The 10 Best Exotics For Titans In Destiny 2, Ranked

Destiny 2 is getting a ton of new content with the upcoming Shadowkeep, so for those who want to punch more Hive, here are the top ten Titan exotics.

There's a lot of news coming out about the longtime favorite game of many around the globe. Destiny 2 is being continued and revived with the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep in September, giving all players access to the initial version of Destiny 2 and every released content up to Forsaken, the most recent expansion.

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With new content, weapons, stories, cross-platform saving,  and more, players are more excited than ever to hoop back into Destiny 2. For those who have been gone for a while, or those who just want to punch more Hive, here are the top ten exotics for Titans in Destiny 2.

10 ACD/0 Feedback Fence

The first gauntlets in the series, ACD/o Feedback Fence is the perfect exotic to add more bang to a Titan's punch. Every smack in the face of an enemy builds energy, and when a Titan gets punched back, the enemy regrets it after a huge explosion is released.

These gauntlets really shine in PvE, where mobs attack from all sides and a nice explosion is necessary to make a strategic move to safety. Equipped with Momentum Transfer (grenade damage reducing melee cooldown), there's no stopping an Arc charged, knee to the face Titan in a strike. These are found by random drop via an exotic engram or by the completion of the quest "Riptide."

9 Doom Fang Pauldron

Equipped by many fashionable Titans, Doom Fang Pauldron will help that Titan wanting to have purple space magic everywhere. With synergy specifically to the Sentinel subclass, Doom Fang Pauldron gives Shield Throw recharge on Shield Bash kills and recharges the Sentinel super.

Excellent in both PvE and PvP, those that have great aim with the shield will find excellent synergy with these gauntlets that help them get an edge, especially in PvP. Titans can get these in-game after the completion of the quest "Riptide" or by random drop.

8 Synthoceps

For those Titans that really want to punch but want to use all the elements, the Synthoceps are an excellent choice. Increasing melee lunge range (by about 50%!), adding a melee damage bonus when surrounded by enemies by 3x in PvE and 2x in PvP, and including extra super damage, these gauntlets are a dangerous addition to an aggressive Titan.

The perk screen doesn't show much about the stats on these, but with multiple buffs since the Warmind expansion, these gloves will pack a punch and give the shotgun-slide Titan in PvP a super boost. The Synthoceps are only available through a random drop or sometimes Xur will sell them.

7 Ursa Furiosa G

According to the lore, the Ursa Furiosa gauntlets were wielded by Bjorna-3, one of the legendary warriors of the Fallen War, and she held her shield with them until she could protect the others no more. This is a heartfelt story and a powerful one for those Titans that want to protect their fireteam with the same passion.

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Ursa Furiosa grants super energy while blocking damage with the Sentinel's shield, which makes the item excellent for tanking and protecting in PvP. Everyone will thank the Titan that wields these, and not to mention they get an awesome bear fur arm to boot for those fashion junkies. These are obtained from exotic engrams or Xur selling them from time to time.

6 Actium War Rig

Moving on to chest pieces, the Actium War Rig starts the list with a perfect pick for those Auto Rifle-loving Titans. Actium War Rig slowly reloads the equipped auto rifle's magazine from the reserves (10% every three seconds), so Titans can keep hosing down whatever comes in front of them.

It even reloads while firing the auto rifle, so paired with Sweet Business, the exotic Auto Rifle Gatling Gun, Titans can be unstoppable death machines in PvP and in PvE. This chest piece can be acquired as a choice from the quest "Riptide" completion or exotic engram and Xur's shop.

5 Hallowfire Heart

An excellent pick in both PvP and PvE for Solar Titans, Hallowfire Heart grants 75% recharge rate to Solar abilities when Hammer of Sol (Sunbreaker Super) is charged. This piece shows its greatest abilities while the Titan is in a strike with Solar Burn, or in PvP with Throwing Hammer equipped (found in the Code of the Devastator ability tree), allowing even greater melee recharge time.

For the fashionistas, pair the Hallowfire Heart with Iron Banner gear for a spectacular show of taste. This can be acquired from an exotic engram or Xur's shop.

4 Heart Of Inmost Light

For the Titans that just can't choose if they like to punch things or explode them with grenades, Heart of Inmost Light hits all the right places. This chest armor enhances abilities when one is used, giving increased recharge rate, more damage for melees and grenades, and more hit points for barricades.

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One of the best all-around picks for Titans that rely on ability usage heavily, it is best paired with a precision bow like Trinity Ghoul for a powerful, burst damage build. Punch, empowered grenade, precision shot, profit. Heart of Inmost Light can be acquired from an exotic engram or Xur's shop.

3 An Insurmountable Skullfort

Toting an amazing name and a rave-like heads-up display for enjoyment, An Insurmountable Skullfort is an excellent pick for Titans who like to fly around the map using Code of the Missile. One of the most enjoyable subclasses in the game, a Titan using the Code of the Missile skill tree in the Arc subclass can zoom around the air exactly like a missile, inflicting pain and AOE damage from anywhere on the field.

This helmet grants health regeneration and restores melee energy with Arc melee kills, which is an excellent pairing with the Code of the Missile subclass, allowing Titans to fly endlessly and enjoy the view. This can be acquired from an exotic engram or Xur's shop.

2 One-Eyed Mask

Some say too powerful for PvP, the spine-chilling look of One-Eyed Mask is only supported by its perk, marking enemies that damage the Titan and granting increased damage and an overshield upon killing said target.

With these perks, it's difficult to argue that this helmet isn't overpowered, but while it's still in the game and in its current state, it's certainly one of the most fun exotics and most rewarding for those that excel at PvP. The Mask can be acquired by an exotic engram drop or from Xur's shop.

1 Dunemarchers

The lone leg armor in the list of best Titan exotics, Dunemarchers are a favorite, especially among Arc titans. Since Destiny, sprinting and punching has been a pastime of Titans with an electric passion for the Arc subclass, and the fun has been brought over to Destiny 2.

With increased sprinting speed, a Titan with Dunemarchers equipped has their hands electrified and charges up a static shock, which chains to nearby enemies with a swift punch, or actually shoulder to the face, with the Striker subclass and Seismic Strike. The Dunemarchers can be acquired through an exotic engram or through Xur's shop.

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