Fallout 4's 10 Best Companions, Ranked

One of the greatest parts of Fallout 4 is that it offers up a huge number of companions for players to choose among, offering them a chance for some friendship (always welcome in a world full of beasts ready to take them down). However, some of these hangers-on are much more useful than others, so make sure you pick wisely.

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Every single companion on this list is worth taking into the Wasteland, but if you want to know who is the best of the best, stick around. We're here to tell everyone who the greatest companions in Fallout 4 are!

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10 Dogmeat

This companion is available right from the beginning, so every player has travelled with this adorable Dogmeat for at least a little while. Being man's best friend, many people will choose to keep him on board for the long haul, but what does he actually do for the player beyond looking cute?

Well, apart from taking on enemies (with the right perks selected), this dog will occasionally find random items for the player. With a Wasteland this big, it should come as no surprise that people want to make sure they don't miss anything!

9 Paladin Danse

One of the best things about having Paladin Danse as a companion is that he has a huge amount of damage resistance. This makes him a strong companion to have around when things get hectic and people need someone to help them take down the enemies.

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Once people have developed their relationship with this tank of a man, they will be able to unlock a perk that allows them to deal 20% more damage to Synths, Feral Ghouls and Super Mutants. If a player is looking for a tank to help take down every enemy they come across, this is the companion to choose.

8 Strong

Not only can this man do a lot of damage to people in the Wasteland, he is also known for being quite the pack horse, allowing the player to offload any items they don't want to carry. This trait proves invaluable throughout your long journey.

While a lot of other companions will likely choose to keep their distance (just like a lot of players), all this companion needs is a Super Sledge and they're able to take on pretty much anything that comes their way. When Strong unleashes his full berserker fury, magical things can happen.

7 Nick Valentine

Having Nick around doesn't increase the likelihood that the player will be able to take down any enemy that comes their way, but he is a great companion for anyone that wants to do things a little sneakier.

Are you the sort of player who approaches games with a little more ingenuity, a little less guns-blazing fury? Nick Valentine is the companion for you. If a player chooses to keep this guy around, they will find that terminal-hacking will never be a problem again. Nick steps in and takes on the challenge, with very low risk of failure.

6 Piper Wright

Rather than including obvious perks, this woman is a fast talker who has a lot to say. Appropriately, then, once people build up their relationship with her, they can unlock a perk that lets them gain more experience every time they discover somewhere new (or are able to convince an NPC of something using a Charisma option).

This is great for low-level players, but Wright comes with a huge selection of lines and her snappy dialogue is priceless. This is enough to convince even high-level players to keep her around, if they don't need somebody with a lot of strength.

5 John Hancock

We want to start out by saying that, all stats aside, we think this guy is probably the coolest companion. Not only does he look great, but he will just randomly aid the player by offering them chems from time to time, which is a very cool thing to do.

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While he doesn't have the highest hit points or the greatest strength, keeping this man around is a good idea for any player that likes to keep their character irradiated. Once their relationship level with John Hancock is high enough, players can unlock a perk that increases damage by 20% whenever they're higher than 250 rads.

4 MacCready

Anyone who is struggling to find ammo or fusion cores while they search the Wasteland should probably turn to this guy as their companion, as he's able to randomly find and gift them to the player. Not only that, but he has a great personality; a perfect companion for any player who isn't going down the good route while playing Fallout 4.

Once the relationship is high enough, the player will be able to unlock a perk that gives them an extra 20% chance of getting a headshot while taking on an enemy in V.A.T.S (which is a ridiculously high boost)!

3 Preston Garvey

If players are in the habit of going up against large numbers of enemies at once, or are always finding themselves in fights where the odds are against them, then we would suggest that they take this guy around the Wasteland with them.

Once the relationship is high enough, a perk will be unlocked that increases damage dealt and damage resistance by 20%, while the player and Preston are taking on three or more enemies at once. In a universe as dangerous as  Fallout 4's, it can be pretty common to come up against this many people, so Garvey is worth more than his low strength would imply!

2 Cait

What kind of player will Cait suit as a companion? Players who are all about living on the edge, who find that they're having the most fun when they're just scraping through and managing to survive, that's who.

For example, this woman will be able to pick any lock that the player comes up against (as long as they watch her back), as well as unlocking a perk that makes the players AP recover much faster once they're at a lower health. She's a dangerous pick, but a fun one as well.

1 Curie

This woman may not look like much, especially to many people who have played through Fallout 4 and seen all the other companions that are on offer, but don't underestimate her. What you may not know is that she has a flat HP rate of 440, which is incredibly high when compared to the other companions on this list.

Rather than being an all-out monster, Curie is good to have around because she's all about sustaining life rather than ending it. She will attack enemies with the player, but think of this woman as a back up rather than a tank.

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