Fallen Order's Performance Issues Are Ruining The Game On Console

While the performance on PC is okay at best, console users have been struggling to get through STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order.

Despite the fact that it is already an easy game of the year contender, EA and Respawn's Jedi: Fallen Order has been experiencing a mass of bugs and framerate spikes specifically on consoles. While the performance on PC is okay at best, console users have been struggling to get through the game and it's costing Respawn some serious blowback on social media.

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The lovechild of Dark Souls and Uncharted still remains one of this year's most prized entries in the gaming industry and is renewing interest in the gaming future of Star Wars. Yet, if Respawn doesn't act fast in cleaning up said bugs, fans may jump ship for the plentitude of other titles released amid the same window. Some of the issues, however, can be solved relatively easy, as exemplified best by turning off 'Share User Data' to amend the framerate drops.

Still, performance issues will persist. The game might have been in development for years, but these things happen. Some concerns, such as missing in-game components or sound issues, can be easily resolved by simply restarting the console. It seems, however, that most of the game-crashing issues are on the PS4 Pro, so if you're running on the base it should be relatively breezy. Players who encounter persistent problems should definitely head on over to Help EA to report them - Respawn can only work on fixes if they know about the initial issue..

Even though the game has a multitude of performance issues, from framerate drops and freezing to extended load times and texture dips, it's still a Force blast of an experience, especially if you're a hardcore Star Wars fanatic. Reminiscent of Force Unleashed, yet far better and infused with some of the industry's most memorable titles, Jedi: Fallen Order is, as we say in our review of the game, "a thrilling adventure with an appropriately ragtag group of misfits and familiar themes of honor, temptation, betrayal, and redemption."

Even so, the multitude of performance issues does pose a significant negative impact on the immensely popular Star Wars experience. Clunky gameplay controls - like movement while in combat or jumping toward ropes - have been creating some problems that cuts into the gameplay experience, no matter how much fun it is to be a Jedi again. Still, this seemingly unplayable factor inherent in console versions will be slowly but surely corrected by Respawn over the next few months. At least the game isn't riddled with predatory microtransactions.

Console players will just have to wait for the bugs to be righted by the Force of Respawn while doing their best to ignore the mass of performance issues that plague the game.

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