20 Strange Facts Only Real Fans Know About Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Mask's Relationship

You either love or hate Serena (Usagi for those who know the Japanese Anime and manga) from Sailor Moon. For the sake of this article, we'll be talking mostly about the meatball head version from the anime series and her heartthrob of a partner, Tuxedo Mask AKA Darien, AKA Mamoru, AKA King Endymion, AKA Moonlight Knight... You get the point. All of these "also-known-as" personalities are all a part of why the relationship between Serena and Darien is so twisted and beautiful, but holds some surprises that people may not know about. In America, it's safe to say that the first season was the most well-known and after that everything just became, well, complicated and so did the dynamic between the two fated lovers. While the Japanese anime and manga depicted certain relationships in a different light (Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus being in love rather than "cousins", for example), the relationship between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask remained constant, if not occasionally tortured.

Things turn out okay in the end, but for quite some time (I mean, we're talking centuries) their love life was crazy, at times out of control, and intense. Throw in some other superhuman women with insane powers, a slightly terrifying evil version of your future child, and multiple villains whose only goal is to gain control of your beau and end you, and we've got one relationship that Serena rightly bawled over. Some fans find it frustrating that Serena's love for Darien never once faltered, while others fully understand that they were implied to be eternal lovers, fated from the beginning of the Silver Millennium. Regardless of where you fall on the scale, we can't argue that there were definitely some interesting attributes of their predestined relationship

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20 Serena Is Quite Young

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Perhaps the most commonly known fact is that Serena is much younger than Darien. From the first episode this is made quite obvious. However, it never seems to affect their feelings for each other, other than the fact that Darien teases her ruthlessly. It's implied that Serena is 14 in both the anime and the manga, while Darien's age changes depending on which source you're consulting. The manga has his age set at a mere two-year age difference of 16, while the anime portrays him as nearly 18 and a college student.

We have a feeling the meet-the-parents dinner got a little awkward. 

A two-year age difference isn't much to stress over and even a four-year age difference isn't a big deal, most of the time, unless you're dealing with someone who is under the age of 18. For the most part, the age of maturity, or "coming of age" as it's referred to in Japan, is anywhere between the ages of 18-21. This means that according to the anime, Darien is, in fact, an adult while Serena is still a minor. The aspect that makes it relatively easy to overlook for most fans is the fact that all of the Sailor Scouts, Darien and Serena included, are reincarnated into new bodies on earth. Scientifically and metaphorically making them ageless despite their new, younger bodies.

19 They Were Fated From The Start

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Long story short, and with many smaller details of course left out, the love story between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask goes far beyond their current lives on earth as depicted in the first half of the first season. Speaking to the point of reincarnation, Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, daughter of Queen Serenity. Darien was a prince of planet earth, Prince Endymion. The two fell in love nearly 1,000 years prior to their eventual reincarnated earth lives and were fated to find each other from that moment on. Sadly, the Moon Kingdom fell to darkness at the hands of Queen Beryl and her accompanying Negaverse, an army of darkness powerful enough to destroy an entire planet... and they succeeded.

Darien, being a member of Serenity's court as well as a loyal protector, fought bravely with the entire Moon Kingdom and Sailor Scouts in an effort to defeat Queen Beryl, but ultimately failed. Queen Serenity uses the last of what she has left to seal the powers of the Negaverse and Queen Bery, and sends the scouts and Darien to earth. This loss is what starts the manga and anime, and the scouts are seen flying through space in the form of colorful star seeds at the opening scene of the anime as well. The Star Locket that Princess Serenity gives to Prince Endymion shortly before their almost-marriage, becomes the key to saving themselves as well as their eternal love.

18 Daughter From The Future

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Oh, adorable Chibiusa! This tiny soon-to-be sailor scout is known as "Rini" in the American adaptation of the anime. She doesn't actually make an appearance until chapter 13 of the manga, which came out roughly a year after the manga premiered. Chibiusa is, indeed, the daughter of Serena and Darien. More specifically, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. How is that possible, you ask? Simple -- Immortality! Rini travels from the future to seek the Sailor Scouts and request their help, which makes her a unique addition to not only the manga/anime, but also to Serena and Darien's relationship as well.

Who's idea was it to throw Serena and Darien's  an oddly mature daughter into the mix, when he still calls his future wife "bun-head"?

In the future, Princess Serenity is Neo ("new")-Queen Serenity, whom Rini knows as her mother. When she flies back into the past to find them it causes instant confusion. She somewhat recognizes Serena and Darien to be resemblant of her parents, but doesn't trust that inference completely. This is made even more challenging for her due to the fact that Serena and Darien are so wildly immature at the time, starkly contrasting their future king and queen selves. In the manga, Rini is estimated to be roughly 900-years-old, but manifests as a five-year-old on earth in front of Serena and Darien. It's bad enough that Serena is a 14-year-old girl who just found out she has to save the world and is a futuristic princess.

17 Serena Would Give Her Life For Him

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On more than one occasion, we witness Sailor Moon throwing herself in the midst of danger to save the Sailor Scouts. However, she would also give anything to protect the love she has for Tuxedo Mask, including nearly risking her life for him. In Sailor Moon R: The Movie, also known as Sailor Moon R: The Movie: Promise of the Rose as an American release in 2000, Sailor Moon faces a daunting task. If you take the movie as canon, Darien is being controlled by  his long-term childhood friend Fiore, who has a mild obsession with him and a severe jealousy of Serena. After many realizations and tears, it's up to Serena to (literally) save planet Earth.

By the end of the movie, all of the Sailor Scouts are rendered weak and powerless against Fiore,  even though Tuxedo Mask is finally back to his (often useless in these situations) self. Princess Serenity is the only one who can actually make a dent in what is about to be complete destruction. In a scene where we all cried like babies --don't lie, we know you did -- Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity to use the power of the Silver Crystal to save literally everyone. Sadly by doing this, she herself uses all of her life force and sadly dies with the ultimate sacrifice. Of course, Fiore realizes how beautiful and pure-hearted she is, and uses a flower with his life-energy to bring her back. Poetic and tear-inducing, the way Sailor Moon should be.

16 Rini, The Third Wheel

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Rini, Sailor Mini Moon, Black Lady. It's all the same, right? Wrong. Yes, Black Lady is Rini after a lengthy abduction post space-time world and Wiseman villain. He was able to prey on all of her negativity and turn her into Black Lady, who is older and seemingly much more mature as far as her womanly features go. When Rini -- Chibiusa -- is transformed into Black Lady, she has a growing obsession with Tuxedo Mask who doesn't realize who she actually is. She kidnaps him (surprise, surprise) and forces him to be her personal slave, all while Sailor Moon is losing her mind out of jealousy.

When Chibiusa first appeared on the scene, she had what most people refer to as an "innocent" crush on Darien, which already infuriated the slightly immature Serena. After Chibiusa comes back as Black Lady, jealousy isn't even a word to correctly convey what's going on between the three. In the manga, at one point, you find Tuxedo Mask and Black Lady entwined in a kiss, and it's game on. Sailor Moon ultimately transforms into Princess Serenity in order to save Chibiusa from Wiseman and herself, which is probably for the best considering she's giving some very unnecessary attention to the last person on earth or moon who needs it from her.

15 Your Future Self Is Trouble, You Know

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It would seem to be that Darien is trouble for Serena in more ways than one, which leads us to occasionally question their ongoing love. But, then we remember that in the future they're perfect and that's that. In the meantime, Tuxedo Mask does some questionable things, including being put into weird situations by his future self. The Black Moon arc is an interesting one and arguably full of more complex drama than the rest. Amongst that drama, we find Tuxedo Mask's future self. While the reasoning behind this made fans question the authenticity of Tuxedo Mask, because how silly it all was in the end.

If your future self tries meddle in your love life, turn them away. Or just kick the back to the future. 

King Endymion (future Darien) claims his reasoning was out of compassion. The reasoning for what, exactly? Breaking Serena and Darien up, of course. In a high school-esque plot designed to "test their love", King Endymion exposes Darien to nightmares that portray his current relationship bringing the ultimate demise to the world, their future second-go at a wedding, and  Sailor Moon's unexpected end. Because of this horror, Darien seemingly randomly breaks things off with no explanation whatsoever, only to break Serena's heart in the process. When the two finally meet up with King Endymion, it's explained that it was done as a test and trial to the effect of their love for one another. For some of us, it just doesn't excuse the impulsive and irrational breaking of Serena's heart.

14 It Wasn't Just The Moon Locket That Saved You, Darien

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If we were given a quarter for each time Sailor Moon had to save Darien, we'd be able to get some cute Sailor Moon pop figures. If we had a dollar for every time she saved him from being kidnapped, we'd probably be able to buy the entire series in both Japanese and American versions. Obviously, that's a dramatic exaggeration, but no so far-off from the series as a whole. Depending on your take on the number of times Sailor Moon has gotten down and dirty to fight off evil to save her one true love, you may see their relationship in one of two lights.

Some fans will draw the conclusion that Tuxedo Mask is ultimately eye candy and fairly insignificant when it comes to fighting with the Sailor Scouts. Even though he possesses the power of the rose, he's not really much of a match against most of the villains they face including Queen Beryl herself. If you fall on the other end of the scale, you might consider Serena to be the ultimate representation of a feminist, a super strong, incredibly powerful girl who can save herself while saving everyone around her. Regardless of which argument you support, it's pretty undeniable that Tuxedo Mask gets himself into trouble like clockwork. Luckily Sailor Moon is always there to bail him out. Love can make us do crazy things sometimes.

13 Darien's Feisty Fiore Past

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For the sake of Fiore and his slightly scandalous flower power stamens, we're going to take Sailor Moon R: The Movie as legitimate in regards to the entire anime and manga series. Let's discuss Fiore, the cynical control-freak who has an overwhelming love for Darien. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, except for the fact that Darien is, well, somewhat taken. At this point, it's been confirmed that Serena and Darien are an item (if their fated romance from the Silver Millenium didn't imply otherwise) and Fiore comes in seemingly out of nowhere to take Darien back. By spreading these crazy-looking scandal flowers all over planet earth, Fiore marks his new-found territory. He is able to control humans and stop anyone who tries to stand in his way.

Initially, Sailor Moon is reasonably creeped out by Fiore and doesn't realize that he was the first friend her love ever had. Once she and the Sailor Scouts realize what's going on, Darien has already been taken by Fiore. During their battle to save him, Fiore realizes that a rose Darien once gave him when children was actually that of Sailor Moon's, which she had given to Darien only hours prior. Up until this point, Fiore is a crazy mess of a serial flower-thrower, rendering the scouts weak and unable to fight him off. He is essentially the cause of Sailor Moon's death and the reason she's brought back. Darien chooses Serena in a heartfelt speech to her aid and Serena changes Fiore's heart by using the purity of her own. Serena and Darien are a power-couple at this point and you can't even deny it.

12 A Whole Lotta Hatred Turned Into A Whole Lotta Love

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The beginning of the love story between Serena and Darien is hilariously comical. At first, it is nothing but a bickering match. The age difference initially makes it a little weird and it's not totally clear that Serena has some pretty major feelings for Darien, nor does she know that he's Tuxedo Mask. In the manga and the Japanese anime, Darien resorts to calling Serena "bun-head", which is later changed to "meatball-head" in the American version. We don't know why he came up with those nicknames,  but it's hilarious and makes us super hungry.

A little harmless teasing never hurt anyone. 

Serena is also notoriously clumsy and is constantly falling (usually over herself) and randomly tripping over, um, air. This makes her the subject of insults not only from Darien, but from the other scouts (except Amy, Sailor Mercury, she is the calm peace-maker). As light-hearted as they may be, they are insults nonetheless. Darien and Serena are complete opposites, with her being overly emotional and him being the toned-down, uber cool older guy. Their constant back-and-forth is so bad that it's even confusing to Rini, their daughter from the future who comes back in search of them. Chances are if your younger, immature Earth selves confuse your own daughter, it's time to back up a step or two and lay off the meatballs.

11 A Beautiful Journey To Maturity

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Yes, Darien and Serena do eventually become adults. It's even implied that in the future, which is referred to as "Crystal Tokyo" (futuristic Tokyo) they're finally married with a child, presummably Chibiusa/Rini. This doesn't happen overnight though, throughout season one we see Serena breaking down and complaining that she doesn't want to be Sailor Moon or fight anyone, although it's her destiny to do so. This comes into play most notably in  the episode "A Crystal Clear Destiny" and the episodes shortly following, where Sailor Moon blames herself for Tuxedo Mask's abduction and injury.

She cries of how tired she is of fighting and that she doesn't want to do it anymore, until Sailor Mars ultimately slaps her across the face. The fire goddess herself, Rei, is the one to snap Sailor Moon out of her pitiful crying session by asking if that's really how she wants to repay Tuxedo Mask. Darien is less of a crybaby about who he is, instead he uses the few facts he does know about himself to propel him forward with his destiny. He doesn't know the reason for why he is who he is and half the time he doesn't even remember what he's doing as Tuxedo Mask, but knows he has to get all of the crystals at any cost. Between the two of them, they find a way to grow together and eventually work as a team to save the world and bring about the peaceful future that they know is possible.

10 "This Is My Girlfriend, Rei"

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Speaking of Sailor Mars, Serena isn't the only one who has eyes for Darien. Before he's revealed to be Tuxedo Mask and Serena's future husband and king, Rei -- Sailor Mars -- decides she wants a piece of him too. This is something that differs from the manga, where Rei is depicted as boy-hating with not much interest in the dating world. In the anime, it's portrayed that she and Darien do in fact date, as brief as it is.

Up to that point, the anime explicitly shows Rei and Serena constantly waging war over Darien who, by no secret, is representing as being wildly attractive. It causes tensions between Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, and their feuding is no good for anyone (least of all the battle for the Silver Crystal). From the get-go, they seemed to be at odds and even though their relationship eventually changes and evolves over time. Initially it was no walk in the park. Darien eventually conveys to Rei that his heart isn't in it for her, which is not surprising considering his fated history that he has no way of knowing, but certainly feels. It's a strange love triangle but it's also one that's short-lived and silly aside from the few people who will always ship Rei and Mamoru.

9 A Display Of The Ultimate Moral Support

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Can we have more of this, please? In order to see the few true moments where Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon become the ultimate dedication of true love, you have to look past their constant bickering and Tuxedo Mask's purpose of constantly being kidnapped and tortured. Yes, Serena seems to always be finding herself in the position of needing to save him, but he also provides her with a much-needed emotional support that's often more important than actual physical support (we all know how useful he is in a fight or not).

A couple that fights together, stays together. 

Serena may not be the smartest, prettiest or agile girl in the world, but amidst all of Darien's teasing, never once was he hateful or intentionally malicious. This is of course not counting the times he was under the control of the Negaverse and couldn't be held responsible for his actions other than to say again, what the heck, Tuxedo Mask? Even as he's whaling insults, you can tell by the look on his face and tone of his voice that he genuinely cares for Serena, even if it's initially in a best-friend kind of way. At the end of Sailor Moon R: The Movie, he even puts his hand on her shoulder as she's virtually sacrificing herself in the ultimate display of togetherness, unity, and support. We're not crying, you're crying.

8 Prince Demande's Serena Obsession

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Also known as Prince Diamond in the American version of the anime, Prince Demande is one crazy dude with a wild Serena obsession. Much like Fiore, without the tragic childhood backstory, Prince Demande becomes slowly obsessed with Serena after picking up on her resemblance to Serenity. Prince Demande, of the Black Moon Clan, knew the future Neo-Queen Serenity (also known in the past as Serena/Usagi/Sailor Moon). When Chibiusa/Rini brings the scouts to the future to fight, that's when chaos brokes out and the obsession to take control of Serena really kicked in.

Up to this point, it had only been Darien with whom we'd seen any competition. Including from Queen Beryl who had a weird, intricate need for Tuxedo Mask. His devoted stalkers went as far as his own daughter (unintentionally, of course) and always left Serena fighting for him one way or another. With Prince Demande, we see the script switched and all of a sudden it's Sailor Moon who needs some serious rescuing. Since Prince Demanda is well aware that Serena is the future queen, he gets it in his head that somehow he'll have control over her by seducing her which of course, does not work. Last we checked his name wasn't Darien and he didn't walk around in a tux flinging roses.

7 Differences In The Manga

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There are several things worth noting that differed in the relationship between Serena/Usagi and Darien/Mamoru. In the anime, things are either portrayed differently or completely left out from the manga. The first difference is kind of hilarious and something that he and Sailor Moon definitely don't have in common in the manga. In the anime, both he and Sailor Moon actively transform to turn into their alternate superhero personas, while in the anime it's implied that Tuxedo Mask's attire is nothing but a costume change.

While it makes him no less of a superhero (think Peter Parker as Spider-Man), it's still funny to think that he actually sheds his villain-fighting costume like you would an old sweatshirt and poof, he's back to being normal Darien/Mamoru. In the manga, Tuxedo Mask also has powers that aren't limited to a baton-like weapon and randomly thrown roses. He's able to heal injuries with a simple touch which, duh, would have been useful during so many anime episodes. It's implied that his additional powers are given to him by the Silver Crystal, but hey, his lack of powers sure makes for an interesting dynamic between him and Serena in the anime version.

6 Tuxedo Mask Or Darien: Anterograde Amnesia

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In the anime, Darien/Mamoru has a bit of an issue with his Tuxedo Mask transformations. It's well-known in both the anime and the manga versions that he's lost all memory of his life up until around age six when he lost his parents in a car accident, commonly referred to as "retrograde amnesia". This doesn't really affect him much unless you're taking Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose as canon, where he met Serena for the first time. As well as Fiore, his first real best friend.

It sucks that Darien suffers from memory loss, but at least he can keep his superhero persona a secret because he doesn't know he has one. 

However, in the anime, Darien finds himself missing bits and pieces of his adult life. Specifically, when that magical transformation occurs that remains his only link to the real life that he came from. This makes his interactions with Sailor Moon increasingly difficult, since he does not  remember what happens or what he does when he is Tuxedo Mask. This  renders his human form helpless in regards to knowing who Serena really is or even who his one true love is. Obviously, the truth is revealed halfway through the first season, but up until that point poor Darien is subject to instant headaches that lead to a swanky tuxedo and roses growing inside his inner-coat pocket.

5 That Teary "Aha!" Moment

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Episode 34, otherwise known as the moment that all is revealed. This entire sequence is probably one of the best episodes of season one, if not of the entire anime since it's the moment many fans looked forward to finally happening. After a tense arrival of both Serena and Darien to the tower where they'd ultimately meet their true villain of season one, both Serena and Darien are left wondering why the other is there. In a somewhat heart-to-heart trapped in an elevator, Serena, being typical teenager Serena, gets up the nerve to ask Darien what he needs the crystals for. The same ones that led them both to the tower in the first place. He admits that he really doesn't know anything other than the fact that he needs all of them and that they're of great importance. This intrigues Serena even more since she's protecting the same thing.

It's a sweet moment of broken-down barriers between the two, until Zoisite decides to play Wicked Witch with the two of them and send a round of flames down the elevator shaft. Serena is faced with two choices: let them be killed or transform. During the epic transformation in from of Darien, the realization and awe are plain as day on his expressive anime face. It's a moment many fans had waited for and was done particularly well as far as getting a reaction out of Darien goes, and it's at that moment that "meatball-head" quickly skyrocketed to "true love".

4 Insults Or Cute Romantic Teasing?

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It's a matter of personal opinion, really. As far as the early relationship between Darien and Serena goes. Fans of the anime see them initially bickering and having some kind of a weird, tense relationship-that's-somewhat-friendship, and this continues on for quite some time. As the show progresses, it becomes somewhat obvious that Darien has a soft spot for Serena, and that Serena has a bit of a crush on Darien. Their incessant insult hurling spawns from the early-noted immaturity, since they don't yet know who they truly are. It takes the entire show, several movies, and a live-action for them to ultimately mature and grow up together, but it does happen.

Until then, fans are left wondering if they truly have a love/hate relationship, or if Darien and Serena just get some kind of romantic joy out of teasing each other. The beautiful thing about is that as they progress in their missions (that in actuality are exactly the same), their personalities slowly change to encompass all these feelings of the past that they uncover. It's a slow process, but it's one just shows how powerful their reincarnation has been in stark contrast to their previous life as the almost king and queen of the Moon Kingdom.

3 Princess Serenity And Endymion, What Does It Mean?

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Any followers of the new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, know that Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are a very serious and important asset. The fact is that Queen Serenity sent all of the Sailor Scouts back to earth to grow up (again) and lead (assumed) normal lives, but their fate was just too intertwined with the Negaverse and Queen Beryl. The love between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion is what ultimately brought destruction and lit a fire in Queen Beryl to openly hate Sailor Moon, while expressing an unnatural obsession with her fated husband.

No one can diminish the love that Princess Serenity and Endymion have. 

Not so surprisingly, Queen Beryl was always after Tuxedo Mask's heart. This leads to the shocking realization that at one point Queen Beryl did have feelings other than those of wickedness and destruction. We could easily blame the whole thing on the two interstellar love birds, but let's face it -- Queen Beryl would have found a way to wage war one way or another. Just because she didn't get her own prince doesn't mean she wouldn't have picked a fight some other way. It was just the initial spark of love between the Moon Princess and her Prince Endymion that led to her brooding nature with the Negaverse.

2 Moonlight Knight, Are You Kidding?

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We'd swear that Tuxedo Mask is at the root of nearly 90% of all the trouble that the Sailor Scouts get into, the man is crazy. Even in his most absurd phases, he still manages to let his love for Serena overcome everything else. We're talking Moonlight Knight, the strange alter-ego of Tuxedo Mask who claims he has nothing to do with Tuxedo Mask. Even though he really is Darien/Mamoru. In episode 49, "For Whom Is The White Rose?", Tuxedo Mask's alter-ego comes to fruition. It's a crazy and potentially useless element to him as a character, other than to speak to the fact that even as someone else, Darien/Mamoru still remains pure.

Weird all-white getup aside, the Moonlight Knight still fights for the Sailor Scouts and this time he possesses an actual weapon. Instead of the traditional red roses that he flings out of nowhere, he now has white ones. As if that wasn't a dead giveaway that this character bears a striking resemblance. Darien/Mamoru's subconscious creates the character while the Sailor Scouts are still convinced they're fighting Tuxedo Mask-less. Through a series of battles that Sailor Moon fights against Ann, yet another villain out for Darien's heart. The Moonlight Knight suddenly wakes up to explain he is, indeed, the memory of Darien. Darien suddenly remembers who he is, and voilà, the two are fused together again. If only things were that simple in real life, eh?

1 Like Any Typical Couple, Things Were Rocky

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Oof, it's hard enough having a modern-day relationship with all the drama that occasionally surrounds it. Throw in some evil villains and a bit of brainwashing, and suddenly you've got lovesick destruction on your hands. This is something Serena and Darien are tragically familiar with and it seems they can never fully shake the desire of the Negaverse to destroy their love, the scouts, and the world as they know it. It became a cringe moment for fans everywhere in episode 36, "Bad Hair Day", when you finally learn that not only is Tuxedo Mask still alive (yay!) after being abducted by the Negaverse, but he's totally evil and wicked.

It was a classic "WOOT...Oh no" moment for anyone watching. The heartbreak was made even worse with the addition of an insane scissor-wielding monster who was directed, by Tuxedo Mask, to cut Serena into a million pieces. To add insult to injury, two episodes prior in "A Crystal Clear Destiny" Darien and Serena had finally found out the truth about each other. Only to be separated, convincing Serena and the other Sailor Scouts of Tuxedo Mask's demise and the Negaverse still carrying out their annoyingly evil agenda. And we thought our teenage relationships were rough.

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