while actually trying to bring the focus to their chests.

The second clip involves one model briefly slapping the backside of the other, before bouncing up and down in an effort to make their chests jiggle.

Evo director, Joey Cuellar, apologized for the incident in a tweet that has since been deleted and claimed that the content of the Dead or Alive 6 stream did not reflect the core values of the Evo brand.

The Dead or Alive series has always promoted the scantily-clad fighters as one of the main selling points of each game, to the point where they released a spin-off series that does away with any pretense of being a fighting game and only shows the main characters playing volleyball in bikinis.

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The director of Dead or Alive 6 had previously stated in an interview that this game would be moving the series into a new direction that focused on fighting game action and not on attractive ladies, which prompted the removal of the infamous "jiggle physics" from the previous games.

If the content of the Dead or Alive 6 stream is to be taken at face value, then it seems as if the more serious approach is being abandoned in favor of making the fanservice the focus of the game once more.

Dead or Alive 6 will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 6th, 2019.

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