Fallout: 25 Tricks From The Franchise You Had NO Idea About

The world of Fallout is a vast and ever expanding one. There is so much story, so many characters, and so many places to explore in the games, it's almost impossible to find all of the secrets hiding within the games. Whether it's a Legendary Alpha Albino Deathclaw lurking within Lexington or a boat full of robots who think the war is still waging on despite hundreds of years having passed them by, the post-apocalyptic world is filled to the brim with exciting adventures. There are however several tips, tricks and strategies that can help players improve their game skills and become masters of the Wasteland.

Bethesda managed to vitalize the classic PC series in 2008 with their The Elder Scrolls-esque game, Fallout 3. Thanks to the phenomenal writers at Obsidian, Fallout fans were treated to another excellent entry in the franchise not long after with Fallout: New Vegas. Now, post-apocalyptic video game fans are finally seeing what the series would look on next-gen video game consoles and PC hardware with Fallout 4. There's a lot of hidden tricks and things you might have missed out there, so dive in with us. Check out these 25 amazing tips and tricks to improve your game in the Fallout universe!

25 Taking Them Out Stealthily And Sneakily

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If you have a high enough sneak level, you can sneak up on power armored enemies or use a stealth boy to pickpocket their fusion core. This will force the enemies out of their armor and allow you to crush them. This is especially handy if you find yourself on the outs with the Brotherhood of Steel or find a pack of raiders who have liberated their own sets of Power Armor. Be warned that this is extremely tricky, and won't work on the first couple of tries. Move slowly, and if you don't have a stealth boy, be sure to keep an eye on the word 'hidden' shown when crouching. This will tell you whether or not you have been spotted by the enemy.

24 Assemble Your Settlers In Record Time

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When building a settlement in Fallout 4, you will attract a lot of settlers. Settlements and towns in the Commonwealth are like a beacon, and after building a radio beacon, people from all over will make their way to you. With so many people around, it can be difficult and confusing to keep track of everyone, especially after you've assigned jobs and have specific needs from individuals. If you need to get a hold of one person in particular, instead of tracking them down, build a bell and ring it. This will bring the entire settlement together. With everyone gathered, you will be able to find the person you seek and will save you time and energy searching the entire settlement. Definitely worth the materials needed to build the bell.

23 Outfit Your Friends The Way You Want To

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When you find yourself with a traveling companion, make sure to give them extra power armor and weapons. This will ensure your buddy in the wasteland is fully equipped to fight by your side. Even Dogmeat can be given collars and armor to make him an unstoppable

canine! When enemies appear from all fronts and you find yourself in the fight of your Fallout life, you have to be able to depend on your traveling companions to pull their weight and help fend the enemy off. Too often, players find their companions laying on the ground, having been defeated by the enemy and waiting for your to stop fighting long enough to give them a Stimpak. With the proper armor and weapons, they can become just as deadly as you.

22 VATS, Meet Grenades

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While you can't throw grenades in VATS, you can shoot grenades being thrown or mines on the ground, blowing them up from a safe distance. This is especially handy when you are walking through narrow corridors and learn too late that mines have been hidden in dark spots on the ground, and you have no room to run to a safe distance. Just be quick about it and take notice of your surroundings, so you can enter VATS quickly and get them before they hit you. As a general rule, constantly check VATS to see enemies and traps like mines, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to shoot a mine and get the enemy caught in the blast at the same time.

21 Brag About Your Accomplishments

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When traveling in Fallout 4, you can acquire magazines and bobbleheads that improve your character. However, there are so many of these collectibles that finding crucial documents for your missions can be a pain in the butt to find when you have so many Wasteland Survival Guide magazines taking up room in your Misc. category. In your settlements, you should build a Bobblehead and Magazine display, that way you can free up your gear and have an amazing display of your accomplishments. This can serve as a memorial to your accomplishments and character in the game, and makes for a fine display in your settlement. Plus, if you do that, finding holotapes and notes that pertain to your mission is much easier to accomplish.

20 Turn Your Game Into A Michael Bay Movie

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Explosions happen often in the Fallout universe, and Fallout 4 is chock full of items waiting to combust. In addition to grenades and mines, you can shoot barrels, tanks, and even cars, or use a Molotov to set them on fire and subsequently explode. This is helpful when you are facing a small army of raiders or super mutants, and you find yourself looking at a group hiding behind an old car just waiting to blow them up. This also works for super mutants who run at you with mini nukes in their hands. These guys are waiting to blow themselves and you up in a nuclear cloud, but if you use the Vats system, you can either kill them and collect the nuke for yourself, or you can hit the nuke in their hands from a distance and watch the explosion unfold.

19 Hoarders: Buried Alive: Fallout Edition

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One of the main components of the Fallout universe is scavenging. Exploring buildings and the Wasteland in general, the player often finds ammo, weapons, and materials needed to not only survive, but thrive in the game. This is especially true in Fallout 4, where you are able to build settlements and craft more than ever before. However, as most players know, your player character can only carry a limited amount of things. You can easily build or find storage units to store your items in, but if you have to build them, you're also wasting some of the materials you might desperately need. At workbenches and crafting stations, you can store your junk and spare weapons to make room for more loot within the Commonwealth, freeing you up to build some amazing creations in the settlements of Fallout 4.

18 Not Quite A 5-Star Hotel

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In Fallout 3 and New Vegas, there was a single button you could press to speed up time throughout any given day. However, no such button exists in Fallout 4. This can be frustrating when you fast travel to a new destination, only to find that the precious daylight has turned to night, or you have a mission that requires you to wait a day to complete. For those who don't wish to find a bed and sleep through the day, just find a chair or couch to sit in. This will speed up time, allowing you more rest to fight Deathclaws at night. Say goodbye to wasted time in the Wasteland, and hello to in-game comfort and speedy gameplay.

17 Building From The Ground Up

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Building within settlements is fun, but often we are left wishing we could get rid of a single building or landscape to make room for a much more clean-looking building. Inside the settlement of Sanctuary in Fallout 4, players can tear down the old buildings of the housing development that used to be your home before the bombs fell. You can then use the materials and the loot inside to rebuild the settlement the way you want. Build enough buildings, beds, and resources, and more and more settlers will arrive. From there, caravans and traders with awesome weapons and mods will eventually make

their way to you. Out of all the settlements you build, Sanctuary can truly live up to its namesake, becoming a shining example of what the Commonwealth can look like... thanks to you.

16 Take Advantage Of The Struggling Economy

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One of the most expensive items to both buy and sell in Fallout 4 is the fusion core, which is the power source for your Power Armor. If your fusion core is about to be depleted, take it out! If you do, you can sell it to a trader for full price, despite it no longer having a full charge. This is quite a steal for you, as you make the same amount of caps from the sale and yet don't have to forfeit that precious power source you so desperately need. So be sure to keep an eye on your Power Armor's power level, and when your suit starts beeping at you when it's about to be depleted, stop and remove it immediately and get yourself over to a trader!

15 Last Chance For A Personality Overhaul

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Saving your game is crucial in the world of Fallout. You never know when you are going to get gunned down by raiders or eaten by Deathclaws. However, in Fallout 4 the best place to save your game is right before you leave Vault 111 for the first time. Here, you are able to change your starting stats, face, and personality. If you ever find the choices you made when you first started the game were wrong, you can run back to your first save and start over. This is helpful if you found you put too many points into the luck personality trait and not enough into the intelligence or strength traits, and you find the mole rats that you face early on too deadly for your weak character.

14 Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

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Experience is a key component to building your character in the Fallout universe, especially in Fallout 4. It is the key to levelling up your character and getting new abilities needed to survive the harsh Commonwealth wasteland. In Diamond City, find and enter the All Faiths Chapel and take a seat. You won't believe it, but sitting there will grant the player an extra 5% XP. This experience will be helpful when you find yourself on the verge of levelling up but need just a few points more to get there, and it won't take any ammo or much traveling to get there. A few moments of sitting is the easiest 5% XP you'll make in the Commonwealth.

13 Sometimes You Just Gotta Unplug

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Power Armor is a precious commodity in the Fallout universe. However, with the constant flow of enemies, leaving behind armor can be dangerous as any old raider can come along and steal it for themselves. In Fallout 4, when you leave your power armor behind, take your fusion core(s) with you. This way, you can return to the power armor later and NPCs won't be able to steal the armor from you. Plus, with it being able to stay exactly in the spot you left it, your map will update with a marker letting you know where to find it in the future. This makes keeping that Power Armor easier than ever before.

12 Leaving Them Limbless

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Enemies are relentless in the Fallout universe. When fighting, you have to find ways to slow down your enemy so that you can take them out and deal with the rest on your own time. When it comes to raiders and human enemies, this strategy will be useless. However with super mutants, synths, ghouls, and more, aim for the limbs. Taking off a leg to reduce movement or aim at a super mutant’s weapon arm can be a life saver, especially with Legendary enemies. A surefire way to accomplish this is by using the VATS system. Not only can you aim for specific limbs, but you can see how much strength each limb has before they are blown off or crippled. Use the VATS system carefully and you'll be able to stop hordes of ghouls in no time.

11 Not Just Hunting For Sport

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Find your character is weighed down by loot? With all the loot in the Fallout universe playing a crucial role in how your character develops, and, in the case of Fallout 4, playing a role in how your settlements develop, keeping as much of the loot you have as possible is so important. Unfortunately, you can't fast ravel to your settlements to unload the loot if you are weighed down. You should make a habit of killing radstags and then grill them at cooking stations, keeping a few on hand for emergencies. They give you an extra +25 carrying weight and allow you to fast travel to settlements. These creatures roam throughout various areas in the Commonwealth, and a few shots should take them down easily. It's important to keep them on hand in case those weight problems come into play in crucial moments.

10 Take A Refreshing Sip Of Water

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Radiation is everywhere in the Fallout universe. It's the biggest non-combative threat facing players in the wasteland. Fallout 4 is no different, but being able to build settlements can help deal with irradiated food and water. Build a water purifier early on, and you will find yourself with bonus health boosts. In your workbench you will find extra purified water, and settlers will place produce in the workshop as well. This will keep you, your allies, and your settlers healthy in the game. Plus, with the ability to break down and scrap barrels filled with nuclear material, you can keep your settlements radiation-free zones if you so desire. So build those water purifies fast, Vault Dwellers, and enjoy a fresh bottle of Commonwealth water.

9 What's In The Mystery Meat?

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Strange missions are not uncommon in the Fallout universe, and Fallout 4 is no exception. However, these missions can produce some amazing rewards and experience to help build up your character, and so they are definitely worth the strangeness of the actual mission. Want to decrease store prices by 10% in the Commonwealth? Head to Longneck Lukowski’s cannery. Here you will find two robots fighting over some strange meat, and from there things really take off. After a ten minute mission, you get the barter bobblehead and the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine, plus you get to make an interesting mission choice…

8 You Really Are Special

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Building your character is an important part of how the game plays for you in Fallout 4. As mentioned earlier, you can edit your character right up until the point when you first leave Vault 111. However, there is a way to add points to your character traits even after you have left. When you leave Vault 111 in Fallout 4, head to your house and look in the baby's room for Shaun's "You're Special" book. Reading this will grant the player a bonus point to add to your SPECIAL stats. This is crucial to accomplish early on in the game, as it can improve your character for the early battles you will face as you begin your search for your son.

7 Keep Your Faithful Companion Nearby

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Your most faithful companion in the Fallout universe ends up being your dog, Dogmeat. This is true even in Fallout 4. However, Dogmeat can get lost very easily in the Commonwealth and even if you ring your town bell, he won't show up. In your main settlement, make sure to build a dog house. This will help bring Dogmeat to the same safe place and makes it easier to find him. You'll often find him hanging out in the dog house, and he'll have a big goofy grin on his face when you find him and ask him to join you on your mission. This will be helpful when you need to find him and don't want to search every single building and landscape in the wasteland.

6 Make The Most Of Your Muskets

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In Fallout 4, one of the weapons you get early on is a Laser Musket. A favorite weapon of the Minutemen, this weapon fires powerful laser beams, but unfortunately has a limited range and can only fire a couple of shots at a time before you need to reload. Rather than just shoot once, hold your shot and charge your weapon. It'll eat up more ammo, but will unleash a much more powerful shot at your enemies. This will come into play early on when you find a group of characters holed up and being attacked by raiders, and all you have to fight them is a laser musket and (hopefully) Dogmeat by your side.

5 Up Your Weapon Game Early On

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Powerful weapons are a necessity in the Commonwealth, as the enemies you face will only get more powerful and more deadly with time. However, there is one weapon you will find early on in the game that you need as soon as possible. A powerful weapon found in Vault 111, the Cryolator sits behind a glass case with a master level lock. Before waiting to get to that skill level, meet Dogmeat, and bring him back to the vault. Use his skill to find loot, and the gun will move from the case to his jaws, (after you've cleared the rest of the loot in the vault). This is helpful when you don't want to wait to develop your character to be a master lock picker and instead want your powerful gun now.

4 A Man's Best Friend

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Dogmeat isn't just cool and adorable, but also is super helpful in Fallout 4. Dogmeat can sniff out enemies or find loot for the Lone Survivor, giving them an edge over the enemy. As mentioned before, you can use Dogmeat to bring you the Cryolator, as well as other powerful weapons and ammo to keep you in the fight. This is also helpful when you find yourself low on health and without a blood pack or stimpak. Task Dogmeat with finding you health, and he will lead you to the nearest health source. He really is your most loyal and faithful companion in the Fallout universe.

3 Who Needs A Real Estate Agent?

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Building settlements in Fallout 4 is a lot of fun, but it can be time consuming and stressful to keep track of each settlement and how they are faring in the Commonwealth. If you don't have time for making settlements and still want your own place to sleep, relax, and store items, you can buy a house in Diamond City. It'll cost about 2,000 caps, but you can customize it like a workbench in a settlement and you'll be in the heart of the biggest city in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Plus, you'll be closer to the Diamond City Market and two of your traveling companions call Diamond City their home as well (Piper and Nick Valentine).

2 No Need For Reading Glasses

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Having trouble reading the text on your Pip-Boy? Use the same button that changes between first and third person view while on your pip-boy, and it will enlarge the text. This is important, as your Pip-Boy serves as your lifeline in the games. Whether you are looking to find the perfect radio station to listen to music or if you need to find a new weapon, or if you have important information to read about your current mission, making the text readable is necessary, and can even save your life in the Commonwealth. So keep track of how your Pip-Boy is showing you the information you need, and keep this tip in mind before you accidentally drop your Fat Man weapon in the middle of a lake.

1 I Walk A Lonely Road...

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One of the best hidden tips in the game is that when you utilize the Lone Wanderer perk, you can still have Dogmeat as a companion. Only humanoid companions shut the perk off! The Lone Wanderer perk is a much sought-after perk in the game, and being able to hold onto it can be crucial at times. So rather than choosing between companionship and strong perks, bring your faithful companion Dogmeat with you on the road. Not only is he a powerful ally to have in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, but you will be able to utilize the Lone Wanderer perk and make your character a true force to be reckoned with in the wasteland.

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