10 Extremely Easy Games That Are Still Fun To Play

As a beginner, approaching the vast world of gaming and video games can be exceptionally intimidating. There is such a vast wealth of games to choose from, spanning across many genres, and the high prices may scare off someone who is unsure if this hobby is truly right for them. Another factor that can make games intimidating is the challenge that they present.


Many games require hours of dedication in order to beat and for a beginner, such things can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Someone just starting out does not want to be thrown into a skill based game filled with quick time events and bullet sponge enemies. This list contains 10 enjoyable yet accessible games spanning across several genres in order to aid beginners on their quest to find the perfect game.

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10 Life is Strange

Via Games Radar

Life is Strange follows two girls and their attempts to solve a mystery in the small town in which they were raised. The game is an excellent choice for beginners as it’s dynamic and movie-like gameplay, as well as engaging characters, warrant full immersion while also keeping complex mechanics to a minimum.

Instructions and tutorials are integrated within the game and shown on screen for the first few minutes of play. Since the game is heavily plot-driven, all actions are intuitive and the ability to rewind time allows players to easily correct their mistakes in a risk-free environment. The soft indie soundtrack and warm toned graphics create a relaxing atmosphere that will help put new players at ease.

9 Skyrim

Via Inverse

Though the plot elements of the fantasy game Skyrim may intimidate new players, rest assured that Skyrim is an open world game at heart. It encourages players to stray off the plot path and explore the world for themselves. The games in the Elder Scrolls series place a heavy focus on exploration and side quests- which makes it the perfect game for someone who is just starting to explore the world of video games.


Players are free to roam about the world, pick up odd jobs, interact with civilians, and start a life for themselves. The vast and serene landscapes provide a calming experience that can feel welcoming to all players.

8 Stardew Valley

Via Steam

Stardew Valley is a soft farming-simulator type video game that eases players into its storyline and gameplay through a tutorial heavy opening. Many fans remark that the simple farming related tasks create a calm atmosphere that has dubbed this game a “go-to” for a relaxing and simple night of gaming.

Players are expected to maintain the farm as well as the characters needs in a pressure-free environment and are encouraged to interact with other members of the town in which the game takes place. The game has no true ending so players can tend to their farm peacefully without the pressure of time constraints or striving for an end goal.

7 The Legend of Zelda

Via Game Reactor

Though a bit more plot focused than other games on this list, rest assured that the games within The Legend of Zelda series are excellent for any beginner looking for a bit of a more structured gaming experience. The games within the series feature Link and his attempts to save the world (and, often times, the princess Zelda) from imminent danger.


However, the soft landscapes, integrated tutorials, and clear instructions make the games a perfect fit for those looking to start out their gaming journey with something simpler. Since the games were designed for players of all ages, the gameplay is immersive enough to capture the attention of a seasoned gamer but basic enough so that new players are still able to enjoy the series as well.

6 Rollercoaster Tycoon

Via Steam

Though there is only one main objective in Rollercoaster Tycoon (build a roller coaster), the game still manages to provide a space in which hours of fulfilling gameplay can occur. Players are given all of the tools they need to create the amusement park of their dreams (as well as all of the information needed to know how to properly use those tools) and are then let loose and allowed to do whatever they please within the game, so long as a coaster is built by the end of it.

Though there are templates which can help beginners figure out the best ways in which to build a coaster, there are limited rules and players are truly free to create what they like.

5 The Sims

Via Polygon

The Sims is a life simulation game in which players virtually have no limits to the things that they can do. Players can create any family they wish, move them into any house or lot that they like, and give their Sims any life that they desire.


Players can create the perfect suburban family who emulates the American dream, jetsetting city dwellers who crave stardom, conspiracy theorists who comb the desert for mysteries, or dysfunctional families one would expect to see on daytime television talk shows. The game comes with in-depth lessons and tutorials to guide new players and since there is no plot, the ways in which one can play are endless.

4 Mario Kart 8

Via the Verge

Mario Kart 8 is a game in which players can race other characters from the Mario universe on diverse and exciting maps. This party game was created as a way for friends and siblings to play together (or against each other) in a customizable environment.

Though the game can be tweaked by players to be exceptionally difficult and rather cut-throat, the default settings for the game are relatively simple and provide a fun yet straightforward gaming experience. Once players are taught which buttons prompt which actions and the functions of each in-game item, there is little else to learn and gameplay is truly endless.

3 The LEGO Series

Via Playstation

There are dozens of games that exist under this umbrella as the LEGO company has a knack for turning our most beloved films into interactive, exciting, and simple gaming experiences. These puzzle based games allow players to follow their favorite characters through the twists and turns of their favorite films.


Rest assured, these games are not overly complex and on-screen tutorials explain objectives and mechanics in very accessible terms. Like The Legend of Zelda, these games were created with all ages in mind. Therefore they are engaging enough to keep the older players entertained while still remaining accessible to younger fans.

2 Dream Daddy

Via Steam

Dream Daddy is a choose your own adventure style structured game that can be “completed” in one sitting. This game follows a man and his daughter to a new town while they deal with the trials and tribulations of having a child reach adulthood and learning to love again after losing a partner.

The vast array of choices and customizability within the game creates the options for multiple playthroughs while the on-screen instructions and movie-like gameplay lend themselves to a straightforward experience. Even someone who is new to the world of gaming will be able to pick up this game's simple yet fun mechanics within minutes of play.

1 Animal Crossing

Via: nintendolife.com

Like Stardew Valley, the Animal Crossing games are simple interaction based games in which players cultivate a life for themselves through positive and wholesome interactions with neighbors. The first section of gameplay is structured by instruction based mechanics and characters will instruct players on exactly what they need to do in order to achieve their goals.

As players progress through the game, they will be given free rein and allowed to explore while creating their ideal virtual life. A calm, soft, sweet, and gentle game with a lovely color scheme and friendly graphics. This game is the perfect game for anyone seeking a calm and simple gaming experience.


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