Fallout 4: The 10 Hardest Achievements To Get

The Fallout series is known for its list of achievements and Fallout 4 is no exception. While some believe that the achievements in this title are easier to achieve than in previous games, a few still exist that give players a hard time.

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There are a number of reasons why these achievements are hard; some aren't related to the core elements of gameplay so most players won't think to do them, some are extremely tedious and produce a minimal reward for the required time and effort, and some suffer from glitches and faulty game mechanics. In any case here are the ten hardest achievements in Fallout 4 according to players and some tips on how to achieve them.

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10 Touchdown

This is an incredibly easy achievement to get if you are prioritizing it, but not likely to happen if you play the game cautiously or carefully. In Fallout 4, there is an enemy known as the Super Mutant Suicider. This green behemoth is carrying a bomb that blinks red lights and deals massive damage upon detonation.

His battle tactic is to rush an opponent and detonate the bomb killing you both. Many players have quickly learned to shoot the bomb in his hands killing him and his buddies or simply avoid him until he’s down. If you haven’t gotten this achievement, odds are you play too carefully.

9 Mercenary

Some players will naturally accomplish the Mercenary achievement without trying and others will find this to be an unbearable grind. Mercenary is achieved when the player has completed 50 miscellaneous objectives in the game. For those who focus on the main story and ignore side quests, this will require some effort.

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One exploit to quickly get this done is to join the Brotherhood of Steel faction and get access to the Vertibird. Every time you summon the Vertiberd it creates a miscellaneous objective that requires you to board the aircraft. Simply using this aircraft during your travels will quickly tick this achievement off your list.

8 Wasteland DIY

Some players completely avoid the crafting system in this game which makes the Wasteland DIY achievement a tedious effort. It requires that players craft 100 items, it doesn’t matter how or what, just that 100 total items are created.

One fairly easy albeit tedious way to get this achievement is to find a merchant with a lot of junk or collect it yourself, find a chemistry set and then go to town creating chems. It takes some boring repetition, but in the end, you have another achievement under your belt and an inventory full of chems that can be used or sold making the tedium worthwhile.

7 Docile

This achievement isn’t so hard to do if you know what you’re doing, which is probably why so few players have gotten it. Docile requires the player to have five tamed creatures in a single settlement. What trips players up is that already tame creatures like cats don’t count towards this total, you have to capture hostile creatures like Deathclaws or mole rats.

Another issue players run into is the hassle of taming five creatures simultaneously, for whatever reason creatures that are in close proximity will fly into a violent rage and negate your efforts. The best methods to use is either keep the five cages separated enough that they tame for a moment before fighting or focus on capturing five of the same creature which may take longer.

6 They’re Action Figures

This achievement is more of a tedious scavenger hunt than a difficult challenge. There are 20 bobbleheads scattered through Fallout 4 that need to be collected to complete the "They’re Action Figures" achievement.

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Some you’ll stumble across organically while others you will likely have to refer to a guide video or walkthrough for. The bobbleheads do imbue stat bonuses when you find them making your efforts a little more worthwhile. If only real life worked the same way.

5 Diebrarian

Scav! Magazines were introduced by the Nuka-World­ DLC. These hand drawn magazines confer special bonuses to stats and helpful perks. What makes this an annoying achievement is that some magazines can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look and Nuka-World has so many things going on and difficult achievements to accomplish that it’s easy to forget about.

Along with using a strong character, it’s recommended the player follows a guide or basic walkthrough if they’re having trouble surviving the nonsense that occurs in Nuka-World.

4 Eyes On The Prize

Eyes On The Prize is an annoying achievement in the Nuka-cade in Nuka-World that requires the player to obtain 100,000 tickets. Though there are a few thousand tickets that can be found strewn about the park the player will need a lot of time and a lot of tokens to play the games to get enough tickets.

The easiest way to get this achievement is through the Bandit Roundup game that will earn the player about 1,000 tickets per round. A gun like the Spray n Pray that has a high rate of fire makes winning a lot easier. Even then, you’ll need to play around 100 times to get enough tickets.

3 Islander’s Almanac

Introduced by the DLC Far Harbor, Islander’s Almanac is an achievement that requires the player to hunt down all five issues of the Islander’s Almanac magazine. These magazines provide useful perks, but it’s a paltry reward for the effort needed to acquire them.

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Far Harbor is a dangerous area full of powerful creatures which makes locating these magazines a little tricky. There’s also an annoying glitch in the game that will either prevent these magazines from ever spawning or require an in-game week to pass before they appear. There’s another glitch that sometimes fails to register you found a magazine which requires you to drop them and pick them up.

2 All Sugared Up

All Sugared Up sounds easy enough, simply defeat 40 creatures found in Nuka-World while under the influence of a Nuka drink. The reason this achievement is so rare among players is that the requirements are much more specific than that.

The 40 creatures can only be creatures found exclusively in Nuka-World and the Nuka drink has to be a Nuka-Mix rather than a Nuka-Cola flavor. Basically, the player must mix a bunch of various drink, drink them, and then kill creatures exclusive to the area in the handful of seconds the effects last. One easy way to get the creatures you need is to turn on the Gator replication machine and kill the Gazelles that pop out, but the drink mixing and timed killing will still be annoying.

1 Benevolent Leader

Considered the hardest achievement in the game, Benevolent Leader requires the player to develop a large settlement to 100% happiness. It sounds easy enough but it remains the hardest achievement to accomplish simply due to the finicky the settlement mechanics.

It seems the easiest way to do this is amass all of the materials you could possibly need, find the smallest settlement that’s still considered large (Red Rocket gas station seems to be the go-to), build everything the settlement needs to survive, go overkill with the defense and decoration, bring a handful of settlers to the settlement, and then sit and wait.

Important quirks to note is that happiness drops whenever you leave and settlers who were already living there cannot reach 100% happiness. Make sure everyone there is new and don’t leave until you get the achievement. Good luck.

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