10 Things You Need To Know About The New Jobs & Careers In The Sims 4: Island Living

The Sims 4: Island Living has brought with it several new ways to earn a living. The most major is the new conservationist career, which allows you to earn some money while looking out for the health of Sulani. Your Sims can also now take on a part-time job, which is no longer just for teens, and there are new jobs to choose from.

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Finally, there is a new odd job system. Familiar faces from the Sims 4 world will ask for your help in completing different tasks for them. This can earn you a one-off fee for a one-off job. There are so many things to discover about the new job opportunities. Here are 10 things you need to know about the new jobs and careers.

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10 Adult Sims Can Now Work Part Time Jobs

Previously, only teens could take on part-time work. Now adults can also join any of the part-time career options. The number of options has also increased since the game was launched, although some of the options are tied to specific packs, rather than the base game.

There are currently up to 8 different part-time jobs to choose from. They are babysitter, barista, diver, fast food employee, fisherman, lifeguard, manual laborer, and retail employee.

9 There Are 3 New Part-Time Careers

The 3 new part-time careers are Diver, Lifeguard, and Fisherman. All of them are rabbit hole careers with 3 levels of promotion. Being a diver requires you to purchase equipment from a deep water buoy in order to get promoted. It rewards a scuba dive tank and mermaid’s treasure chest.

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The lifeguard career requires you to reach level 4 fitness skill. The rewards are new clothes, a lifeguard life preserver, and an oversized lifeguard beach towel. Finally, the fisherman career requires level 4 fishing skill to reach the top of the career. It rewards a life of fish decoration and a mounted swordfish.

8 You Can Change Your Part-Time Shifts

Some of the careers offer alternative shifts. These can enable a Sim to either take on two part-time jobs at once or to simply have more time for other pursuits. The careers of babysitter, fast food employee, fisherman, lifeguard, and retail employee all offer two shift options: morning and night.

The times vary slightly, but morning shifts will run between 5 am and 1 pm and usually last for 4 hours. Evening shifts will run anytime from 5 pm until 1 am and are again 4 hours long. The exception to this is the babysitting career, which offers a choice of two different 6-hour shifts.

7 You Can Take On Odd Jobs

Odd jobs can be accessed through your Sims phone or via a computer. They are one-off jobs which appear at 8 am each day. To access an odd job, navigate to the career menu and click on odd jobs to bring up the list.

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Your Sims will then be able to check the jobs available and pick a suitable one. The rewards vary, so make sure you check them. You also need to check the recommended skill level for the best chance of success.

6 There Are Two Types Of Odd Jobs

Some odd jobs have a specific time attached to them, while others just say ASAP. Any job marked as ASAP is a rabbit hole task. This can be done from anywhere, as your Sim will simply vanish from the lot and return later.

Odd jobs with a specific time will require you to complete a task. Most of these tasks are quite specific to Sulani and may require travel for other Sims. They include finding coconuts, luring frogs to the waterfall on Mua Pel’Am, and cooking on the new volcano grill.

5 There’s A Star Rating System

Odd jobs have a star rating system. For each job you successfully complete, you will gain a star rating. A failed job will reduce your star rating. The higher your rating, the more odd jobs you'll be able to complete in a day. The jobs stay the same but completed ones will be faded.

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To improve your chances of success, make sure you have at least the minimum recommended skill for the job you choose and complete the tasks as soon as you take the job. The timescales are quite short, so you need to be aware of them.

4 The Conservationist Career Is Semi-Active

The conservationist career is only semi-active. You can choose to work via the rabbit-hole system or by completing daily tasks. For the early levels of the career, those tasks will require you to travel to Mua Pel’Am.

Once you choose your branch, either as an Environmental Manager or Marine Biologist, the tasks will change. The first branch offers research and computer-based tasks, while the second offers tasks based around diving.

3 Conservationists Help Boost Island Health Faster

While all Sims can help boost the island’s health, the conservationist career will achieve this more quickly. This is because you are offered extra activities through the career, which will further improve the island’s ecology.

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These tasks include spreading environmental awareness, surveying plants and the ocean, spraying infested plants, and researching and writing conservation articles. Later tasks involve creating environmental regulations (for Environmental Managers only) and shooting nature documentaries.

2 The Conservationist Career Unlocks New Ways To Make Simoleons

The Environmental Manager branch allows you to submit grant applications which, if successful, award grants directly to your Sim. The marine biologist branch focuses heavily on diving, which offers its own rewards in finds.

Both branches will also allow you to research conservation. This research can then either be turned in for a boost to job performance or sold for Simoleons. Later in the career, both branches allow the creation of nature documentaries, a rabbit-hole task which will also earn you some Simoleons.

1 If In Doubt, Go To Mua Pel’Am

Mua Pel’Am is the best place to start for tasks related to both odd jobs and the conservationist career. The island has more wild plants than any other neighborhood, is home to the waterfall in which you can lure frogs, and is very specifically mentioned in several tasks.

If you do the odd job which requires finding a coconut, then Mua Pel’Am has a tree by the public restrooms. You can also go to the beach kiosk and purchase a coconut from there if the tree isn’t harvest-able.

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