10 Things You Missed In Fallout 4: Far Harbor’s Map

Far Harbor is a great expansion for Fallout 4. If you're looking for some quests items or other things you may have missed, you came to the right list

Shortly after Bethesda released Fallout 4 they announced a series of upcoming add-ons that would expand the game to new areas of the wasteland. Far Harbor was the third of these add-ons, and over time it has proven to be a worthy addition to Fallout 4. The add-on takes place off the coast of Maine at Mount Desert Island. Far Harbor has a large new area to explore, with at over 50 marked locations on the map.

The add-on gets its name from the largest settlement remaining in the Mount Desert Island area – Far Harbor. The setting in Far Harbor is actually based on a real town in Maine named Bar Harbor. If the player looks carefully there are signs that can be found around the island that say Bar Harbor instead of Far Harbor. Far Harbor was released on May 19, 2016, so there has been plenty of time for players to find every this add-on’s every secret. This list will reveal 10 things that you might have overlooked on your previous play-through.

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10 The Teddy Bear And Cannon Under The Stash Boat

The teddy bear on the cannon is an easy sight to miss; you really have to learn about this one from an outside source. The chance of coming across this spot by accident is slim. Southwest of the Fringe Cove Docks is a boat with an unlocked safe aboard.

The safe has some ammunition, among some other loot. Beneath the boat is an odd sight you might have missed -- a teddy bear sitting upon a cannon. This spot has become almost like a tourist attraction among Far Harbor players. Next to the cannon is a box of cannonballs, which you will want if you use the Broadsider.

9 Special Dialogue

There are special dialogue trees available if you have a specific companion with you in Far Harbor. If your companion is Dogmeat there will be special dialogue options when speaking to the super mutant named Erickson living in Horizon Flight 1207. Erickson will even give you a gift meant for Dogmeat. Having Old Longfellow or Nick Valentine as your companion will also give special dialogue options while playing Far Harbor.

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Old Longfellow’s special dialogue is primarily simple comments and complaints, but Nick Valentine’s special dialogue is extensive and involves quests and payouts. If you haven’t done it yet, play through Far Harbor with Nick Valentine as your companion.

8 DiMA’s Secret Medical Facility

This is a quest some players missed. This quest has some specific requirements in order to complete. This caused many people to play through the game and never realize the quest was even available. The title of the Quest is “Talk to KYE 1.1”. This quest only becomes available while on the “Best Left Forgotten” quest.

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If you have Nick Valentine as your companion this quest will be easy to complete. If Nick isn’t your companion you will need a high charisma to get KYE 1.1 to open the door. In the locked room KYE 1.1 is guarding is a unique combat rifle named December’s Child.

7 Mannequin Ship

Here is something weird you might not have come across on previous playthroughs of Far Harbor – the Mannequin Ship. To the southwest of Fringe Cove Docks (close to the teddy bear and cannon) is a mostly submerged ship crewed by a group of mannequins. This is a truly creepy scene; one where you expect the mannequins to suddenly come to life and attack.

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This scene is sure to bring back memories of exploring the world of Bioshock for some gamers. There is some loot on the boat, but the real treasure is in a shipping container next to the boat. Inside this container is a coffin containing another mannequin and a few gold bars. The gold bars alone make this spot worth visiting.

6 Vim! Power Armor

A suit of Vim! power armor can be found at the Vim! Factory, but be ready to fight an army of super mutants for it. If you aren’t ready for this fight, there is another suit of Vim! power armor that can be found on the island. To find this armor head out of Far Harbor and head down the road to the north that runs along the coast. You will eventually come across an abandoned truck while traveling along this route.

If you check the shipping container on the truck’s trailer you will discover a suit of Vim! Pop Power Armor waiting for you.

5 Giant Hermit Crab

At the northwest edge of the map, by the Oceanarium, is a broken bridge with a wrecked van. Hidden inside the wrecked van is a giant hermit crab that is using the vehicle as its shell. Once the player gets close enough, the crab will burst from its “shell” and attack. This boss fight isn’t that difficult, but you should be ready to retreat.

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The giant hermit crab can do a fair amount of damage with its attacks and has a lot of health. During the fight, the giant hermit crab can also spit out eggs. These eggs burst upon impact and release a baby crab -- which also begins attacking the player. The crab has some loot in its shell; not all of this loot is useful, but there is some ammunition.

4 The Locked Room On Cranberry Island

By the Cranberry Island Docks is a locked shed full of supplies. To open the door the player needs to repair the generators and restore power to a bunker hidden near the Cranberry Island Bog. The easiest way to find these generators is to follow the power lines; these will lead you to the generators. There is a quest attached to this room that involves finding the clues Eliza left.

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The first of these clues is Eliza’s journal, which is found in a building by the docks. There are some ghouls inside the bunker, but once they are dealt with the player is free to explore the room and take the items stored there – which includes the key to the supply shed. Inside the supply shed are two shelves filled with building components.

3 Shipbreaker

Anyone who has played Far Harbor knows how tough fog crawlers are. Many players might not have known that there is a legendary fog crawler, named Shipbreaker, that can be hunted towards the second half of the Far Harbor add-on. This quest begins when you detect the Shipbreaker’s signal with your Pip-Boy. You can also start the quest by being told about Shipbreaker by someone in a settlement.

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Follow the signal until you encounter Shipbreaker; at this point, it will attack. The signal must be tracked quickly or Shipbreaker will get away. If it gets away the quest will be lost. Be sure to talk to Old Longfellow after defeating Shipbreaker for a reward.

2 Hidden Underwater Safe

This safe was missed by a lot of players on their first time playing Far Harbor. To get to the safe you need to head to the National Park Visitor’s Center towards the north side of the map. From there head northeast and continue into the water. Swim in a northeastern direction until you are approximately due east of the Dalton Farm.

The safe should be somewhere in this area on the sea floor. Getting to the safe doesn’t require a diving suit, as it isn’t very deep. Once you pick the safe's lock you will be rewarded with a nice assortment of ammunition and some pre-war money.

1 The Just-Out-Of-Reach Power Armor

At the edge of the southeast corner of the map, there is an area just beyond the world map boundary that looks interesting. To get here, head southeast from the Harbor Grand Hotel into the water. Swim out until you hit the boundary of the world map then dive underwater.

If you’re in the correct location you should be able to see a crashed Vertibird on the sea floor. On the side of the hill facing the wreckage is a cave with a suit of power armor standing upright. Unfortunately, the only way to reach this suit of armor is to install a mod to remove the boundary around the world map. If you choose to do this you will find not only a suit of T-51 power armor, but the ground around the armor is littered with fusion core modules. There are several areas like this beyond the boundary of the world map that makes one wonder if the boundary was supposed to be a little further out.

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