The 15 Most Expensive WWE Action Figures You Wish You Owned

WWE is serious business — these retro toys and figures prove that fans will pay anything.

Professional wrestling is a relatively new medium that has entertained millions and has roots in North America as a passionate pastime for many fans and they have shown their immediate appreciation through the collection of memorabilia.

Whether it would be shirts, accessories, replica title belts, collectible cups, or signed wrestler gear, there still has yet to be something quite as universally coveted to wrestling fans like action figures. For some fans, these are a treasured way to immortalize the legends that have performed in the square circle.

World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the most instantly recognizable wrestling brands in the history of sports entertainment. It is only natural that some of the most coveted action figures to ever get a release fetch an insane price with collectors. These toys would make even the most hardcore wrestling fans scoff at their ridiculous worth.

As the decades passed, fans of the WWE saw many different toy companies try their hand at churning out these toys. Not every toy is a winner, but some absolutely went on to have a legendary status with collectors from all over. Some fans even competing with each other to get their hand on some of these rare pieces of plastic history that have the world drooling over their insane prices.

15 LJN Black Series Macho Man

eBay: jamesrose4300

Figures from a past era are usually very expensive when found loose and damaged, but if you can find a pristine LJN WWF figure in its original packaging, it can be a goldmine unto itself. This version of Macho Man Randy Savage commands an absurd price range that wanders around the $10,000 mark. It definitely does not help that Randy Savage, unfortunately, passed away in 2011, and that he remains one of the most recognizable and popular wrestlers to ever be in the WWE. If one finds themselves to be lucky enough to own one, they will surely see dollar signs in their future or the ire of action figure collectors all over. Oh, and that poster it comes with also fetches a few hundred dollars on its own as well.

14 LJN Hulk Hogan Prototype Figure

eBay: 123kid

As if the LJN WWE figures from the 1980s were not elusive enough. This specific Hogan figure is actually an unpainted prototype of the larger 16 inch figures (as opposed to the original 6 inch ones that were released). It is seemingly a holy grail for wrestling fans as it was only available to a handful of lucky LJN employees that snagged these before they closed their doors at the end of the decade. If you wanted to fork over the cash for this, you're looking at approximately the cost of a new car. Buckle up, because this particular wrestling figure currently commands a disturbing price of $50,000 dollars.

13 LJN Miss Elizabeth (Purple Skirt)


Macho Man Randy Savage's significant other, Miss Elizabeth, was a staple of WWE programming. She graced the ring with her glorious presence in a plethora of gorgeous dresses (with sparkly detail that added an air of class, elegance, and royalty to Randy Savage’s already spectacular entrance). So when the first line of LJN figures hit the scene in the mid-1980s, a bit of history was made as the first figure based on a female character was released with a removable gold skirt to go with her purple shirt. However, if one was to find the coveted and extremely limited purple skirt, they could get up to 100 dollars. But, if it was in pristine condition with the original packaging, they could get up to a few thousand dollars. Since these rarely appear for purchase, it's difficult to gauge their real value.

12 Popy Hulk Hogan Rookie Figure

eBay: abrunoab

Popy is an obscure (to North American fans) toy manufacturer that made deals with WWE to release a few of their biggest stars in plastic form. The product, as a result, was as beautiful as it was legendary. Characteristically known as the series that came with collectible cards, these figures are generally rare as they contained some of the biggest wrestling names in the world at the time. The immortal Hulk Hogan (who was relatively new to sports entertainment at the time), got his first ever action figure before he would turn into the massive pop culture icon that he is now. Add the fact that it was a Japanese release, advance a few decades into the present day and you will find that this figure commands prices up to $5,000 on the internet wherever it pops up.

11 Hasbro Series Dusty Rhodes


Dusty Rhodes was known to fans as the “American Dream” and dazzled spectators with his unmatched speed in the ring. He was also known for his silver-tongue that he eloquently displayed during his backstage promos. So, when Hasbro took the reign of production over LJN, their release of Dusty Rhodes was subject to a problem with supply-and-demand, and finding one of these figures is already difficult as it is. A brief search online will yield very few results for a perfectly packaged figure, but the ones that are available usually come in bundles with other rare figures or command a price up to $2,000 on its own. Talk about a new “American Dream” for starry-eyed wrestling figure collectors.

10 Star Toys Big Boss Man

eBay: icancu202

Star Toys released very special series of larger scaled figures in an era where the figures were usually very small and the larger sized collectibles were saved for the WWE plushies. This specific release was coveted for its attention to detail. The Big Boss Man was a popular mid card wrestler of the late 80s and 90s before meeting his untimely end in 2004 after retiring. Still, his legacy as a cop character is forever etched in the hearts of fans and this figure stands the test of time to serve that legacy. This 14 inch figure is usually impossible to find loose. In its box, however, it’s almost virtually unavailable. Due to its craftsmanship on the stitching, and how distinct the series is seen in comparison to the other collections at the time, fetching prices up to $3,000 these days..

9 LJN Blue Card Hulk Hogan (White Variant)

eBay: melisswalke8

At a time when most professional wrestlers that were on top of the WWE were only given an action figure once in a while, variants of these figures were extremely sought after by collectors as they provided that extra bit of variety to their collections. One of the most well-known variants of the early LJN figures is the Hulk Hogan from the Blue Card series, which featured him in a white Hulkamania t-shirt. These limited quantity figures are now a prized find. While the black series card by Grand Toys was sold on “Toy Hunter” for $1,000, this specific figure has become even more stupidly expensive as it commands prices up to $1,500 which just might be a little too much for an old hunk of plastic like this.

8 Hasbro Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (Zebra Tights Variant)

eBay: icancu202

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake might be fairly obscure in our modern era, but he was a fairly popular wrestler in his heyday as being an iconic persona and having his own backstage segment in a time where the idea of backstage segments was still novel. So when his card was released, Hasbro made sure to give him some pizazz to match his flamboyant attire and released a limited variant that included zebra print tights that were instantly more recognizable to the bland pink tights that came in the regular one. While the pink tights Brutus Beefcake might get a measly thirty or fifty bucks even when it is completely sealed, the zebra print tights can get as pricey as $1,500 if found in the original packaging.

7 Hasbro Mail-Away Series The Undertaker


The thought of having to send away to receive an action figure from the WWE seems like a strange concept to many in our modern era of two-day shipping on Amazon, but this method of release worked wonders for the lucky collectors that got their grubby hands on some of these treasured pieces of Golden Age history. While some of these figures can command prices up to a few hundred dollars loose, finding one in the original basic plastic is a rare treasure. The Dead Man has earned a cult-status as a pop culture icon following his (apparent) retirement at Wrestlemania 33. It is clear that reaching prices of $1,400 should come as no surprise to hardcore action figure collectors (especially with having one of the first cloth accessories to come with a WWE figure).

6 Jakks Pacific Toyfare Exclusive Hulk Hogan

eBay: kjsupertoys

Jakks Pacific gave collectors a lot to salivate over as they provided the most detailed face scans to ever be put on figures at the time. Their Legends series was no exception. Usually, the series provided classic wrestlers in detail, and released in many different variants featuring wrestler’s different attires. Obviously, these chronicle the legendary moments in each wrestler's arc. This Hulk Hogan, with red tights and dark mustache, was a limited run, and can be found in online auctions. Prices have rocketed up to as high as $5,000 — yikes.. What makes this so absurd is that the figure itself is just so bland, but it’s the sheer rarity of the figure is what has garnered its overpricing.

5 Jakks Pacific Legends Employee Exclusive Ric Flair

eBay: biceps-inc

Ric Flair is easily one of the most important professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, and his legacy as a heel in the business was unmatched by any single personality at the time. He is still seen as the prototypical example of the perfect wrestler with his unselfish in-ring psychology. So when Jakks gave him his due, it was not without a few exclusive versions. None of them, however, are as rare as the silver-robbed Ric Flair that was limited to only 25 figures that feature a specially cut window on the back to appreciate the tapestry of his gorgeous robe and was only given out to select executives of the toy company. Currently, only one is available online and is set at $3,000 and, with its rarity, it is clear that it will not drop anytime soon.

4 Jakks Pacific Legends Employee Exclusive Ultimate Warrior (USA Attire)

eBay: heatherhatch84

You can only imagine how rare this employee exclusive Ultimate Warrior (in his Royal Rumble 1991 USA-themed attire) is. This shockingly elusive figure was only given to an extremely selective 5 employees, and featured the Warrior in a white duster (that he does not even wear during the actual event). Nonetheless, this rare figure is gorgeously painted and is a perfect representation of what the Golden Age of wrestling was. Finding these is already as hard as it gets. And its price, around $1,500, is so high it'll give you migraines just thinking about it. Even the plain figure, which is not employee exclusive, can command prices up to $500 dollars itself, but even with its tiny quantity, it is still not the most expensive Ultimate Warrior figure around.

3 Jakks Pacific Legends Ultimate Creations Ultimate Warrior (One Warrior Nation)

eBay: biceps-inc

Ultimate Warrior is a Hall of Famer that is notorious for having some of the most coveted memorabilia. Even those who are not familiar with a lot of his work in the ring still know his iconic face paint logo, and wrestling fans will never forget his raw energy and insane backstage promos. So the Ultimate Warrior himself made sure that he made a deal with Jakks Pacific to release some limited quantity variants of his Legends figure. This included, but was not limited to, this One Warrior Nation themed WCW attire figure. One of the 20 figures will nab an owner an average of $3,500. Even with that disgustingly high price, there is still one variant that trumps it on a normal basis with an even more ridiculous design than this obscure throwback to an honestly disappointing era of his otherwise illustrious career.

2 Jakks Pacific Legends Ultimate Creations Ultimate Warrior (Marble)

eBay: biceps-inc

This is literally one of the strangest releases to ever see an official tie-in with WWE. It is a 20-count limited release of the Legends series Ultimate Warrior by Jakks Pacific in a collaboration with Ultimate Creations Inc. The figure itself is no different from the normal one that was released, only it is made entirely of marble. Okay, well, it more-or-less is just made with a marble print to give it a statue look, but it is still an amazing way to make a variant and is relatively unparalleled. The price of one of these figures that throw it back to Greek-era monuments can vary, but a single one by itself is usually no less than $5,000 and remains one of the most elusive WWE action figures of all-time.

1 Hasbro Kamala (Moon Belly Variant)


Strangely enough, one of (if not the most) expensive WWE action figures to ever be sold to a collector is not a former world champion, or even a fan-favorite among most wrestling fans (mainly due in part to the semi-racist gimmick that he was given). It is Kamala, who was known for walking to the ring with a tribal mask and body paint in various shapes, including a crescent moon and two stars. For some reason, however, the figure released with a star on his belly with an extremely limited release of apparently just 25 figures that featured his signature crescent moon. The reasons why this figure was so limited is still unknown, but what is known is that it once fetched the stunningly unparalleled stupid price of $10,000.

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