"Exciting" Age Of Empires Announcement Coming Next Month

It seems that a new entry in the Age of Empires series is on the cards (or possibly a remake), as the developers of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition have revealed that an entire segment of an upcoming episode of Inside Xbox will be dedicated to the series.

The news of more Age of Empires content comes to us via Jennifer Godwin, who is the Community Manager for the series. An update was posted on the official Age of Empires website that details the changes coming in the next patch for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, as well as mentioning that the series will be featured in a segment of an upcoming episode of Inside Xbox that is due to be released in March.

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The Age of Empires update will most likely be about Age of Empires IV, which was announced in 2017 as being developed by Relic Entertainment, but of which we know little else. It's even difficult to pinpoint the stages of history that will appear in the game, as the debut trailer showed everything from primitive societies to a conflict that takes place during the American Revolutionary War.

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The first Age of Empires game has received a remastered port in the form of its Definitive Edition, but we know that there also Definitive Editions in the works for Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III, so they may also appear in the segment. There isn't much left for the series to remaster outside of those games unless the rumored partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo results in the turn-based Age of Empires games on the Nintendo DS receiving remasters as well.

The Age of Empires series is one of the most popular strategy games of all times, even if the AI did have a tendency to cheat on all but the easiest difficulties in the older games. Age of Empires III was released in 2005, but there has been a slew of expansion packs and remastered versions that have been released along the way, which means that Age of Empires IV will have a lot of work to do to surpass its predecessors.

The Age of Empires segment will appear in an episode of Inside Xbox that is due to be broadcast in March.

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