The Fairly OddParents: 20 Things About Timmy Turner That Make No Sense

The Fairly OddParents is a show starring Timmy Turner and his two fairy godparents. Timmy is only 10-years-old, but he has gone through some emotionally damaging events. His parents often leave him alone under the care of Vicky, his abusive babysitter. His godparents were assigned to him to help him overcome the hardships in his life. The fairies are also in danger of getting removed from their positions from their fairy bosses. The trio must also deal with Denzel Crocker, a school teacher obsessed with proving fairies exist.

Timmy's life may seem full of hazards, but he causes most of the issues he faces. Timmy's wishes are often made on impulse, which causes great danger to himself and usually the people around him. Wanda, the wisest of the group, tries to help. Cosmo enables Timmy to wish for fun things. Being a kid with almost limitless wishes sounds great at first. As an observer to the show, most viewers wonder why Timmy would be so careless with his gift.

The Fairly OddParents has aired since 2001 and has only made viewers wonder about Timmy Turner. Viewers wonder why he deserves the fairies more than any other kid in the world. They also wonder why Timmy acts so irresponsibility, not accepting that his age has to do with his immaturity.

We've compiled a list of things about Timmy Turner that make no sense. Hopefully, our questions will be answered once The Fairly OddParents returns to Nickelodeon.

20 They Never Questioned His New Pets

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Timmy Turner hasn't had much luck with pets. We learn in "Fairly OddPet" that Timmy has been banned from all of the pet stores. Though there's no mention of him being banned from animal shelters as well, the pet stores likely tipped them off about Timmy. He may have been given the opportunity to own a pet, but it always ends with devastating results. Timmy's parents are aware of how bad Timmy is with animals.

The first pets that Timmy has had are his magical goldfish. These goldfish are Wanda and Cosmo but in a different form. If these goldfish weren't magical beings, they might not have resided by his bed for so long.

Timmy's parents have never questioned his new pets. Timmy has also not brought up the fact that he has a brand new goldfish bowl in his room. He didn't ask for their permission before getting a new pet.

Timmy later does get his parents' permission to get a dog. He ends up adopting a magical dog named Sparky. His parents still don't pay much attention to what this magical dog is doing, even after he gives them a giant bag of money in "Man's Worst Friend."

Timmy's parents are either so neglectful that they don't pay attention to Timmy's habits or don't care.

19 Changing Her For The Greater Good

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Vicky is Timmy's abusive babysitter. She makes sure that he suffers under her care. He dreams of the day his parents would pay more attention to him. In the meantime, he is stuck with "Icky Vicky" and all of the trouble she puts him through. She not only forces Timmy to do all of her chores but insults him while he's doing them.

Vicky not only torments Timmy. She takes out her anger on her little sister, Tootie. The younger sister has to deal with Vicky when she's not babysitting Timmy. Tootie does her best to expose her sister's cold heart, but the grown-ups don't pay attention.

Timmy has a wide arsenal of magical wishes.

Timmy has the ability to wish that Vicky was a nicer babysitter or even a kinder person.

Vicky has the potential to be a kind person who helps out the children of Dimmsdale instead of tormenting them.

Since Timmy was granted fairy godparents thanks to Vicky's cruel ways, he may not want to wish any changes on Vicky. Making his life better has the potential to lose his beloved godparents and his memory of them for good. Wishing Vicky was nicer is a risk he isn't willing to take.

18 A Kid Shouldn’t Be So Responsible

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Timmy has an exciting life. He uses his wishes to go on magical adventures and make his life a little easier. Timmy has also been to different worlds where he has met all kinds of different creatures. Timmy is only 10-years-old. The Fairly OddParents has been on the air for over a decade, but he has never aged outside of the live-action movies.

As a 10-year-old, Timmy has performed many legal acts usually reserved for grown-ups. In the state of California, Timmy is considered a minor and would typically need a parent with him to make any decisions.

Timmy has signed many legally-binding contracts that should be thrown out in court. He has signed agreements with the Head Pixie several times. Many of them are just tricks to take over Fairy World, but Timmy keeps falling for it. In the episode "Timmy TV," he signs a contract without fully understanding what he has done.

The grown-ups of Dimmsdale must believe that Timmy is mature enough to represent himself in a court of law, even though he's only ten. As for Timmy, he's so excited to get what he wants that he doesn't read the paperwork before potentially signing his life away.

17 Get Rid Of The Fairy Obsession

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Denzel Crocker is a teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School. He teaches Timmy's class during the day. At night, he fully engages in his obsession over capturing fairies.

Crocker once had fairies to call his own. His origin story is eerily similar to Timmy's. He had a neglectful mother and a mean babysitter. He was also granted Wanda and Cosmo as fairy godparents. He eventually loses access to them. Before his memories faded, he wrote himself a note that fairies exist.

Timmy knows that Crocker is desperately seeking fairies again. Fairy godparents only help out children, but Crocker wants to take full advantage of their gift-granting powers once again.

With Crocker being such a pest, we can't help but wonder why Timmy doesn't do something about him. He could make all of his fairy hunting equipment disappear. Wanda and Cosmo also have the potential to ask their fairy boss for permission to wipe his memory of fairies. With his mind free from his fairy obsession, Crocker has the potential to be a better person.

Timmy may believe that avoiding Crocker is much easier than wasting a wish on him. He may also worry that Crocker will always have some reminder of the fairies he once had but lost.

16 Why Is He Still With Them?

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One of the reasons Timmy was granted fairy godparents was due to his neglectful parents. They continuously leave him alone in his room. When they're out, they leave him with a horrible babysitter. When Timmy tries to tell them about Vicky's terrible misdeeds, they believe her over their son every time.

Timmy's neglectful parents have caused their young son great mental harm. It has made him wonder if they care for him at all. In "The Masked Magician," his father comments "Having a son is great! For once!" Others in Dimmsdale have taken notice.

Wanda and Cosmo have the potential to help.

Timmy could wish his relationship with his parents was better with the power of his magical fairies.

He could wish that they were more interested in hanging out with him. Since they enjoying partying, he could bring the party to their house instead. Instead, Timmy is mistreated and neglected by his caregivers. This plot point is usually treated as a joke but makes Timmy's situation only sadder.

Thankfully, Timmy's relationship with Wanda and Cosmo has only improved during the show. His parents may never give him and love and support a young child needs, but his fairy godparents continue to be there for him.

15 Maybe They Are Observant

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Timmy has an incredible wealth of powerful under his command. He can make wishes to make his life better, which often turn out to cause trouble for those around him. Timmy knows there are rules to keeping his fairy godparents. No one can find out about them. If Wanda and Cosmo are discovered, they will be taken from him, and Timmy will have his memory wiped.

In "Meet the OddParents," Timmy wishes for an amusement park in his backyard. Wanda doesn't think it's such a great idea to do when his parents were home for once. Cosmo believes Timmy's parents care so little about their son that they won't notice.

The Turner parents discovered Timmy's secret.

One of the most important rules was that no one could find out. Timmy knew that his godparents would likely be taken away. Jorgen, the lead fairy, investigates the scene. What happens next is a total shock.

Jorgen allows Timmy to keep his fairy godparents and didn't wipe anyone's memory. Jorgen was moved by their family bonding. Their lack of a family bond was why Timmy received fairy godparents in the first place. There must be a special place in Da Rules for Timmy to get away with anything.

14 Being Older Could Make His Life Turn Around

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Timmy Turner's issues are all related to being a 10-year-old kid. He is often treated like a child, yet expected to respect the authority of grown-ups. In the very first episode of the television series, Timmy wishes to be a grown-up.

In typical Fairly OddParents fashion, Timmy is very general with his wish. He makes a very broad wish to be a grown-up. He gets what he wants and is transformed into a grown-up. Wanda and Cosmo only make him physically a grown-up and don't modify his mental state.

Not understanding more about the grown-up world, Timmy immediately regrets his decision. He doesn't enjoy movies made for older audiences. Timmy doesn't have a job or a place to live, so he sleeps under the bleachers at Dimmsdale Elementary School.

At the end of the episode, Timmy decides to become an immature child at heart so that Cosmo and Wanda will visit him again. He makes a wish to turn back into a child, physically.

Timmy's problems could have been solved if he were more specific about his wish. Instead, he assumed that his life as a grown-up would be terrible, instead of wishing for a better version of his grown-up life. Timmy seems content with being a kid for the moment.

13 Chester Deserved Better

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Timmy can make not only his hopes and dreams come true, but also that of his friends. Any long time viewer of the show knows that Timmy's wishes are mostly selfish. Most blame the fact that he's only 10-years-old, but some children try and help others at even younger ages.

Chester McBadbat is one of Timmy's two best friends. His family can't afford necessities that most take for granted today. Chester's family regularly eats out of garbage cans or scrapes old food off the ground. His family's circumstances are treated as a joke instead of a tragic situation.

Timmy has only wished two things for Chester: that he was the best baseball player and that he had a girlfriend.

These wishes didn't help out Chester's family. Timmy even had to go so far as to break his wish and Chester was left with nothing.

Timmy could wish that Chester's family didn't have to worry about necessities. Wanda always cautions that wishing for items means taking them away from others, but could help him help Chester. Timmy has the opportunity to wish Chester's father got a job. To help with food, Timmy is one wish away from making a never-ending vegetable plot appear in Chester's backyard.

12 Children’s Revolt

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Timmy faces several bullies in his life. He's teased for not being tall enough, even though other boys his age are the same height. Francis takes his bullying to the next level by hurting Timmy, then stealing his money, Timmy's Dad's car, and the Turner house. It would appear that Francis is even worse than Vicky, Timmy's terrible babysitter.

Vicky is the top threat in young Timmy's life. She not only causes him physical pain but also mental anguish. Who can forget Vicky's screams of "Bed, Twerp!" in The Fairly OddParents' opening theme song?

Timmy wishes that he was a pro martial artist in the episode "Kung Timmy." He never considered using his wishes to make Vicky stop bullying him. He could wish that he had the insight to tell her what she's doing wrong and help her. Instead, he has used his wishes to harm her, which usually makes him feel bad. Vicky rarely regrets her actions and uses Timmy's kindness against him.

If Vicky was taught a non-violent lesson, she has the potential to be a better person. A nicer babysitter would come at the cost of losing his fairy godparents but would be a benefit for all the children of Dimmsdale.

11 A Better Way To Make Money

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Timmy is like most other children. He's too young to get a job and doesn't have any source of income outside of his parents. From the looks of Timmy's bedroom, he doesn't have many toys or hobbies to keep him busy. To make matters worse, the Turner parents are often away, spending what could be Timmy's allowance on Vicky's babysitting fees.

Wanda made it clear that they can't just give him money. That would mean "stealing" money from another person or business. Thankfully, the fairy godparents have no issue with creating items out of thin air. These items are usually conjured up to make Timmy temporarily happy.

In "Nectar of the Odds," Timmy had the great idea to open a lemonade stand to earn money for concert tickets. Wishing for the tickets would take them from someone else, which is why he had to buy the rare items.

Selling items could easily make Timmy and his family richer. Timmy could wish for items to sell to make money. He could then wish for his parents to know how to become better salespeople. It would take hard work and perseverance, but the Turner family could turn into a successful group of business-savvy people.

10 They Must Not Have Scared Him That Much

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There's nothing more than Vicky enjoys than causing harm to Timmy. In "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!", Vicky uses a truth serum to make Timmy admit his most hidden secrets. He tells her that he has coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns. Vicky promptly uses that information against him for the remainder of the episode.

Instead of wishing for his fear of clowns to go away, Timmy wishes for Vicky's diary instead. He wants revenge instead of quickly solving the issue. Wanda tries to persuade him not to, but Timmy doesn't listen. If Vicky saw that Timmy wasn't scared of clowns, she may have stopped bullying him. At the end of the episode, both appear sorry for what they've done, but their truce doesn't last long.

Timmy would once again face his fears of clowns when he meets Flappy Bob.

His coulrophobia magically disappears with no explanation. He helps Flappy Bob defeat the evil pixies. Afterward, Timmy and his fairy godparents reunite Flappy Bob with his clown parents. During his time with the clowns, he doesn't appear to be afraid.

Timmy either overcame his coulrophobia after the events of "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!" or the writers forgot. Too bad all of our fears can't be so quickly forgotten.

9 Is Tootie Really That Bad?

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Timmy may be 10-years-old, but he has already developed an enormous crush on the most popular girl in school. Trixie Tang has no interest in Timmy. Timmy does have other girls chasing after him, including Trixie's best friend, Veronica. Fortunately for Timmy, Veronica keeps her romantic pursuits hidden.

No one cares for Timmy more than Tootie, who just so happens to be Vicky's little sister. Tootie is obsessed with her crush, going so far as to have a shrine of him in her room. The two are going through similar struggles. Both Timmy and Tootie are neglected by their parents. They're both students at Dimmsdale Elementary School, where Francis is bullying them. Tootie is also being bullied by her older sister.

In "Kung Timmy," Timmy reveals that he has a restraining order against Tootie. He believed that Tootie was so overbearing that he went to the police for help. The courts agreed with Timmy and granted the order.

If he has the legal knowledge to file a restraining against Tootie, why hasn't he registered one on Vicky? His parents would be forced to find a new babysitter. Timmy would be much happier, even though his parents would still neglect him.

8 Why Were Cosmo And Wanda Still Around?

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The Fairly OddParents began as an animated series on Nickelodeon. The overwhelming success of the series spawned three different movies. A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! is the first live-action movie that was released in celebration of the series' tenth anniversary.

The live-action film featured a 23-year-old version of Timmy. Timmy has grown up physically but not mentally. He retains the child-like mind of a 10-year-old, even attending elementary school. In the very first episode of the series, we learn that having a child-like spirit will enable fairy godparents to stay with their child. Timmy knew he wasn't going to have the fairies by his side forever, but tried his hardest to keep his friends around.

In the live-action movie, Timmy has physically grown up into a young adult. He knows that he has to pretend to be a child, which is likely against the rules. Timmy was always ready to grow up but was more concerned with keeping the fairies. Jurgen can detect the differences between a child and grown-up, no matter how hard Wanda and Cosmo hide the facts.

Grown-up Timmy is breaking Da Rules, but Fairy World lets him get away with more than any other child.

7 Were His Parents Enablers?

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Why didn't his parents do anything when he was in his 20s and still in elementary school? A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! not only brought up questions about Timmy's guardianship of fairies into adulthood, but also his home life. He lived at home with his parents and still attended elementary school. His parents were still neglectful and didn't try and make a better life for their son.

In Dimmsdale, no grown-ups questioned why Timmy was still attending elementary school.

There were no rules to push him forward into the next grade. His parents didn't care that Timmy's best friends had long moved on and gotten jobs.

Timmy's parents do give him passive-aggressive hints that it's time to move on. They never force him to leave but instead hand him realtor ads. His father gave him want ads but didn't help him find a job. After living as a child for so long, Timmy doesn't know how to be a grown-up. They also don't help him learn the benefits of adulthood.

Timmy's parents decide to force him to marry Tootie. Timmy has already begun to fall for her. His parents try and force their troublesome son onto someone else, not realizing they're part of the problem. Thankfully, Timmy learns by himself that he needs to grow up and move on.

6 His Parents Could Have Changed

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The live-action Fairly OddParents make the situation between Timmy and his parents more obvious. They never really wanted a son. Timmy's father often makes snide comments about their son, blaming him for being the cause of all of their problems. They also prove they don't want to be around him by leaving him alone with Vicky as much as possible.

Timmy has magical fairies. He can wish his parents cared about him. Though it may cost him his godparents, Timmy could wish that his parents wanted to spend more time with him, but without being overprotective. They would no longer need to hire Vicky to watch Timmy every night.

Timmy's father may believe that Timmy has caused him grief, but they could learn to get along better. Wanda and Cosmo could whisk the father and son away for a fishing trip filled with family bonding. Timmy and his Mom could have fun going camping. She has wilderness experience as a Sugar Cream Puffs leader.

Some fans believe that Timmy's parents really do care about him. There are some moments in the series where their familial bond is shown, but it doesn't happen nearly enough. With the power of magic, they could have always been a happy family.

5 Not All Children Are This Irresponsible

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Viewers use Timmy's young age to allow him to get away with unusual behavior. Timmy is more mature than he appears. He's old enough to walk around Dimmsdale, unsupervised. He opens his own business, the lemonade stand, and has signed legally binding contracts. It's the grown-ups in Dimmsdale that aren't as intelligent as the children.

With the power of his fairy godparents, Timmy can accomplish many goals by himself. Unfortunately, Timmy hasn't learned in over ten-years to be careful of what he wishes. His wishes often have a negative effect that causes not only harm to himself, but also his family, friends, and the residents of Dimmsdale.

One prime example of Timmy mis-wishing is in "Beddy Bye." Timmy wishes he lived in a world where no one could sleep. Timmy's wish also affected his fairy godparents. The wish wasn't explicitly stated. He wished that he didn't need to sleep and could spend more time having fun. Instead, he wished that no one could fall asleep, becoming insomniacs. Like in most episodes, Timmy and his fairy godparents had to undo the damage he caused and revert the world back to normal.

One would think that Timmy would learn his lesson, but then again, there would be no Fairly OddParents without troublesome wishes.

4 Tootie > Trixie

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Trixie Tang is the most popular girl at Dimmsdale Elementary School and possibly in the entire city. She's rich, a fashionista, and lives in a giant mansion. She also has an interest in comic books and superheroes, although she keeps it a secret.

Timmy has a huge crush on Trixie. He tries to get close to her, but Trixie laughs at him. She has no interest in her classmate. They may get along in an episode once in awhile, but she always abandons him for her popular friends. Timmy keeps trying to win her affections.

Meanwhile, there's someone who has cared deeply for Trixie for many tears.

Tootie has a massive crush on Timmy and has made her feelings for him known.

He only believes she's annoying. Tootie isn't just an annoying classmate. She is incredibly intelligent and has helped Timmy solve his problems. Tootie also can relate to being bullied by Vicky.

Timmy won't give Tootie a chance until they're grown-ups. Tootie has to completely change her appearance for Timmy to notice her. At that point, Tootie could have chosen to ignore him, but instead gives him another chance. Their romance could have blossomed sooner if Timmy gave Tootie a chance when they were younger.

3 Dimmsdale Police Would Love This Scoop

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Vicky is only 16-years-old, but she has already crushed the childhoods of those around her. Her younger sister has faced the most mistreatment. Tootie only gets relief when Vicky goes off to babysit Timmy. When Vicky arrives at the Turner household, she proceeds to make him miserable. No wonder he hides in his room to avoid her.

To prove Vicky's terrible ways, Timmy could wish for recording equipment to capture her misdeeds on film. He could show them to his parents as proof that she harms him. The Turner parents have proven that they don't believe him. Timmy doesn't have to only rely on his negligent parents for help. He could take the footage to the police.

Vicky's ways have already proven to the Fairy World that he deserves fairies. She cheats, displays incredibly selfish actions, has taken celebrities, and even worse, has hurt animals. Getting Vicky to pay for her crimes would not only benefit Timmy but every living being in Dimmsdale.

Vicky has only been to jail once in “MicroPhony.” As quickly as she rode in the back of a police car, she was out once again to cause pain to Timmy and the other children of Dimmsdale.

2 Guess Timmy Never Learned To Share

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The Fairly OddParents first debuted in 2001 and has lasted for ten seasons. The series has primarily starred Timmy and his two godparents. They've helped him with his friends, parents, Vicky, and even issues in the Fairy World.

The tenth series introduced a shocking new character named Chloe Carmichael. She is Timmy's new neighbor, but also a victim of parental neglect. Chloe's parents often go on adventures in other countries, leaving her to take care of herself. The Fairy World believed that Chloe was so miserable that she deserved fairies. Fans were surprised when she was granted Cosmo and Wanda as her godparents.

Viewers were confused. Cosmo and Wanda spent many years helping Timmy. Why would they be forced also to help Chloe? The Fairy World claimed that there was a mass fairy storage, and now children have to share godparents. Timmy had a hard time accepting it. He wanted both godparents to himself. Timmy schemed to make Chloe give them up.

Timmy and the Fairy World could have resolved the issue by splitting up Cosmo and Wanda. They could each watch one child until the shortage was over. One child didn't need both fairies since both had the power to make wishes come true. Instead, they fought over ownership of Cosmo and Wanda.

1 Children Can Be This Selfish

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Wanda and Cosmo wield a significant amount of power. They have so much magic that if they don't grant one wish every 24-hour hours, they may become swollen. They're happy to make Timmy's dreams come true as long as they follow Da Rules.

Timmy's wishes are primarily selfish. He makes wishes to get himself out of trouble or to make himself happy. There have only been a few times when he's made wishes to make his friends happy.

Viewers have wondered for years why doesn't Timmy make wishes that could benefit everyone.

He could wish that all sickness was eradicated from the world. People would pass from old age instead of suffering.

Timmy could also wish away world hunger, wish certain animals were no longer extinct, or help his local community. Some fans speculate that in a world of fairies, there is no sickness or suffering. Others believe that if children are so mistreated that fairies are necessary, then there is harm happening in the world.

There will always be someone who deserves the fairies more than Timmy. Without their relationship, there would be no Fairly OddParents. Though Timmy commits many questionable acts in the series, he's still a 10-year-old kid trying to survive another day.

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