The Fairly OddParents: 25 Ridiculous Things About Cosmo And Wanda

Most of us have probably felt misunderstood and a little underappreciated at times when we were kids. School could be a drag, parents could be a bummer and it would have been nice to be able to just... instantly make things so much better. So its no wonder why The Fairly OddParents became so popular is really hits a lot of people with nostalgic feels.

Timmy Turner lived out all our dreams about being able to instantly get what we wanted with his two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Their adventures and misadventures have been a delight to watch since 2001. Who didn't instantly get excited when they heard the theme song begin? And who didn't sing along to "obtuse rubber goose, green moose, guava juice"? Hopefully, most of us didn't have a babysitter as icky as Vicky, but we all cheered when she was given her magical karma by the wishes Timmy would grant. Despite some of the shortcomings both Cosmo and Wanda had as fairies, it was apparent that they loved Timmy and would do whatever they could to keep him happy and safe.

It is unarguable that Cosmo and Wanda made The Fairly OddParents as popular as it is. Cosmo is even considered to be one of the most memorable of Nickelodeon's characters, bringing out the "the show's most surrealistic elements". Today we bring some of those very elements, in this list of 25 ridiculous facts about our favorite "two halves of a whole idiot," Cosmo and Wanda.

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25 Wanda's Design Was Influenced By Wilma Flintstone

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Seeing the two cartoon characters side by side, it is easy to see that our favorite pink-haired fairy took some styling tips from one of TV's most iconic red-heads, Wilma Flintstone. The creator of the show, Butch Hartman, said it himself. It makes a lot of sense. Both Wanda and Wilma are the more sensible spouses to their loveable but sometimes thick-headed husbands. Both of their names start with W too! Maybe if the two of this characters ever got-to meet they would be the best of friends. I'm personally all for a crossover between The Fairly OddParents and The Flintstones.

24 Cosmo Was The One To Have His And Wanda's Baby, Poof

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We all know about the birds and the bees, right? A man and woman get together and nine months down the road they have a baby. And with fairies, it would be the same way, right?

Apparently, when it comes to the miracle of life, the male fairies are the ones that give birth.

Kind of like seahorses. When it came to Cosmo and Wanda having their adorable ball of joy Poof, Cosmo was the one eating for two. He went through pregnancy mood swings too, ones so bad that it scared even Wanda! And we all know how she gets when she's mad.

23 Wanda Was Going To Be Called Venus

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Fairy names are always supposed to be a bit on the whimsical side. Like Tinker Bell and Merryweather, Cosmo and Wanda's names fit right into that idea. But it could have been very possible that Wanda would have had a very different name than the one she has today. What name would she have had? Venus! Butch Hartman revealed on his Tumblr that he had considered naming Wanda "Venus" to match the "celestial" theme of Cosmo's name. Venus would have been cool, but I personally think Wanda is a good fit because she's a fairy and her name is "wand-a."

22 Cosmo Is The Most Powerful Fairy In Fairy World

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Cosmo is considered by most to not be the brightest fairy there is. But what Cosmo makes up for in brains he apparently makes up for it in magic. Cosmo seems to be one the most powerful fairies, if not the most powerful one in the series. He has quite a list of amazing, though destructive, things he has down with his magic wand. And in the episode Wishology, he was able to wish away Wanda's wand, something that fairies aren't even supposed to be able to do! It's a good thing Cosmo has a good heart.

21 Cosmo And Wanda Have Been Married For About 10,000 Years.

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Cosmo and Wanda have to be one of the most liked couples of the show and cartoons in general. Despite having two very different personalities, they work well together. Wanda gives order to the chaos that follows Cosmo around like a lost puppy. And Cosmo brings out Wanda's more fun side. These two have been married for about 10,000 years, but it's still very apparent that they love one another. Talk about relationship goals. And fairies live forever, so they are bound to be together for another 10,000 years!

20 Wanda's Hair Was Originally Blue

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One of the most memorable things about Wanda is her signature pink swirly hair. We have already talked about the surprising fact that her hair is styled after Wilma Flintstone's, and get ready for another...

It was originally going to be blue!

Yes, that is right, in the original pitch of the show, Wanda was going to have a big blue swirl instead of a big pink one. It could be possible that her hair was changed for the same reason Timmy's hat was turned pink instead of blue? The world may never know.

19 Cosmo And Wanda First Meet At The Resturant Cosmo Worked In

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How did such a loving couple meet? There have been a few different versions mentioned on how Wanda and Cosmo first met and fell in love, but one of the sweetest and more often believed scenarios of their first meeting is at the fast food restaurant that Cosmo was working at. It was love at first sight, with Cosmo proposing to her with a chewed pen cap and the two getting married quickly afterward. Such a sweet first meeting! It is made even sweeter with the fact that Cosmo was the outcast of Fairy World but Wanda still fell in love with him.

18 Cosmo Was Once In A Band

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Compared to how long Cosmo and Wanda have been alive, they haven't been Timmy's godparents for even half of their lives! Both Cosmo and Wanda had full and interesting lives, together and separately. Cosmo was even in a band!

His bandmates included the rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton, Ludwig van Beethoven, the mythological Greek god Pan, and even Santa Claus!

Cosmo played the electric triangle, which got tomatoes thrown at him. They were called The Fairies and he brought them back together in the episode "Boys in the Band" to act as a distraction.

17 Wanda Was The One Who Destroyed The Dinosaurs

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It is widely believed that what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs was a meteor that crashed into the Earth. But apparently scientists were wrong and what took out the dinos wasn't from space but from Fairy World. In the episode "The Really Bad Day" Wanda reveals that she caused the dinosaurs' extinction. It was all a part of a rule that states one day every thousand years a fairy godparent has to do something bad. If they don't they get sent back to Fairy Academy for 500 years of training!

16 Cosmo Blew Up Pluto

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Cosmo might be bad at being bad intentionally, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of doing some really destructive things. Cosmo often uses his magic without thinking of the consequences. And in the episode "Vicky Loses Her Icky," Cosmo's lack of common sense strikes again. The Earth is in danger of being blown up but Cosmo manages to prevent that from happening by redirecting the missiles that were headed to Earth to Pluto instead. Good for planet Earth but hasn't poor Pluto been through enough?

15 Cosmo And Wanda Have Villainous Counter-Parts

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Everything in life has a balance, light and dark, good and evil, and even fairies. Every fairy has a counterpart known as an anti-fairy. Anti-fairies are the cause of bad luck on Friday the 13th and were once trapped behind a barrier until Timmy set them free. Both Cosmo and Wanda have an anti-fairy who are their complete opposites. Anti-Cosmo is a diabolical criminal mastermind with a British accent and Anti-Wanda is has a very low IQ and often messes up Anti-Cosmo's sinister plans.

14 Cosmo And Wanda Came From A Magic-9 Ball

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The first episode of The Fairly OddParents came out in 2011. That was pretty long ago so it isn't surprising that most people don't remember how Timmy came to get his fairy godparents. Cosmo and Wanda came out of a Magic 9-Ball that Timmy threw against a wall. And ever since then they have been granting Timmy's wishes. Butch Hartman himself said that if he could, he would have Timmy buy the goldfish versions of Cosmo and Wanda at a pet store as their origin story.

13 Cosmo Was Once The Last Fairy Ever Born

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Ever wonder why there weren't any fairy babies around in the show until Poof showed up? Well, it was all because of Cosmo, who started causing problems only five seconds after he was born! Cosmo was the most destructive baby in Fairy World history as he destroyed Fairy World six times, sunk Atlantis nine times, and caused Mt. Vesuvius to erupt, destroying Pompeii! It was made into a rule that no other fairy children were allowed to be born and hadn't been until Timmy wished for Poof ten thousand years later.

12 Cosmo Turned His Dad Into A Fly

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Cosmo's list of unintended mayhem didn't end with just the destruction of various civilizations. Cosmo also turned his own father into a fly when he got his first wand! And Papa Cosma hasn't been seen ever since. That might explain why Cosmo's mother Mama Cosma is pretty clingy with him. Cosmo was the only family she really had left after his dad was turned into a fly. We're pretty sure Cosmo didn't mean to do it, he probably just got confused when his dad asked him to "fly to him." Got to be careful with what's said in front of Cosmo!

11 Wanda's Dad Is A Mob Boss

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Wanda has a father who is referred to as "Big Daddy." He loves his daughter Wanda very much and doesn't seem to like Cosmo at all. He is also the owner of the company that takes care of all of the garbage of Fairy World and from the wishes made by all the godchildren. He acts and seems to be the mob boss of Fairy World, which is why even Jorgen Von Strangle is afraid of him! Though, he sleeps with a pink horse-head plushy he calls "Mr. Nay-Nay."

10 Wanda Has A Twin Sister

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Another member of Wanda's family is her twin sister Blonda. Blonda and Wanda look exactly alike, except she has blonde hair (which she dyed). Wanda and Blonda don't seem to get along at all, both sisters thinking the other has the easier life. Blonda is an actress on the Fairy World soap opera called "All My Biceps". She and Wanda end up switching places for a little while in the episode "Blondas Have More Fun!" Blonda is self-centered and vain compared to her sister, though Wanda has said that their mother always liked Blonda more than her.

9 Cosmo Is Afraid Of Super Toilet


Cosmo isn't just the loveable goof-ball of the show. He has quite a few layers that make it not only one of the most memorable of characters but also one of the best characters in The Fairly OddParents. He has strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, quite a few allergies and he also has fears. One of the things Cosmo fears the most is an object known as Super Toilet. Super Toilet is a toilet that Timmy had wished for at some point in the past. All it takes is a mention of its name to have Cosmo shaking in fear and revert back to sucking on his thumb like a baby.

8 Cosmo Is A Pretty Big Flirt

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No one can deny that Cosmo and Wanda share a very strong and deep love for one another. But Cosmo has shown that while he loves Wanda and would never leave her, he does find other ladies appeasing. Cosmo has flirted with quite a few other women, which makes Wanda very jealous. There have been many instances in the show that shows Cosmo flirting with other women, including the Tooth Fairy, an evil alien princess name Mandie, and even Wanda's own twin Blonda!

7 Wanda Once Dated Juandissimo Magnifico

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While Cosmo was shunned and even bullied when he was younger, it seems like Wanda was on the more popular side. She even had a boyfriend! Wanda's ex is Juandissimo Magnifico, a Hispanic fairy. Juandisso is pretty muscular and very sought after by most of the female population of Fairy World. But it seems he only has his eyes on Wanda, as he is still in love with her and tries his best to break her and Cosmo up. We don't know exactly why he and Wanda broke up, but his narcissistic attitude might have something to do with that.

6 Wanda Is A Chocoholic

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Wanda is considered to have one of the worst tempers out of all of the characters in the show. It is a temper that both her husband Cosmo and her godchild Timmy try their best to avoid incurring her wrath! Her temperament makes her come off as "naggy" at times, especially with Cosmo. The only thing that seems to calm her down when her temper flares up is... chocolate! And that is a little trick that Cosmo knows about. He even sent her to her favorite place, Chocolate City, Utah, or "the world of chocolate," as he calls it.

5 Cosmo's Mom Tried To Set Him Up With Robots

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Most of us love Cosmo and Wanda together as a couple, but one person who doesn't is Cosmo's mother, Mama Cosma. She loves her son Cosmo to an overbearing degree.

And Cosmo is such a Mama's Boy that its hard for him to do or say anything against her will.

So when he married Wanda, he didn't even tell her! She still believed that the two of them were just dating, so when she heard that he and Wanda got into a fight she jumped on the chance to break them up. If that wasn't weird enough she tried to set him up with two robot fairies, Twinkle and Star.

4 Cosmo Is Allergic To Peaches

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If there is one thing that Cosmo loves, other than Wanda, Timmy, and his baby Poof, it's food. Unfortunately, certain foods don't love Cosmo back as he's highly allergic to them, and he'll even break out into a terrible rash! One of the food items is peaches, and his allergy is so bad that all he has to do is touch one of them and he'll get a rash. He is also allergic to nuts and, oddly enough, potato chips.

3 Cosmo And Wanda Swapped Genders Once

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Ever heard of Rule 63? It's a meme that states that for every male character of a show there is a female character. The Fairly OddParents took their take on this meme in the Episode "The Boy Who Would be Queen." Timmy finds himself being turned into a girl by a clever trick pulled by Wanda. Now able to "think like a girl" he goes to the mall to find the perfect gift for the girl he likes Trixie. But not before wishing that Cosmo and Wanda swap genders as well, letting them experience what she was.

2 Everything They Turn Into Is Green/Pink

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Fairies are capable of doing nearly anything with the power of their magic wands. Which comes in handy for granting the wishes of kids like Timmy, who has an endless imagination and desire for things. It also comes in handy when they need to keep themselves safe or keep themselves hidden. Throughout the Fairly OddParents series, Cosmo and Wanda have shape-shifted into a number of "inconspicuous" looking things, balloons, pencils, squirrels even. But no matter what shape they take they always keep their signature colors, green for Cosmo and pink for Wanda.

1 Cosmo And Wanda Used To Be Crocker's Fairy Godparents

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And we end this list with the most ridiculously (surprising) fact about Cosmo and Wanda, they used to be the fairy godparents of Mr. Crocker! Crocker ends up losing Cosmo and Wanda as his godparents when Timmy goes back in time and accidentally exposes them.

And apart of the rules of having fairy godparents is that it has to be kept a secret, otherwise they get taken away and everyone's memory gets erased.

Losing Cosmo and Wanda is the exact reason why Crocker is the way he is. I guess Timmy ended up making his worst enemy?

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