Here's Why We're Excited For Pokémon GO's Official Battle League

Battling against other trainers has always been a staple of Pokémon, but it wasn’t always in Pokémon GO. When the game was released, Pokémon GO only let Pokémon battle in gyms – trainer battles were not added until earlier this year. Now Pokémon GO is expanding on trainer battles with something called GO Battle League.

Niantic just announced GO Battle League, which will add new elements to the current player vs. player battling that already exists in Pokémon GO. Here are the two big reasons we're excited for this new content.

More Ways To Play

Currently, trainer battles offer only a few options. Players can challenge the Valor, Mystic, and Instinct team leaders to train or, more recently, fight off the Team GO Rocket grunts that have taken over Pokéstops for the evil organization. They can also battle other players, either by challenging friends or scanning a battle QR code of a nearby trainer.

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The current system is limited to people who are nearby or people that players already know. The new GO Battle League lets trainers battle in worldwide leagues against opponents from around the world, making battling a lot more accessible for trainers who live in less densely populated areas, or who don’t have any friends who play Pokémon GO. This should open the game up to a whole new group of people, and extend the longevity of the game.

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A Worthwhile Progression System

From the little that Niantic has announced so far, it seems that there will also be some sort of ranking system, which should make the battles more competitive than the current friendly bouts against friends. This means that instead of just playing to take over Gyms and collect more Pokémon, we will probably get a leaderboard and a fun progression/leveling system to go with it. Having another reason to play the game, especially in the lower population areas, only makes the game more appealing.

Niantic only just announced the upcoming update, so not much more is known about the details of the GO Battle League. The league is slated to be released in early 2020, and the Niantic team has said that they will release a video soon in which the developers will give us a lot more information about the details of the new feature. So, keep an eye on Pokémon GO’s announcements to learn more about this new type of PvP battle.

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