Ex-BioWare Designer Asks People To Stop Sending Him Anthem Bugs, Gets Predictable Results

Mike Laidlaw, former BioWare designer, asked Twitter to stop sending him Anthem bugs because he didn't work on the game, and got snarky replies.

Mike Laidlaw, who used to work as a designer for BioWare, went to Twitter yesterday to ask Anthem players to stop sending him bugs and problems. The tweet earned him a barrage of snarky comments from fans, and even an ex-coworker from his BioWare days.

The comments were not aimed at Laidlaw, but rather the players who came to him with their problems despite the fact that he hasn't worked for BioWare in over a year, and was never involved in the development of Anthem. In fact, Laidlaw's name doesn't appear anywhere in Anthem's IMDb page or Wikipedia page, so it's unclear why players thought he was the person to contact. Maybe having worked for BioWare at some point was enough.

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The comments made on Laidlaw's tweet parodied the original questions from Anthem players by asking his advice on random subjects unrelated to his work in the video game business. For example, current BioWare writer Patrick Weekes asked, "Mike, I poured myself a glass of chocolate milk, and the glass is full, but there’s just a little chocolate milk left in the carton — just enough for an unsatisfying splash next time I pour. What do I do, plz address:".

Laidlaw responded, "I would patch it with additional chocolate and additional milk."

Other questions included how to fix a broken tap, how to fix a door that is warped from water damage, and how to fix Catholic guilt. Laidlaw played along and responded to all of the questions with a good sense of humor, so at least he was able to get a laugh out of the whole situation.

Mike Laidlaw is best known as the creative director of the Dragon Age series and as a writer for Mass Effect, two of BioWare's most beloved titles. He also worked on other BioWare titles such as Jade Empire and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Currently, Laidlaw works as the creative director of "an unannounced project" for Ubisoft.

As for the never-ending Anthem bugs, actual BioWare employees are still trying to address them. The Game Launch Bugs, Errors, and Fixes Megathread on r/AnthemTheGame is on Day 5 and counting, and has gained 335 comments just within the last 22 hours. Plenty of people have been enjoying BioWare's latest release, but there are plenty of others who have been struggling with constant game crashes, incredibly long loading screens, and other technical issues.

These issues have led to some poor scores with reviewers from many gaming sites and major news outlets, as well as smaller reviewers on YouTube. All jokes aside, if BioWare can't fix their game, many players may leave it behind.

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