30 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected 2000s Cartoon Couples

The cartoon game was still going strong in the 2000s, with some of our favorite series of the 90s still going on and a lot of new cartoons being created like Teen Titans and Avatar: the Last Airbender. Local networks had television blocks set up just for kids like KidsWB and FoxKids loaded with tons of cartoons throughout the week and on Saturday mornings. And cable networks like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were still geared towards animated shows.

These cartoons made fans of kids and kids at heart alike with amazing or unique art styles, action-packed storylines, and humor that the whole family could enjoy. There was often even a little romance or romantic subtext between characters that fans fell in love it, and sat at the edge of their seats as the shows often did tease them with "will they or won't they" vibes thrown into the show. Sometimes a show didn't even need to tease at any sort of romance between characters, with fans making their connections and their own theories about why two characters would work together as a couple. The internet has allowed fans to make their theories known and show off creative examples of what it would be like if their fan pairings were real.

We got a list of 30 extra sweet fan pictures of unexpected couples. Some are actually "end game" that fans totally didn't expect, and others are ones that probably not even the creators of these cartoons would have ever expected!

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30 Velma And Johnny Bravo

via: funnyjunk.com

Johnny certainly considered himself to be popular with the ladies, though we've watched just about all his romantic endeavors fall short as his personality seemed to repel girls instead of attracting them. That was until the cross-over with Scooby-Doo where he caught the eye of Velma.

Though Johnny had his eyes set on Daphne at the start, it seemed that Johnny fell for Velma at the end of the episode.

These two are just about as opposite as one could get, but maybe the saying "opposites attract" make this pairing work?

29 Aang And Mai

via: alexiaart.deviantart.com

Avatar: The Last Airbender has a number of pairings in the series and one of the most popular (even to this day) is Katara and Zuku. Aang and Katara and Zuko and Mai being the end game of the series broke a lot of people's hearts but it didn't stop the fans from shipping their dream ships.

Aang and Mai are one of the rarer pairs but they make a lovely pair in this fanart of them.

There wasn't a lot of interaction between them in the show, but maybe Aang's warm personality could brighten her life up some.

Art by AlexiaArt.

28 Robin And Raven

via: fanpop.com

The original Teen Titans series that premiered on Cartoon Network had Starfire and Robin as the biggest pairings the fans wanted to see. But there were still those out there who thought that Robin and Raven would make a good pair, and this sweet fanart shows the very cute potential of them. Robin was able to reach out to Raven in a way that none of the other Teen Titans could, and Raven respected Robin. They seem to have a relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect.

27 Blossom And Dexter

via: lizalot.deviantart.com

This cute piece of fanart is of Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. Blossom and Dexter certainly have a few things in common that make quite a lot of fans think that they would work. Both are very smart and take the role of a leader when a situation calls for it. They both love their family, even if they sometimes don't get along with them. Both of them can be pretty bossy too, and they're both redheads! And Dexter has made a few cameos in the Powerpuff Girls series too!

Art by LizaLot.

26 Jenny And Robot Jones

via: movieweb.me

In both Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones and My Life as a Teenage Robot, the main characters of the series are robots trying to live normal human lives. While Jenny has to fight against both normal teenage problems and act as the Earth's protector, Robot Jones has enough trouble trying to understand concepts like Jealously. So maybe their similar experiences are what would make them a pretty good couple, and they could learn how to do better at being "human" together. Also, they look pretty adorable together!

25 Chouji And Ino

via: sorasantopassassom.deviantart.com

The new Naruto spin-off, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations might have shown which Naruto couples became a reality, but that doesn't change the fact that while the Naruto series was first airing there were tons of fan pairings going around. With Ino some of the more popular ones had her paired with her former best friend turned rival, Sakura, and then there was one where she was paired with Shikamaru, one with Sai and one with Chouji. Fans of the pairings like to use their mutual worry and care for one another as teammates as a reason to ship them.

24 Marceline And Bubblegum

via: pinterest.com

Adventure Time recently had its series finale and it gave shippers of Bubbline a pretty big reason to cry tears of joy as Marceline and Bubblegum had an on-scene kiss. At the beginning of the series, The Vampire Queen and the Princess of the Candy Kingdom didn't seem to get along at all and the more popular ship for both of them seemed to be Finn.

But fans got to learn more about their history together and watched their friendship and romance rekindle in the eight years that the show has been on the air. Talk about a slow-burn!

23 Double D And Kevin

via: spogunasya.deviantart.com

Ed, Edd n Eddy centers around three middle schoolers growing up in a cul'de sac and getting into trouble. The "Eds" as they are usually called when they are together often come up with schemes to get money. These schemes usually backfire and have made them outcasts from the rest of the kids in the cul de sac. Out of all the kids, Kevin seems to dislike them the most, though his dislike of them is often focused on Eddy rather than the other two. So maybe that's why so many fans seem to pair the two together?

Art by Spogunasya.

22 Shego And Drakken

via: drmistytang.deviantsrt.com

Kim Possible was an animated Disney show in the 2000s that featured a high schooler with a motto of "I can do anything."

Which includes saving the world from villains like Dr. Drakken and Shego.

These two are Kim's most fought adversaries and greatest rivals, with Shego often working as Drakken's right-hand woman. They seem to have a bit of a "love/hate" relationship since they both make fun of one another but will do thoughtful things for each other from time to time. A mutual attraction between the two of them is even teased at the end of the series.

21 Daphne And Velma

via: pinterest.com

Scooby-Doo is a series that will (thankfully) never seem to end. It began in the early 70s and continued on with different series, spin-offs, and movies. In every series, there is always some romantic subtext between Daphne and Fred with the two dating in some series. But that doesn't stop some fans from pairing Daphne with other members of the Scooby-Gang, and she and Velma as a couple are one of the more popular pairings. Velma is probably the seconded closest person to Daphne out of her friends. And the two even lived together in the What's New, Scooby-Doo series.

20 Buttercup And Johnny Test

via: pinterest.com

Though a crossover between the Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Test will probably never happen, we think that these two might actually get along pretty well. Both Buttercup and Johnny have extreme personalities that often gets them into trouble. And they both have a pretty brainy and bossy sister (twin sisters in Johnny's case). These two could end up having a lot of fun together and probably cause a lot of destruction as well, but with genius twin sisters and two super-powered sisters there to help them clean up any messes they make we're sure that everything will be fine. Maybe.

19 Matt And Sora

via: pinterest.com

In the first generation of the Digimon series, one of the most popular pairings had to be Tai and Sora. So when the second Digimon series came out, with the original cast older and still in the series, many fans were surprised to discover that Sora and Matt had feelings for each other! Even if it was unexpected, the two turned out to be a really sweet couple, even Tai seemed to think so since he supported their relationship. They even got married at the end of the series.

18 Kuzco And Chel

via: carmalarma.deviantart.com

The Emperor's New Groove stars Kuzco, a selfish and spoiled ruler who learns a little humility as he is turned into a llama and has to avoid being eliminated by his royal advisor. And Chel is a native girl from the DreamWorks movie The Road to El Dorado, who helps the two main characters out.

Both Chel and Kuzco are sarcastic and sassy and are shown to have redeeming qualities as their movies progress.

A crossover between these two would never happen, but it's fun to think of what could happen if they were given the chance to be together.

Art by Carmalarma.

17 Starfire And Raven

via: earthsong9405.deviantart.com

Starfire and Raven are two of the founding members of the Teen Titans though they didn't start off as friends. Neither of them really understood the other as their personalities were so different, but that all changed when they swapped bodies, and they had to learn how to control one another's powers. Starfire was the first person who Raven told some of her past too, and Raven is often the one Starfire confides in when she has a problem. The two would make for a very sweet couple based on friendship and trust.

Art by Earthsong9405.

16 Chuckie And Lil

via: fanpop.com

Chuckie and Lil have been friends since they were literally babies and in the spin-off series, Rugrats All Grown Up they continue to be friends. And maybe more? Fans seem to think a romantic relationship is possible between the two of them. Lil would often try to encourage Chuckie to be brave when they were younger and would swoon over him when he was, suggesting that maybe she did have a crush on him since they were little. And in the Christmas episode of All Grown Up, she calls Chuckie attractive when he starts to act weird.

15 Samurai Jack And Johnny Bravo

via: pinterest.com

Okay, so most people might wonder where this pairing came from. Back in the 2000s, Cartoon Network had a few "shorts" known as Cartoon City that had all of our favorites characters living in one city going about their daily lives. And Johnny and Jack met in one of these shorts called "Laundry Day" where they both awkwardly pointed out the other's taste in clothing.

This short has sparked a lot of fanart of these two together.

Maybe Jack can teach Johnny to be more humble?

14 Azula And Ty Lee

via: pinterest.com

Azula and Ty Lee are another fan pairing from Avatar: The Last Airbender that seems to be a fan favorite. Ty Lee and Azula (along with Mai), have shown to be a pretty formidable force in the series and would make a pretty good "power couple" that just might fill Azula's need for power. And these two were childhood best friends, though Azula had been shown to always boss Ty Lee around. But, Ty Lee is the only person to have ever gotten an apology out of Azula.

13 Vlad And Spectra

via: tumblr.com

Danny is a teen who is made into a half ghost half human superhero through a lab accident. With his powers, he protects his city and the world from evil ghosts who want to cause trouble. Two of the adversaries that have given Danny the most trouble have been Vlad Plasmius, a half ghost half human like him, and Spectra. Considering that they both want to get rid of Danny Phantom maybe that would be enough to blossom a romance out of the two, or maybe they'd be too busy trying to fight Danny?

12 Zim And Gaz

via: fanpop.com

Invader Zim only aired for two short seasons but it became a cult classic among its fans. Zim is a quirky alien, self-titled invader, who pretty much doesn't understand any of the customs or habits Earthlings have. But just maybe he might be able to discover what love is, and with... Gaz? Well, if there was any person that could possibly work well with Zim it just might be Dib's sister Gaz. They both enjoy making Dib's life hard, and they both hate the human race.

11 Cyborg And Jinx

via: ceshira.tumblr.com

Out of all of the pairings for Teen Titans, Cyborg and Jinx are probably one of the most unexpected pairings out there.

But there are a few things that could have lead to fans pairing the two together.

When Cyborg infiltrated the Hive as "Stone," Jinx had a crush on him and he even went to a dance with her. And in Teen Titans Go! the two are actually dating, which causes no shortage of problems since they're on opposing sides. But they sure look cute together!

10 Coraline And Norman

via: sharpie91.com

Laika Studios brought us both the movies Coraline and ParaNorman. In both films, the main characters are kids who find themselves involved in an otherworldly situation that they must get themselves out of. For Coraline, its the Other World and the Other-Mother, and for Norman, it's a 300-year-old witch's curse. Both Coraline and Norman feel isolated from their families, and both of them bravely try to save the people they care about, so its possible that the two of them could find companionship with one another.

9 Libby And Sheen

via: acaciathorn.deviantart.com

Probably the biggest ship in Jimmy Neutron is the one with Jimmy and Cindy as they started off as rivals and then developed feelings for one another. The most unexpected ship in the series though has to be Libby and Sheen. They weren't very close at first, probably due to the rivalry of their best friends.

But as they hung out more Libby stood up more for Sheen and they two eventually came to date.

Sheen has even admitted to caring more about Libby than he does Ultra Lord, which is pretty impressive!

8 Tommy And Kimi

via: dovestar.deviantart.com

When the Rugrats in Paris movie came out, we were introduced to Kimi who eventually became Chuckie's little sister when Chaz and Kira got married.

Kimi turned out to be a great addition to the group, as she was just as adventurous as Tommy was.

So maybe she'd turned out to be a great match for Tommy too? In Rugrats All Grown Up Tommy and Kimi seem to harbor a mutual crush for another. Chuckie couldn't ask for a better guy to date his sister!

7 Numbah 2 And Numbah 5

via: pinterest.com

Codename: Kids Next Door was an animated series on Cartoon Network that was about a group of kids that were apart of a child run organization of spies. Numbah 2 and Numbah 5 were close friends to their leader, Numbah 1, and were very important members of the team. And the two actually did seem to hold crushes on one another, with them actually dating during one episode. And apparently, in the future, Numbah 5 actually ends up marrying Numbah 2. They wouldn't be the first of their group to become a couple since Numbah 3 and Numbah 4 date.

6 Professor Utonium And Sedusa

via: purfectprincessgirl.deviantart.com

This cute fan picture shows what it might look like if Professor Utonium and Sedusa were actually a thing. We mean, she did date him for a little bit, even if it was all a part of her plan to keep the girls grounded so she could commit crimes without them interfering. Let's say maybe she did actually have a thing for the professor and it made her stop being a bad guy? Maybe this cute fanart of the girls getting a mom (and a new brother apparently!), might be a reality?

5 Tabitha And Pietro

via: fanpop.com

There are quite a few pairings for the animated series X-Men: Evolution but probably one of the most unexpected pairings has to be the one pictured here with Pietro and Tabitha, or rather Quicksilver and Boom Boom. Pietro hadn't shown an interest in anyone (other than himself) and Tabitha flirted with Nightcrawler so why would people pair them together? Maybe because the two of them are troublemakers? And Tabitha did join the Brotherhood for a little bit when she felt the X-Men had "too many rules."

4 Kuzco And Elsa


A list of fan pictures of unexpected pairings wouldn't be complete without a pairing including Elsa from Disney's Frozen. Since there isn't a love interest for her fans of the movie often put her in a lot of different pairings with characters from the movie and in other franchises. But the most unexpected one has to be the one shown above with Kuzco. Both of them don't exactly fit in with the usual formula for Disney's Princess line since Elsa is a Queen and Kuzco is an Emperor, so they have at least that to bond over.

3 Starfire And Cyborg

via: pinterest.com

At first, it might seem like these two would have nothing to base a relationship on, but Cyborg (after Raven) is the person Starfire confides in the most.

They've always had a friendly relationship, and in the Teen Titans episode "Troq" Starfire confides in Cyborg about why she is upset about being called a "troq".

The two share a close friendship where they often try to comfort the other when one is upset, and they both understand what it is like to be treated poorly by other people for the way they look.

2 Angelica And Susie

via: pinterest.com

One could say that Angelica and Suzie were each other's antithesis. Where Angelica was often mean and bossy (especially to Tommy and the other babies), Susie was kind and a lot more humble than Angelica. In Rugrats they had a pretty intense rivalry, with Angelica being jealous of Suzie. In All Grown Up they still have a rivalry but it is a lot calmer now and they can be described as being "frenemies" rather than enemies. And maybe that's why these two would make for a pretty cute couple? There's a thin line between love and hate after all.

1 Nazz and Marie

via: pinterest.com

Nazz is often described as the "unattainable" crush for all the kids in the cul 'de sac as many of the kids, including the "Eds," seem to have a crush on her. Despite this she's only seemed to develop a crush on two other characters, Kevin, and surprisingly, Double D, which has put her at odds with Marie Kanker who has "staked her claim" on Double D. So the two would never happen in actuality, but they certainly make a cute looking couple in this fan picture.

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