25 Extra Cool Fan Pictures Of Danny Phantom (That Are Kinda Weird)

Referring solely to children shows, Danny Phantom is creepier than most. The basic premise could easily work in a horror movie. Just think about it, a teenager explores a ghostly realm and ends up trading half his soul for ectoplasm. Sure, Danny makes the best out of the situation and launches a career as a makeshift superhero, but such an experience is bound to leave a couple of scars. This 16-year-old boy has seen things capable of making grown men cry.

From the talented mind of Butch Hartman, who also blessed the world with The Fairly OddParentsDanny Phantom lasted for three seasons on Nickelodeon. Honestly, that was nowhere near enough. From the counter-cultural Sam Manson to Tara Strong's Ember McLain, the animated blockbuster featured one of the best cast to ever grace the small screen. In comparison to a couple of Nickelodeon's other classicsDanny Phantom comfortably ranks among the channel's cleaner releases, but the same cannot be said for the fanart community. Hartman's superhero series inspired many artists to present Danny in a completely different light, one capable of sending shivers down our spines.

Ready to witness a stranger side to Danny, Sam, and friends? Here are 25 creepy fan pictures of Danny Phantom (we wish didn’t exist).

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25 Mess With The Jazz And You Get The Danny

Via krossan.deviantart.com

Krossan took the concept of sibling protection and ran with it. In the author's picture, Danny is intimidating. If someone stumbled upon this image without prior knowledge of the series or characters, they might genuinely believe that Danny is the antagonist. This concept would not look out of place on a poster for a flick like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream.

Jazz, look behind you!

In context, the only person who needs to be afraid is whoever is currently chasing Jazz Fenton. At first, they were dealing with an intelligent but normal teenager; now, they are facing a powerful superhero who is willing to do anything to protect his family. They barked up the wrong tree.

24 A (Weird) Stress Reliever

Via krossan.deviantart.com

Brothers and sisters do not always have it easy. When someone is older, they might feel an urge to protect their younger sibling, while trying to avoid having to act like a third parent. The younger child tends to idolize their older counterpart, yearning for the day when they could be like them. It is a challenging balancing act, one which often leads to conflict and frustration. With the added complication brought forth by ghost hunting, Danny and Jazz Fenton's relationship has its ups and downs. At the end of the day, the siblings have each other's backs. Krossan sees the much older pair enjoying some quality time, while Danny shows that he is no longer Jazz's little brother who needs to be protected from the world.

23 A Dream Comes True (Before Turning Into A Nightmare)

Via amethyst-ocean.deviantart.com

Danny, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this might not be the Sam you know and love. Inspired by Urban Jungle, an episode destined to pop-up a few more times, the beloved gothic schoolgirl is manipulated by a villainous plant ghost to serve as his second-in-command. Sam was hardly the only person to be brainwashed, as the entirety of Amity Park falls under the plant's rule. As one of the last episodes in Danny Phantom's catalog, Urban Jungle really upped the stakes and Plant Queen Sam remains a fan-favorite. There is just something oddly fascinating about witnessing a sinister alternative to a usually good character. Amethyst-Ocean's drawing is ridiculously effective, mostly due to the author's decision to authentically replicate the cartoon's art style.

22 Rock's Last Hope (Is A Ghost)

Via almagkrueger.deviantart.com

Has there even be an animated character who captured the essence of teenage rebellion quite like Danny Phantom's Ember McLain? The antagonist's raging teal hair is simultaneously cool and terrifying, and Ember takes it up a notch by throwing in two facial tattoos. As her special abilities require a mass audience, physically, Ember is presentable and would not look out of place on the Billboard charts, especially during the era of "Hair Metal."

The Flaming Hair.

AlmaGKrueger's version adds a touch of reality to this cartoon character. Suddenly, Ember is no longer part of Nickelodeon's catalog but a living breathing person. We are not sure how we feel about this turn of events. Cartoon characters hold a special place in fiction, and blurring the lines can result in a one-way ticket to Uncanny Valley. Luckily, the author remembered to take a left turn at Albuquerque.

21 The Price Of Freedom

Via foxyelie.deviantart.com

Kindred Spirits ranks among the best episodes of the series. Also, young children are unlikely to experience a darker and creepier half-an-hour of television; at least, for an animated children's show. Overcome by desperation, Vlad tries to clone Danny's DNA to create his ideal son. The first few attempts are nothing more than failures, but they pave the way for the creation of Dani Phantom, who possess the same powers as Danny.

Still, Vlad wanted a boy.

While initially faithful, Dani quickly realizes that Vlad only sees her as a tool. She retaliates by joining Danny's team and eliminates Vlad's other creations, which had yet to born. This particular scene is reenacted in foxyelie's drawing, serving as a perfect example of the grim places Danny Phantom was willing to visit.

20 When Danny Phantom Collided With Batman (And Sam Paid The Price)

Via purfectprincessgirl.deviantart.com

The episode Urban Jungle sees Danny going up against a plant ghost who takes over Amity Park and warps Sam's mind. The end result is a hybrid between DC's Poison Ivy and Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent, although with Sam's familiar face thrown in for added creepiness. PurfectPrincessGirl's tribute takes a page or two from Batman's playbook, altering Sam's attire to bring it closer to Pamela Lillian Isley's villainous alter-ego. The design is absurdly cool, but there is just something unsettling about seeing the usually collected Sam Manson reduced to a mindless pawn. Sam's entire existence was motivated by a desire to establish her individuality; so, it is genuinely tragic to see her reduced to this state of mind. A great but heart-breaking rendition of Danny Phantom's leading lady.

19 Back To The Future (Yes, THAT Scene)

Via dltoon.deviantart.com

Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future has aged surprisingly well. Part II did a decent enough job of predicting the future, while the original film is a hilarious comedy that endeared the world to Dr. Brown and Marty McFly. DLToon decided to pay homage to the trilogy and Danny Phantom, although he picked the most awkward scene from the entire series.

Marty McFly and Danny Phantom will never be the same.

While this particular plot thread does receive a bit of flak, Back to the Future did a decent enough job to establish why it needed to take place. Sure, it was uncomfortable to watch; but, try to imagine how Marty felt! DLToon's take is funny and nostalgic, with Maddie and Danny stepping into the shoes of Lorraine and Marty McFly.

18 Together Forever

Via seantriana.deviantart.com

Taking everything into account, Dani is a pretty tragic character. She was born in a lab solely for the purpose of getting back at Jack and Danny Fenton. From the moment of her creation, Dani lived in the shadow of somebody who was nothing more than a stranger. Vlad treated the girl as a means-to-an-end; once she no longer served a purpose, the anti-hero was discarded like last week's spoiled bread. Thankfully, Dani found solace in Danny, but that does not change the fact that she is not really her own person. Whatever her future brings, Dani will forever be attached to her former arch-rival. Seantriana paints a heartwarming but uncomfortable scene; whether by their own design or not, these two teenagers are closer than family.

17 The Family Business

Via allyphantomrush.deviantart.com

Quite a few mature dramas could learn a thing or two from Danny and Sam's romance. The childhood friends were made for each other, but their relationship was never presented as idealistic or untouchable. During the series, they considered dating other people, but their paths continued to intertwine. Within Danny Phantom's fanart community, there is an entire subsection devoted to depicting the couple's future life and plans. Many grew up rooting for Danny and Sam to work things out; so, this is the perfect way to transforms those dreams into reality. AllyPhantomRush went a couple of steps further, presenting an adorable scene of Danny excitingly showing off some baby clothes to Sam. Why is this creepy? Well, Danny Phantom has apparently gotten into the advertisement industry. There is nothing scarier than the business world.

16 *Blushes*

Via alcasar-reich.deviantart.com

Right back at you. When talking about love interests, Nickelodeon has a decent track record. Hey Arnold!'s Helga, Avatar: The Last Airbender's Katara, and Doug's Patti worked because they were presented as actual people rather than a goal for the protagonist. Danny Phantom's Sam sits in the top tier of well-written cartoon characters, as she complimented Danny's personality and proved to be competent enough to take care of herself.

Sam is nobody's damsel-in-distress.

Admittedly, alcasar-reich approached Sam from a slightly different angle. With a cutesy art style, the gothic girl lost a bit of her personality, while still managing to maintain the core of the character. While not the stereotypical cheerleader, Sam was always presented as a confident teenager who is not afraid to be herself.

15 So Close But Yet So Far

Via theultimateenemy.deviantart.com

The episode 13 introduces Johnny 13 and Kitty, a ghostly couple who yearn to be freed from the Ghost Zone. As tends to be the case with most of Danny Phantom's antagonists, the couple can be rather sympathetic. They are not driven by a desire to conquer the world or anything that trite; instead, Kitty and Johnny 13 just want to cause a bit of mayhem. Crucially, they want to do it together. Otherwise, what is the point? TheUltimateEnemy seems inspired by the moment when Johnny and Kitty realize they will soon be together. While the former could maintain his form in the real world, Kitty required a host. Johnny tried to use Danny's sister, but the superhero manages to intervene before it was too late. Hopefully, these two find a place to call home.

14 Engulfed In Shadow

Via dinkelion.deviantart.com

In terms of appearance, Penelope Spectra is probably not the freakiest baddie on Danny Phantom. On the other hand, she might genuinely be the most traumatizing. Capable of taking human form, this shadowy G=ghost keeps herself young by feeding on people's misery. Teenagers are her favorite source of nourishment, as nothing is quite as filling as some angst. DinKelion's use of colors brings out the absolute best (or worst) of the character. In a single frame, Spectra is chilling, powerful, and mesmerizing. Despite her outer skin, there is nothing human about this executive. She is the shadow that lurks underneath the bed and the scratching noise coming from the attic. Spectra is why children are afraid to sleep at night.

13 A New World Order

Via renahikari.deviantart.com

RenaHikari imagines an alternate reality were Danny decided to take over the Ghost Zone after defeating Pariah Dark. As the new ruler and owner of the Crown of Fire, a ghostly item granting infinite power, the superhero turns his back on altruism, preferring to govern with an iron fist.

Sam is along for the ride.

With Plant Queen Sam by his side, there is nobody strong enough to stand in Danny's way. Danny Phantom was not afraid to turn Danny into a villain, resulting in the birth of Dark Danny, but he was always presented as a possibility that can be avoided. Well, this fanart takes a similar road but ends up at a different destination. Honestly, this might be worse than Dark Danny.

12 A Reversal Of (Mis)Fortune

Via firewithinmidnight.deviantart.com

The Reverse Trio AU changes a few things around from Danny Phantom's original premise. In this version, Sam Manson is the one who inherits the ghost powers, transforming Danny into her side-kick. As the teenager is no longer capable of protecting himself, Nocturne targets Danny as a potential pawn for his nightmarish plans. FireWithinMidnight's epic drawing tells quite a vivid story, as Sam prepares to challenge Nocturne while hoping to discover a way to save Danny. The characters look really awesome, and it is cool to see something which subverts Nickelodeon's original series.

Sam would make a great Phantom.

Nocturne was always rather creepy, but FireWithinMidnight captures the villain at his absolute worst. Danny seems to be slowly slipping away.

11 Twilight (Takes A Turn For The Better)

Via fitzoblong.deviantart.com

They took down the best of us. Actually, the vampirized version of Sam Manson would fit better on Buffy the Vampire Slayer than Twilight. Her ghoulish green skin and red-eyes are quite unsettling, especially as they are attached to someone as recognizable and iconic as Sam. Amazingly, FitzOblong found a way to make us feel sorry for Paulina's obnoxious follower, but Star is not quite bad enough to deserve to be turned into a vampire. How did Sam end up in this position? Is there hope that the transformation can be reversed? Why is Star's neck already wounded? Is Sam going in for seconds? The author brought up so many questions that must be answered! Otherwise, our minds are just going to be working in overdrive for the next couple of hours.

10 Breaking Through To The Otherside (Who Am I?)

Via mira-kl.deviantart.com

Danny Fenton's misguided expedition into the Ghost Portal alters the teenager's molecular structure, turning the protagonist into someone caught between this life and the next. Posted on Mira-KL's Deviant Art page, this terrifying creation hails from the talented mind of ghostbadgers, an artist who knows how to bring out the ghoulish side of Danny Phantom. The drawing is simply entitled as "Reflection," depicting Fenton's initial reaction to his new alter-ego.

Why are my eyes green?

The author's chosen art style perfectly captures the sense of terror and confusion felt by the title character. With each passing second, Danny's core essence fades further and further away. Unless he manages to snap out of his trance, there might not be anything left of Danny worth saving.

9 Beyond Words

Via firemagicsinger.deviantart.com

Oh, Ember McLain's epicness cannot be summarized in a paragraph. Voiced by the vastly talented Tara Strong, Ember is a rock star ghost who yearns to instigate a revolution that changes the world order. Danny Phantom hints at her tragic backstory, but the cartoon shies away from explaining exactly how she ended up like this.

Fears and tears.

When it comes to fanart, Ember is hardly underrepresented, but firemagicsinger demands our attention. In a single frame, the author captured Ember's main appeal. Simultaneously, the villain comes across as beautiful, authoritative, and magical. Ember's hair is mesmerizing, but the background really amps up the creep factor. The villain is either emerging from the void or being sucked into it. Whatever might be the case, we cannot divert our eyes.

8 Picking Up The Pieces

Via hintojin.deviantart.com

Art pieces inspired by a popular series might tend to be more eye-catching, but fanfiction is a lot deeper than just drawings. If a film or cartoon has a following, fans can bet their life-savings on discovering non-canon stories on the internet. Danny Phantom is no exception, with The Full Catastrophe's Treading Water landing among the very best. The characters are largely kept the same, but the premise trades ghosts for merpeople. In this version, Sam is more of a celebrity than a goth, although her sense of pride and individuality survives the transition. Hintojin's work is based on T.F.C's fanfiction, as the author exposes Danny during one of his more vulnerable moments. As always, Sam stands by his side to try and ease the pain.

7 Queen Of The Ghost Age

Via geckospine.deviantart.com

Ember McLain made her debut in Season 1's Fanning the Flames, and the stylish villainous instantly left her mark on viewers. The rock star was the personification of '80s pop-culture distilled into animated form, with her blue hair and fire-licked guitar serving as defining traits. The ghost brainwashed the world by releasing a song called "Remember," turning everyone besides Danny and Sam into mindless fans.

Too close for comfort.

GeckoSpine's cool rendition of Danny Phantom's antagonist reimagines Ember in an art style closer to comic books rather than the original incarnation. The character is no longer a ridiculously over-the-top cartoon; Ember feels real and dangerous. When it comes to the creep factor, McLain's dancing hair is more than enough to hypnotize the fanart community (and us).

6 Gregor Makes A (Sad) Comeback

Via dreamadove93.deviantart.com

Okay - DreamaDove93's entry might leave quite a few people scratching their heads. What? Why is Gregor dressed like Danny? When did Valerie meet Elliot? What is going on?!? Well, rest assured there is an explanation for everything. While the drawing is based on Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom, it is inspired by a piece of fanfiction called Dawning of a Sun by Pearl84. As suggested by this stunning and heartbreaking creation, things have changed quite a bit in Danny's universe. Gregor has gone from a one-note comedy character to somewhat of a tragic anti-hero. Valerie Gray has found someone who really understands her, as she struggles to keep Gregor from succumbing to the dark side. Pearl84's fanfiction is worth a read, and DreamaDove93's drawing captures the best of it.

5 Ember's Kryptonite

Via kvalificatsia.deviantart.com

Could things get any worse for the lovable villainous? With Ember's strength reflected by the flames in her hair, we doubt a swim would be recommended. On the other hand, as far as we know, water was never presented as a weakness for the antagonist. Besides the typical items capable of damaging ghosts, Ember's defeat tends to arise due to a lack of chanting. During her first appearance, this weak spot results in the rock star losing most of her powers, although chanting does not really play much of a part in any of Ember's subsequent appearances. Kvalificatsia's semi-realistic piece is creepy due to the villainous' eyes, as Ember seems absolutely terrified of her current situation. She is trapped with nowhere to hide.

4 When Danny Phantom Collided With Batman (And Maddie Paid The Price)

Via fitzoblong.deviantart.com

Danny Phantom deserves credit for not reducing Danny's parents into joke characters. Maddie and Jack are far from perfect, but they genuinely care about their children and always try to do right by them. Hartman's cartoons rarely depend on mean-spiritedness to deliver their punchlines, allowing the cast to flourish as people rather than caricatures. Considering this is not Urban Jungle Sam's first appearance on this list, she clearly left quite an impression on the fanbase.

She makes being bad look good.

FitzOblong rendition depicts a depressing scene were Maddie is captured by the brainwashed Sam, as the ghost hunter is caught in a trap. The drawing is a picture-perfect copy of the cartoon's animation style. Honestly, it is eerily similar.

3 The Worst Of Enemies (Put Aside Their Differences)

Via lumoslightning.deviantart.com

Ember McLain is far from Danny Phantom's main antagonist; but, if a popularity contest were to be held, there would only be one winner. As a lonely teenager struggling through her formative years, Ember dreamt of being a rock star. Unfortunately, that never came to pass, although her ghostly version knows how to handle a guitar. As Ember can be rather petty, she tends to seek revenge against anyone who gets in her way; unsurprisingly, that list includes Danny. LumosLightning imagines a scene where the enemies are forced to work together while trapped in the Ghost Zone. Taking into account how little Ember cares for Danny, they must be up against something pretty powerful and terrifying. The hero seems to be struggling to keep it together.

2 Defeat (Might Not Be The Worst Thing Ever)

Via amethyst-ocean.deviantart.com

Spread across this list, there has been a small story developing based on the events of the Urban Jungle episode. Amethyst-Ocean's picture is the end of the line. Danny Phantom has succumbed to the Plant Queen's influence, as Nickelodeon's hero joins her vegetarian army.

The Darkest Hour.

Dressed in her best Poison Ivy cosplay, the mind-controlled Sam Manson proved to be more than a match for Danny. The teenage superhero might have survived alternate dimensions and clones, but there is nothing he could do when up against the person who matters the most to him. The artist crafted a scene that manages to be sad, powerful, and exciting. Does this spell the end for our teenage hero? Will Sam ever break free from the villain's mind-control? Find out next week on a brand new episode of Danny Phantom!

1 Pennywise Has Nothing On Dark Danny

Via ghostbadgers.deviantart.com

A sad ghost clown. Seriously, there goes any chance of actually sleeping tonight. Despite Danny's circumstances, the teenager has a good support system and tends to be rather easy-going. Having the weight of the world on his young shoulders cannot be easy, but the superhero is willing and able to carry that load. He is a beacon of all that is good in the universe.

Maybe, the Joker is not the BEST role model.

To be fair, ghostbadgers' picture is based on "Dark Danny" and not Danny Phantom's protagonist. Set in an alternate reality, this teenager's life took a turn for the devasting when he lost his family and friends. Isolated and desperate to shed his ghostly half; over time, Danny's human side ends up in a losing battle with the supernatural elements suffocating the boy's world. Once-in-awhile, we all need a good cry.

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