20 Hilarious Comics Of 90s Kids Characters That Are Extra Sweet

The 90s were a wonderful time for entertainment. Video games were starting to gain steam, films were getting more complex (and entertaining with enhanced special effects), television was exploring new series, and cartoons were popping up all over. In fact, entire networks dedicated to cartoons appeared, thanks to a bevy of wonderful shows and animated series. Simply put, the 90s were an absolute playground of characters and engaging storylines.

Fast forward to the modern age and things are continuing to grow. Technology has accelerated at an insane pace and the entertainment sector of the world is growing exponentially larger each day. In a world filled with such wonders, it's insane that we ever get bored.

Yet, those that grew up in the 90s recognized that the era had a certain charm to it. If you're like us, you grew up with certain characters and came to love their mannerisms and design. If these characters were capable, we're sure they'd love us all back.

Thanks to dedicated fan artists, they sort of can, in a way. If anything, they can love other characters for our entertainment (that sounds a bit creepy, to be honest). Tons of imaginative creators work hard to breathe life into fan comics and artworks that showcase the love-filled side of these characters we all know and love. So if you're feeling a bit romantic, enjoy these 20 hilarious comics of 90s kids characters that will make you blush!

20 Under The Mistletoe

Via: mylastfantasy.deviantart.com

Hey Arnold! captured the hearts of many kids during its 90s run. Most other cartoons focused on zany humor and unbelievable premises, but the cast of this entertaining slice of life animation had realistic problems and identifiable attitudes. Simply put, a lot of kids saw themselves in the group, usually pointing to one character that shared their views or personality. Whether you were a Stinky, a Sid, or an Arnold, you felt like these characters were going through the same issues and had the same problems.

Perhaps that's what made so many people ship Helga and Arnold together as a couple. They identified how much Helga cared for the football-headed protagonist and they knew that deep down inside she was a kind soul that hid beneath a tough exterior. If anyone was going to warm Helga's cold heart and bring her out of her shell, it was Arnold. He was kind, inquisitive, and always seemed eager to help those around him. We could all afford to be more like the optimistic kid at times.

This comic gives Helga and Arnold shippers what they've always wanted. It may be Christmas-themed and it might just be the mistletoe tradition, but that won't stop fans from rooting for this unique relationship.

Source: MyLastFantasy.

19 Love Bites

Via: hmontes.deviantart.com

The Powerpuff Girls were an adorable force of justice when they first appeared on television back in 1998. Unfortunately, we can't say the same about their modern counterparts. The reboot leaves a lot to be desired. At least we'll always have our 90s memories to keep us warm at night.

The original Powerpuff Girls were strong-willed, smart, brave, and resourceful. They always knew how to save the day, even when they were dealing with their own problems and growing pains. Thankfully, the trio was too young to have to worry about the ups and downs of falling in love. Still, that didn't stop shippers and fans from immediately pairing them with their evil doppelgangers, the Rowdy Ruff Boys, when they burst on-scene.

Much like Professor X, Mojo Jojo made his own trio of superpowered kids, albeit in a rather disgusting way. Rather than sugar, spice, and everything nice, the Rowdy Ruffs were created via armpit hairs, snails, and the use of a prison toilet. Maybe that's why they're such a ragtag band of hooligans. What a rotten way to come into this world.

This comic features Buttercup and Butch expressing their love in the only way they know possible, by ruthlessly biting one another.

Source: HMontes.

18 Donatell-No

Via: queenbean3.deviantart.com

If Beauty and the Beast taught us anything, it's that exterior looks don't matter and that true beauty comes from within. Belle ended up falling for the Beast, despite his ragged look and monster-like appearance. Although, it's important to note that the Beast ended up changing into a human once true love broke his creature-based curse.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren't afforded the same luxury.

They aren't cursed creatures, but rather, mutated turtles with human-like forms. No amount of true love is going to change them back into something they never were in the first place. Maybe back into small and weapon-less turtles, but we feel like they wouldn't want that.

Still, that doesn't stop Donatello from pursuing April O'Neil, even though she doesn't seem interested in the intelligent inventor. She'd rather hang around her own kind, specifically Casey Jones. But you can't blame Dontello for trying. And according to this next fan comic, he tries, like, a lot.

Donnie is smart enough to know the difference between a friend and a boyfriend but that doesn't stop him from trying to twist April's words a little bit. Perhaps he thinks persistence and wordplay will tilt things to his favor. Sadly, it doesn't look like April is budging anytime soon.

Source: queenbean3.

17 Failure To Launch

Via: queenbean3.deviantart.com

An unfortunate side effect of modern-era television are the countless reboots we are seeing. Don't get us wrong, when done correctly, a reboot can be an immensely satisfying thing. Sometimes a show is so beloved and so missed that it can pick-up right where it left off and people will line up in droves to watch it, just like they did years ago.

Sadly, there are many instances in which rebooting is handled poorly and the finished result is something that makes most fans cringe. A solid example is Teen Titans Go!, a revival of the much-beloved series that has become anything but "much-beloved" concerning fans of the original show. Kids seem to love it, but ask any dedicated Teen Titans watcher what they think and they'll likely pull out a laundry list of mistakes that the newest iteration is making.

Thankfully, some reboots prove that rebooting a series can be a successful and worthwhile endeavor. Take DuckTales for example, which has exceeded expectations and feels like the same show we fell in love with years ago. It comes packed with all our favorite characters, and even new additions, like Della Duck (Donald's sister).

This comic shows a bit of flirting between Dell and Launchpad, with the big oaf oblivious to her charms.

Source: queenbean3.

16 This Is Dark Even For Mandark

Via: toongrowner.deviantart.com

The Internet is a truly amazing place. It's filled to the brim with all the information you could ever hope for. We live in an era where the information superhighway can teach you obscure facts in seconds, help you cook a delicious meal, or entertain you for hours on end. But (unfortunately...) that's not all the Internet can do. It can also act as a beacon, calling forth artists from all over the world to showcase their ideas and creations.

Some of these creations are a little more imaginative than others. Case in point, this comic by toongrowner that shows us a side of Dexter that we never knew we needed (or wanted) to see. Dexter's Laboratory was filled to the brim with all manner of inventions and crazy things but we doubt any of them were designed with the sole purpose of turning Dexter into a genderbent French Maid.

Cartoons have a long history of swapping character genders in varying storylines but something seems a bit off about this depiction of everyone's favorite little genius. Perhaps it's the listless look in Dexter's eyes (who has been hypnotized) or maybe it's the overall sinister feeling of this piece. Whatever it is, we can't help but feel a little uneasy.

15 Déjà Vu

Via: arkham-insanity.deviantart.com

Is there anything more embarrassing than parents? Yeah, a lot of things, most of which happen during your school years. But parents can be especially embarrassing under the right circumstances. Yet, we shouldn't blame them. With each generation it becomes harder for the older crowd to identify with the younger crowd, it's just how the world works. Your parents don't mean to embarrass you, they just have no idea what's "in and hip" because those words and their meanings change rapidly in the modern age.

A great example of this phenomenon came in the form of the 90s cult classic, A Goofy Movie. Most 90s kids could easily identify with Max, while all the grown-ups understood exactly what Goofy was going through. It can be downright hard to connect with your kid, especially when they're teenagers. In the end, we learn just how much Max means to Goofy and he finally understands that his dad just wants what's best for him and to spend quality time with him.

Fast forward a couple decades and fan-artist Arkham-Insanity shows us that Max continues the tradition by dragging his unwilling child on a family vacation. At least he has Roxanne to share the blame.

14 Revenge Of The Nerds

Via: rellen.deviantart.com

The Wild Thornberrys may not have received as much love and fan-based attention as other 90s cartoons but that doesn't mean it was a bad show. In fact, it was easily one of the better shows to appear on Nickelodeon's network during the cartoon boom. It featured a generally likable set of characters (especially Nigel) and had a clever premise that allowed for some seriously entertaining adventures.

The best part is that it taught us about animals. Sure, it wasn't as thorough and realistic as most nature documentary shows, but it still managed to sneak in interesting and accurate animal facts. Those of us who yearned to learn about the world around us would find ourselves tuning in to Eliza's adventures each week.

That said, the dynamic between the characters wasn't always happy-go-lucky.

Eliza and her sister Debby acted like most siblings would. They couldn't stand each other for the most part but had heartwarming sisterly moments sprinkled throughout the show.

This fan comic is not one of those moments. It seems that artist Rellen is pro Team Eliza because their artwork depicts her older sister falling under a hypnotic spell (via a crafty snake) and forced to obey Eliza's every demand.

13 It Works For Disney Princesses

Via: chibi-jennifer.deviantart.com

During the 90s, kids were bombarded with all manner of animation. Cartoons were gaining some steady steam and networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were devoting their entire television lineup to animation. Saturdays were an amazing time and if you loved cartoons you were absolutely inundated with things to watch.

It wasn't just American-based animation either. Popular series from all over the globe were passing through various countries to entertain the masses. This included a lot of Japanese anime, with popular shows like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh coming stateside. With them came Sailor Moon, a widely successful cartoon about a universe-protecting group called The Sailor Scouts.

Although many would consider Sailor Moon aimed towards females during that time, there were many males who loved the action and storylines. One such storyline saw the budding romance between Sailor Moon and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. This next fan comic pays homage to the relationship and showcases a tense moment between the two. It appears that Prince Endymion is under a mysterious spell and it's up to Princess Serenity to break him free.

It seems like she watched a few Disney films growing up because she's trying a classic Princess tactic. Only true love's kiss can break the curse and Sailor Moon is determined to seal the deal.

Source: Chibi-Jennifer

12 Nothing Funnie About That Stain

Via: sallychan.deviantart.com

Before there was Hey Arnold!, Doug ruled the roost as the "show everyone could relate to." The show followed the life of Doug Funnie, an average kid on the cusp of becoming a teenager. He was forced to move to a new town and had to go through the awkward phase of making new friends and navigating an entirely new school. The series touched on a lot of the annoying and disheartening things that children are usually forced to cope with.

Doug had a hard time with social situations. He was incredibly imaginative and kept a journal of all of his escapades. Unfortunately, he would often make a mess of things or force himself into awkward situations. He was the poster child for kids struggling socially during that time. We all learned a few helpful lessons from watching Doug humiliate himself on a weekly basis.

Some of his most awkward moments stemmed from his crush on Patti Mayonnaise. According to fan-artist sallychan, Doug continues to carry this torch well into the future. Even when he's older he finds himself awestruck by Patti, who seems to have done some growing-up herself. Skeeter's reaction in this comic is priceless, as he's more interested in the mustard staining Doug's shirt.

11 It's Not Very Effective

Via: datbritishmexican.deviantart.com

No 90s cartoon fan comic article would be complete without Pokémon. The anime titan has been going strong since 1997 and just celebrated its 1000th episode. That's an incredibly impressive feat for any form of entertainment. Between the popular game series, the manga, movies, merchandise, and a slew of other Pokémon-based items, it's no wonder the series is still cranking out episodes.

Each new Pokémon adventure unveils an entirely new lineup of Pocket Monsters. The original 151 seem like a memory as Pokémon now employs over 800 creatures. It's hard to imagine the series stemmed from such humble beginnings and that many were curious if the game series would even be the least bit successful.

We've got a few blush-worthy Pokémon fan comics on this list but we figured we'd start with this adorable interaction between Delphox and Greninja. It seems the Fire-Psychic-Type has taken a liking to the Dark-Water-Type and is trying to cast a love spell on him. Unfortunately, Greninja's typing makes him immune to the spell, much to Delphox's dismay. Thankfully, the cute comic turns roses in the end as it seems both Pokémon share feelings for one another. Maybe next time Delphox should try Attract, or something a little easier.

Source: DatBritishMexican

10 Whoa, Mama!

Via: jose-ramiro.deviantart.com

We'd be remiss not to include Johnny Bravo on this list of blushy-worthy 90s fan art comics. After all, no one knows the ups and downs of love like the blonde-haired hunk himself. Well, actually, we wouldn't go as far as to say Johnny is aware of any of the ups concerning love. Mr. Bravo may be persistent but he's not that successful. Most of his series is spent pining over women that would rather do anything else than be near the protagonist.

That doesn't stop Johnny though.

He gives a whole new meaning to "getting back on the horse." He won't stay down for long. He's over each rejection in a matter of seconds and moves on to the next target. In some ways, we feel sorry for Johnny, since he's usually spending the major holiday's alone and can't seem to score a date no matter how hard he tries.

Maybe his best chance for success is to broaden his horizons. Artist Jose-Ramiro explores this possibility in their fan comic, which shows the hunk buying a "please be my girlfriend card" for a potential lucky lady. In true Johnny fashion, though, he ends up opting for three dozen. Maybe the odds are in his favor this time.

9 There's Nothing Like The Original

Via: limey404.deviantart.com

Helga and Arnold's relationship is anything but perfect. In the beginning, we see Helga as nothing more than a rude and brash bully but later on, we discover that she secretly holds a candle for the football-headed protagonist. In fact, it's more than just a candle, it's a full-blown shrine (which is filled with an array of creepy items). Sure, the hidden homage is a bit much and it definitely makes Helga seem like she has a screw loose at the start, but throughout the series, we come to admire her feelings for Arnold.

Unfortunately, Arnold himself doesn't have a clue that Helga cares so much about him. She makes a point to keep her feelings hidden behind a wall of angry insults and pranks. At the end of the day, it's no wonder Arnold even tolerates her shenanigans (and in some episodes he doesn't). But as time goes on (and thanks to the first Hey, Arnold! movie) football head begins to better understand Helga.

Fan artist limey404 shows just how far Helga is willing to go to impress Arnold. She gets all dressed up and completely revamps her image. In the end, Arnold seems unimpressed, until he tells her how he really feels, and that he loves the original Helga more than anything she could ever pretend to be.

8 We've Hit Rock-O Bottom

Via: touhatsu.deviantart.com

Some parts of the Internet can be a little...overwhelming, to say the least. We try our best not to judge things (it's no our place) but that doesn't stop us from raising our eyebrows when we come across some questionable content. Anyone who's ever fired up Chrome's incognito browser can tell you, there are some sites on the Internet that are better left off our search history. Some of them are a bit much, while others are just downright strange.

It's crazy to think about how much the world has changed in just a few decades. People born in the modern age grow up accustom to the world's craziest things sitting neatly at their fingertips. Those of us that grew up in the 90s have a much better idea of what life was like before the advent of the Internet and all of its seedy webpages. We'd like to imagine that cartoon character's from the 90s would feel the same way.

Case in point, Rocko, from the hit show Rocko's Modern Life. The wallaby has had some questionable careers in the past (specifically one type of phone operator) but that doesn't mean he wouldn't keel over in shock at some of the strange things on the Internet. This comic goes a great job of portraying exactly how Rocko might look if he ventured too far into the darker parts of the web.

Source: Touhatsu

7 A Treasure Worth Keeping

Via: boomerxbubbles.deviantart.com

There is a ton of Powerpuff Girls fan art floating around the web. Most of it is dedicated to showcasing the girls in all of their adorable and justice-seeking glory. But beneath the outer layer lies a plethora of fan art and fan comics dedicated to shipping (as does with every other fandom). Some of these ships are supremely strange, focusing on villains and their heroic counterparts.

We'd get deeper into the specifics but we really don't want to unintentionally scar anyone.

Thankfully, there is a wide array of fairly normal (and preferred) ships throughout the Powerpuff Girls universe. A classic example pairs the trio up with the dastardly Rowdy Ruff Boys. After all, in terms of soulmates, it seems that the two sides were made for one another (even if the Rowdy Ruffs were created in some pretty unsanitary conditions). The most popular ship of the bunch might be the pairing of Butch and Buttercup, the "loose cannons" of each group.

This comic shows a heartwarming scene from a larger fan comic in which Butch professes that Buttercup is his real treasure and that he'd toss anything away if it meant he got to keep her. Thankfully we have stuff like this around, to balance out all of the terrible things we witness.

Source: BoomerXBubbles

6 Sunny Side Up

Via: Brawl In The Family

The world of Pokémon is vast and filled with things to do. The main story for each game is pretty clear-cut: you end up embarking on a journey and building a Pokémon team that is capable of defeating the Elite Four. Once you become Pokémon Champion, you'll defend your crown against would-be trainers. But with each iteration introduced, there are an abundance of side questions and story plots that pull the action away from the main narrative. You could have some fun fishing, make your way through the Safari Zone, or even play some Pokémon slot machines.

If you aspire to be the best Pokémon trainer that's ever existed, maybe you want to engage in some Pokémon breeding. Players have been using the tactic to collect the ideal Pokémon for decades now, using selective breeding and training to create the ultimate Pocket Monster.

But breeding in Pokémon works a bit differently than in our world.

Pokémon hatch from eggs and can breed with each other so long as they're in the same egg group. This leads to some pretty hilarious combinations (like Wailord and Skitty). But it also begs the question on what breeding elements would be like. If a fire and a water creature breed together, do we end up with a steam-like Pokémon?

According to Brawl in the Family, yes, we do. Their example shows a Flareon and a Glaceon producing a Vapreon (Fire + Ice = Water).

5 Not Fast Enough To Escape Her

Via: sayamiyazaki.deviantart.com

Sonic the Hedgehog has been around almost as long as Link and Mario. The blue-colored blur was (and still is, regardless of his fall from grace) the mascot for Sega and its popular Genesis platform. Over the years, the series has seen a downturn in quality (something the company hopes to rectify soon) but Sonic has remained a video game icon. It seems that no matter how awful a particular game may be or how terrible the series becomes, Sonic will always hold a special place in fan's hearts. That's evident by the massive amount of fanart and fanfics that are created on a daily basis (many of which are a little...eccentric, to say the least).

Some comics, though, are just cute and funny. Take, for example, this creation by Sayamiyazaki which showcases the rather strange relationship between Sonic and Amy. In some iterations, Amy is seen as a fun-loving sidekick and an entertaining character. However, in some instances (Sonic Adventure for example) she's seen as a crazed Sonic-obsessed fangirl that would do anything to get the icon's attention.

For the most part, Sonic simply brushes off her advances, but there are times when Amy can be a bit overbearing. This fan comic is a great example, showing the strange (but oddly satisfying) relationship between the two.

4 The Legend Of Zelda: Germs Of The Past


It's hard to pinpoint any one personality when it comes to Link. Technically, each iteration of Link is considered a different person, so that has a lot to do with it. But it goes deeper than that, mainly because Link doesn't usually talk. It's hard to understand exactly how he feels since he primarily "speaks" through grunts and action noises. The only real thing we know about the Hylian Hero is that he's incredibly brave and resourceful.

But if he could speak (or would) in most games, some might be surprised to see what kind of personality he really has. He might be soft-spoken or maybe even a bit simple in his speech and mannerisms. Or maybe he's even a bit shy, having a hard time conversing with people about personal information or serious subject matter.

According to fan-artist Gabasonian, Link might be much brasher than anyone thinks. This hilarious fan comic shows the Hero of Time conversing with Saria at a young age and freaking out about the prospect of "girl cooties" all over the gifted ocarina he's about to receive. A lot of younger kids believe in the prospect of cooties, so we totally understand. What's really shocking is how grown-up Link responds to a similar conversation with Zelda. He doesn't seem to mind the cooties so much anymore and makes a point that he's technically "swapping saliva" with the princess.

3 Beauty In His Beastliness

Via: memorabilia-studios.deviantart.com

Disney films are absolutely amazing, there's no debating that. The studio has been cranking out animated masterpieces for such a long time that there's something for everyone, regardless of their personal tastes. It's amazing how far the company has come from its humble beginnings so long ago.

That said, there's no denying that some of Disney's stories are like a cheese grater. They're filled with plot holes, ranging from "small continuity mistake" to "full-blown story-derailing crater." They're also filled to the brim with head-scratchers and curious questions, some of which are pretty entertaining to think about.

A great example is how Belle really views Prince Adam in the classic, Beauty and the Beast. Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape about the true message of the movie, which is that love conquers all and that your inner beauty is much more important than your physical appearance, it's still funny to think about this key plot point.

How exactly did Belle feel when the Beast she'd fallen madly in love with suddenly became a handsome human?

Was she completely put off by this sudden transformation? Did she long for the incredibly hairy and muscular being she'd come to know? According to this fan comic by Memorabilia-Studios, yeah, she did.

2 Always Second Fiddle

Via: kevinbolk.deviantart.com

The Super Mario Bros. have been around for decades now, entertaining the masses with their amazing platforming games, entertaining cartoons, and creative (honestly, they're pretty bad...) films. Throughout all of these amazing adventures, one constant has always remained. Luigi is the second fiddle to Mario and now matter what he does he simply doesn't gain as much attention and adoration as his portly brother. Sure, Luigi's Mansion was a smash hit, but aside from that, Luigi is always firmly locked-in as Player Two.

In fact, it's become a bit of an ongoing joke throughout the years.  Fans recognize that Luigi is always in his brother's shadow (which is pretty hard considering how much taller Luigi is than his kin). Mario gets all the best adventures, all of the glory, and the hand of the fair princess at the end of each journey. All Luigi ever got for his hard work and heroism was a haunted mansion crawling with ghosts.

This fan comic from Kevin Bolk follows this reoccurring theme, once again casting a depressing light on Luigi's lack of fame and fortune. He and Daisy are seen as somewhat of an item throughout the Mushroom Kingdom but this comic shows that Luigi was probably anything but Daisy's first choice. She'd rather be with Link (who wouldn't?).

1 All You Need Is Love

Via: nostalgialad2.deviantart.com

Full disclosure, we're cheating a little bit with this last one. Technically, Kirby was around in the 90s. He became a video game icon during that time, appearing in a slew of games and even some cartoons. We're cheating a little because this particular fan comic is based on the newest installment in the Kirby series, Kirby Star Allies.

For those unfamiliar, this iteration of Kirby is capable of turning foes into friends by tossing hearts at them. This allows you to recruit different CPU-controlled creatures to adventure with (or you can have friends join in on the fun). It's a unique and welcome gameplay mechanic that allows players to team up and tackle the happy-go-lucky world of Kirby together.

At first, it just looks like Kirby is tossing a heart towards his enemy, which magically transforms the baddie into a friend. Although, according to this fan comic by NostalgiaLad2, it all looks a bit sinister from close up. Maybe our little pink puffball protagonist is actually forcing these hearts down the throats of his enemies. We can't help but feel a little alarmed that he is forcing them to love him against their will. This version if Kirby is rather creepy but still strangely adorable.

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