Fallen Order: Who Is Saw Gerrera?

Gerrera’s story was always one of active resistance, fighting to free oppressed groups from tyranny.

The characters of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are numerous, and with such an extensive and long-established universe, players can be forgiven for not picking up on every single Easter egg and individuals from other films. Saw Gerrera is one such character with a rich history that extends far beyond Fallen Order.

Gerrera’s story was always one of active resistance, fighting to free oppressed groups from tyranny. He was a resistance fighter along side his younger sister, Steela Ferrera, and were key players in the rebel liberation of their home world during the Onderonian Civil War. Later he fought for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, following Order 66, which we briefly see in Fallen Order as a part of Cal Kestis’ origin to explain why he went into hiding.

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Following the rise of Palpatine to Emperor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic emerged almost immediately. However, not all Rebels believed in the same methods of achieving the goals related to restoring the Republic, and Garrera was seen by many as an extremist who gained notoriety within the empire, and later, the New Republic.

In the story of Fallen Order, players meet Gerrera and several of his fellow freedom fighters on Kashyyyk, where they ask Cal for assistance in freeing imprisoned Wookiees. Gerrera partook in many resistance missions across the galaxy, all with the goal of putting a dent in the Empire’s efforts.

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Filmgoers were first introduced to the character in 2016 in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story played by Forest Whitaker. By that point, Gerrera was at the end of his long, hard life.

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In 13 BBY, which stands for “Before the Battle of Yavin”, where the film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope takes place, Gerrera takes Jyn Erso into hiding following the capture of her father, Galen Erso. While he was tasked with building the Death Star, Gerrera mentored Jyn, teaching her to fight.

In Rogue One, 0 BBY, Gerrera is briefly reunited with Jyn Erso, providing her with the crucial hologram message from her father about the weakness of the Death Star. Gerrera, tired of running and a lifetime of war, chose to stay behind and die as the Empire destroyed the Jedha Holy City. From there, Jyn was able to proceed and steal the plans for the Death Star, which we see resolved in A New Hope.

Although Gerrera’s time in Fallen Order is somewhat brief, it is nonetheless great to see the character brought into fight against the Empire. Knowing how much Disney is looking to pump out more Star Wars films, we are sure to see more of the character in the future, perhaps in some more prequel material.

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