Fallout 1st Subscribers Say Servers Aren't Private, Scrap Boxes Are Deleting Their Stuff

Many Fallout 1st subscribers started their own private Fallout 76 servers, only to encounter other players invading their space and loot disappearing.

If die-hard fans of the Fallout franchise didn't think Bethesda could steep any lower into controversy, they may want to recheck their Pip-Boys. Not only does Fallout 76's paid subscription cost more than Xbox Game Pass, but it also doesn't work properly. Much like the state of the online multiplayer game itself, it seems the newest and most debilitating subscription plan has plenty of kinks, such as Private Worlds not being so private and the new Scrap Box deleting certain items from its inventory. Bethesda only continues to dig itself deeper into fan distaste, all the while a competitor by the name of Outer Worlds steals headlines with its critically acclaimed gameplay.

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For the many Fallout 3 fans out there, the state of Bethesda and Fallout 76 is now highly reminiscent of Megaton after players set off the massive nuclear weapon implanted in the center of town. Due in large part to the fact that the Wastelander's Update has been postponed to 2020, in addition to a laughable new subscription plan that makes Bethesda look worse than both Activision and EA combined, it makes sense that fans are pissed. Players have long been asking for these new additions, specifically private lobbies, and stash boxes to protect their loot, yet after some "data crunching," Bethesda decided to restrict these additions with a paywall. This obviously didn't sit well with fans, which explains why the Fallout 1st domain was hijacked and reappropriated as a not-so-subtle message to Bethesda, eloquently reading:


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The issues with the subscription plan aren't relatively small, either. Players utilizing the new Private Worlds add-on are discovering dead bodies, looted areas, and other players in their supposedly private sessions. This is especially true for those with larger friend lists, and it seems there is no way to combat these players from joining said private worlds. The best bet here would be to keep your player profile offline, but even that can be bypassed in-game. The new Scrap Box addition is also experiencing some major setbacks, like the entire inventory vanishing completely, even when players log out and back in again. It's become relatively clear if it hasn't already to most Bethesda fans, that Fallout 1st simply isn't worth it. Here's a Reddit PSA for those still on the fence about jumping on the flaming bandwagon.

The Forbes article that highlights the disaster that is Fallout 1st notes that many players are experiencing the issue, not simply a couple of flukes. Most notable among them can be found on Reddit, where various concerns have been voiced to little assistance. Bethesda has yet to make any statements about these claims, though a hotfix is sure to crop up soon that will only plunge the system into worse disarray. It appears that the player suffrage of Fallout 76 has reached a boiling point, but will things change? It's doubtful, as there still remains a multitude of Bethesda fanboys eagerly anticipating what they concoct next.

Source: Forbes

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