Top 10 Games That Can Be Found Exclusively On Epic Games Store

In an effort to compete with Steam and create a loyal customer base, Epic Games Store has collaborated with some game developers to sell exclusive titles that can only be found on Epic Games store for a period of time. Obviously any game produced by Epic Games will be sold exclusively through them, but there are a number of other titles that are signing on.

Regardless of your feelings about games signing exclusivity contracts or online game stores trying to corner the market via your favorite video games there are a number of interesting and exciting titles to be found in the Epic Games Store.

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10 Rocket League

This fun driving/sports game has players getting behind the wheel to smash into other opponents and bash a large ball into the opposing teams net. The game features a number of different vehicles that allow players to have greater speed, greater bashing ability, or a little bit of both.

It’s a great game that’s perfect for when you don’t feel up to a lot of strategic gameplay and want something simple and addictive to occupy you and your friend’s time. While it is still available on Steam, it will quickly transition over to become an exclusive Epic Games title before the end of the year.

9 Fortnite

Epic Games biggest title is generating big sales for the company on their storefront. Even non-gamers are aware of this battle royale game that has dozens of players going head to head to be the sole survivor.

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As the game enters it’s latest season it shows no sign of becoming available anywhere other than Epic Games’ own store. Honestly for how hyped this game is and how much revenue it’s bringing in, who can blame them for keeping it exclusive?

8 Heavy Rain

This classic game has found a home with the Epic Games Store. Heavy Rain tells the story of four characters investigating the secret identity of the Origami Killer and the location of the main character’s missing boy.

The narrative was tightly written, the graphics beautifully done, it had a cast of great actors, and introduced one of the best twist endings in gaming history making Heavy Rain a great game. The game is finally getting a PC port that will be exclusive to Epic Games Store, so for anyone who hasn’t played it or wants to try it on the PC, that’s where they’ll need to go.

7 Anno 1800

Considered the best Anno game ever made, this wonderful addition to the franchise has players constructing a civilization from scratch during the industrial revolution. A welcome feature to the game is the blueprint mode which allows players to draft out their city before making it, allowing them to tweak and perfect the design of their city without actually building it. Once the plan is finalized they can begin building exactly as they have it laid out.

This game was going to be on Steam, but was pulled just before release and put exclusively on Epic Games Store.

6 World War Z

While it’s not the most unique or stunning game ever made, players will be hard pressed to find a more heart pounding moment then when they face down a wave of zombies rushing at them in World War Z. Thought of as a middle ground between the book and the movie, this game has players fight the zombie hordes in Tokyo, Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York as they struggle to help humanity survive the zombie outbreak.

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The game has done amazing in the UK and can now be bought on the Epic Games Store.

5 Ashen

This little known title is best described as a Dark Souls clone that doesn’t ever feel like one. The player is a survivor on a sunless world that’s seeking to build a shelter for other survivors to live in. To do this they must explore the dark world to find supplies and other survivors while taking down horrific enemies.

What’s interesting about this game is the ally feature. Real player characters from other games could join the world in a sort of soft multiplayer and be escorted back to the player’s base. If the character survives the trip the joining player goes back to their own world, but their avatar remains as an NPC to assist the hosting player for the rest of the game.

4 Close To The Sun

A title few people seem to be aware of is Close To The Sun, it’s an Epic Games Store exclusive that tells the tale of Rose as she explores a city ship called Helios. Inside is what was meant to be a Tesla inspired paradise full of intriguing technologies, but instead has become a living nightmare of death and horror.

While not an action game by any means, it’s a solid adventure game that provides a unique take on the man destroyed by his own hubris story made popular by games like Bioshock.

3 Satisfactory

Often described as Factorio in first person, Satisfactory has the player start in an empty world and then gather resources to craft automated machinery designed to gather resources and craft new tools to build the next set of machinery.

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There is no end goal and players are left to forge their own meaning as they endlessly gather resources and craft increasingly complex systems of machinery to give vision to their imaginations. It’s an addictive game that is currently early access on the Epic Games Store.

2 Genesis Alpha One

An amazing game that’s a little rough around the edges, Genesis Alpha One presents an exciting game concept that rewards players who have an open mind. Players are in charge of the survival of a spaceship containing the genetic remnants of mankind. Survival requires upgrading and maintaining the ship's systems, cloning new crew members, managing food supplies, and gearing up to enter first person mode to shoot hostile aliens that infest the ship.

This combination of ship building, first person shooting, resource farming, and survival makes for an intriguing game with a lot of depth that makes up for it’s poor graphics and clunky gameplay. It’s exclusive to the Epic Games Store for now with a Steam release in 2020.

1 Metro Exodus

Picking right up where Metro: Last Light left off, Metro Exodus sees players step back into the shoes of Artyom seeking to build a life for the survivors on the surface while believing there are others already scratching a living for themselves topside.

What follows is a story of betrayal, corruption, hope, and a major plot twist for the entire series. Despite the controversy relating to its exclusivity on Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus is a great game that takes the series in an exciting new direction that promises more games about survival in the remnants of post-apocalyptic Russia.

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