The 10 Best Builds For Melee In Fallout 4, Ranked

In a world of guns, nuclear weapons, and mutants, melee builds can be surprisingly fun and viable in Fallout 4.

In a world of guns, nuclear weapons, and mutants, melee builds can be surprisingly fun and viable in Fallout 4. Certain builds can even become so powerful they effectively break the game, making the player a one-man army that can ravage the wasteland with ease, and others are quirky enough to be ludicrously fun.

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If you’re interested in diving back into the radiated world of Fallout 4 with a melee build then here are some setups you should consider or use to craft your own customized build from.

10 Feral Ghoul

The Feral Ghoul is a roleplay build that’s tough to pull off, but loads of fun. You essentially fight with only your fists and use little if any armor. You are vulnerable, but a little bit of radiation coursing through your veins going into a fight to utilize Ghoulish regeneration will help you survive. You should also have a good supply of chems for combat and to manage radiation levels.

Strength, agility, and intelligence are your main stats with whatever endurance you can afford. Iron fist helps with punches and survivability perks like Rooted, toughness, and Lifegiver are a must. Cannibal is necessary for roleplaying and free HP regeneration after the fight. Have Strong as a companion if you find yourself dying a lot.

9 Power Tank

The Power Tank is essentially built around the concept of making yourself so durable that very little can touch you while you whack away with your melee weapon of choice. Generally speaking, you want a lot of endurance, then a lot of strength, then some agility.

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You’ll also want some durable power armor and a solid melee weapon. The key to making this build work is survivability perks. Rooted is great as it raises damage resistance and damage output while standing still, other good ones are Toughness, Lifegiver, Adamantium Skeleton, Solar Powered, and Ricochet. Simply walk into battle, gradually whittle your opponents down, then consume some health items to recover the little HP that you lost.

8 Follower Of Ug-Qualtoth

This is another roleplay build that’s surprisingly effective. It essentially has you acting as a cultist who kills his opponents at night, using stealth and a small bladed weapon, ideally the Kremvh’s Tooth. You also will be building settlements and obtaining followers in honor of the fictional Ug-Qualtoth.

Basically get your hands on the knife or any bladed weapon, you want lots of intelligence, agility, and charisma (for obtaining followers). Dump perks into Cannibalism, Mister Sandman to kill those sleeping instantly, Sneak, and Ninja. Sneak up on a sleeping or nonsleeping person and gut them with your sacrificial machete to please Ug-Qualtoth.

7 Child of Atom

The Children of Atom are obsessed with radiation and this melee build is built on that concept. Your weapon of choice is the radiated and very powerful Atom's Judgement, so make sure you have a lot of strength to wield it and endurance for survival.

Your ideal perks are Ghoulish to regenerate via radiation, Solar Powered to enjoy the sun’s radiation, Big Leagues, Rooted, and Toughness to survive attacks. Just make sure to have plenty of Rad X to remove radiation after you’re healed.

6 Power Knight

The Power Knight is probably the typical build most players use when playing melee in Fallout 4. You’ll wear a suit of Power Armor crafted for melee with a medieval weapon like a blade or hammer. You’ll want a lot of intelligence to give you Nuclear Physicist so fusion cores last longer.

Strength is obvious for melee damage but also to get Armorer to make tweaks to your Power Armor to improve its effectiveness in battle like Emergency Protocol, and Blacksmith to improve your melee gear. Other perks would be the generic Rooted, Big Leagues, and survivabilities you think you might need like Toughness or Life Giver. Paladin Danse is your companion.

5 Meat Head

You’re basically a standard super mutant, lots of strength and agility, with a healthy dose of endurance, but no intelligence whatsoever. This build is appealing to many as it simplifies play and Idiot Savant is a great way to level up quickly.

Essentially you want tough armor, a big melee weapon and then just bash anyone in your way. Perks should increase your damage and durability so go with Rooted, Big Leagues, Toughness, and Lifegiver. Strong Back helps with the heavy items and Strong is a great companion for knocking heads.

4 Egg

This is a quirky build that’s lots of fun when done properly, though it's only viable in the endgame. Found on The Weirdist, the Egg has you living in Power armor with lots of strength, endurance, and intelligence. Your damage comes from stomping via Explosive Vents, Tesla Coil upgrades, smashing into others via Pain Train, and ejecting your fusion core for big explosions.

Armorer, Pain Train, and Nuclear Physicist are a must, Solar Powered will help you stay alive and grab as many fusion cores as possible.

3 Serial Killer

The Serial Killer is a roleplay build that's very viable. You want lots of agility to improve your overall stealth and perception to get access to essential perks like Night Person and Mister Sandman. Charisma also helps to get Lady Killer and Intimidation.

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During the day, you can sweet talk anyone and get deals with merchants. At night, you’re cutting throats or bashing heads, (whichever floats your boat) while people sleep and use stealth to deal with everyone else. Cannibal is a helpful perk with this build and fits the roleplay element disturbingly well.

2 One Punch Man

Fans of the anime or those who want to take down enemies in a single hit will love this powerful build. It is tough to get started, but the endgame is ludicrously fun. You want almost everything dumped into strength, then agility with a little in perception and intelligence to get the perks you want.

Rooted, Blitz, Action Boy/Girl, Better Criticals, Grim Reaper’s Sprint are helpful while Iron Fist is a must and Bloody Mess is great for aesthetics. Then while wielding Furious Power Fist use Blitz to zip around the room bashing everyone’s head in with one punch. Use Buffout and Psycho if you aren’t getting one hits.

1 Sneak Slashing/Ninja

By far the strongest and most popular melee build for early and endgame is the Sneak Slashing or Ninja build. It focuses on swordplay with lots of agility and luck with a little strength to boost melee damage.

Get your Sneak up to five stars, Big Leagues, Ninja for better stealth attacks, Better Criticals and Critical Banker. Bloody Mess is optional and it's advised you don’t have a companion. Turn on stealth, creep up on your enemies, gut them with your sword for what will often be a one-hit kill. You're also strong enough to face foes in a straightforward duel if your cover is blown. Blitz will also help if confronted.

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