A Fake Store Is Taking Advantage Of Gamer Girl Bath Water Craze To Sell Chewed Gum And, Uh, Worse

Don't be fooled: the store selling Belle Delphine's chewed gum and urine is NOT her actual store, but a knock off store created to capitalize on the successful marketing and selling of Delphine's used bathwater.

If you're completely baffled by that sentence, good. You probably have better things to do than buy pee pee on the internet. There are so many layers of grifts to this story, it's like the Inception of deplorableness.

Belle Delphine is an Instagram cosplayer that's on a bit of a roll lately with eye-catching stunts. On Father's Day, Delphine posted an especially risque photo of herself, wearing only underwear and black pasties with "F*** ME!" written on them. The caption promised that if the picture recieved 1 million likes Delphnie would create a Pornhub account.

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Well, it did obviously, and she followed through: sort of. Delphnie's pornhub account features thumbnail and titles that couldn't be mistaken for anything other than hardcore pornography, but the videos themselves are just trolls. One video, for example, titled "PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine" is actually a video of Belle eating a picture of Pewds. The gag was generally well received, and was an effective media stunt for the Instagrammer.

But she wasn't done yet: last week, Delphnie posted a picture of herself holding a jar of water with the caption "I am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys." The bath water was added to her online shop, available for $30. It sold out almost instantly (gross) and customers started harassing other "gamer girls" to sell them their own bath water.

Which brings us to today. A copy-cat store, identical to Delphnie's store in every way, is now selling "GamerGirl Chewed Gum" for $50 and yes, "GameGirl Pee" for $10,000. The caption on the urine, because I'm sure you're curious, reads "Only one jar for one lucky cutie fan ^-^ This will not be sold again. disclaimer: This is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

The store is a convincing facsimile; selling the same posters and mouse pads as the real Delphnie store. It even has the out-of-stock bath water listed. Delphnie has not linked to the store selling gum and pee, nor has she mentioned venturing into selling other "mementos". All signs point to this store being a fraud, sorry boys! Although, it may not be Delphnie's pee, but it IS someone's pee, after all. Pee is pee right? Go for it!

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