25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Fallout 4 Only True Fans Noticed

Fallout 4 might have been a decent game, but there were a lot of mistakes in it that fans didn't necessarily pick up on.

Longtime fans of the Fallout series were worried when Bethesda obtained the IP from Interplay. Bethesda made it clear that they wanted to make the series available to more gamers. Many were impressed at the change from an isometric view to first-person and third-person perspectives. The gameplay was more action based instead of a more traditional RPG.

What longtime fans didn't like were all of the changes to the established lore in the series. The first two games set the rules for post-war America. Bethesda changed what many knew. Their two Fallout games occurred on the East Coast, allowing them more flexibility on what could and couldn't happen. Fans had to accept that their favorite series was changing, even if they didn't approve. Gamers new to the series didn't take the revisions seriously. They just wanted to have fun until they noticed inconsistencies and contractions within a single game.

Though Fallout 4 improved on the gameplay, many felt as though the story wasn't as good. The dialogue wheel hurt and established backgrounds for the Sole Survivors made role-playing almost impossible. Though easily missed, many gamers noticed that written entries on terminals broke previously established lore. Casual players may not have noticed, or they don't consider it a big deal.

Real fans of the franchise only noticed these mistakes. Are you a new fan and wondering what all the complaints are about? Our list compiles some of the most ridiculous errors in Fallout 4. Just be warned that there are massive spoilers for the entire series before you continue reading.

25 He Should Be Happy, Not Sad

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Fallout 3's Robert MacCready is all grown up in Fallout 4. The Sole Survivor can hire the former Gunner to assist them on their travels across the Commonwealth. If he is by your side during your visit to Vault 81, you may notice something strange.

After saving Austin from a mole rat illness, MacCready "dislikes" your decision.

He doesn't like that you saved a young child. MacCready's son, Duncan, is also dealing with a disease. It's unclear why he would "dislike" helping a sick kid.

24 At Least the Mutation Won't Affect Our Hair

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After the devastating Great War, many humans did not survive the aftermath. Others may have been mutated from the massive amounts of radiation. Those humans transformed into Ghouls. In previous games, their bodies have zombie-like features.

In Fallout 4, ghouls now have full heads of hair. The radiation should have eliminated all of the hair from their bodies. Once entering Goodneighbor, don't be surprised when most of the female Ghouls have perfectly styled heads of hair, such as Bobbi No-Nose and Daisy.

23 The Return Of An Adorable Feline

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Fallout 4 contains a large number of felines once believed to be extinct. In previous Fallout games, and even New Vegas, have commented that domestic cats not only exist. Many did not survive the blasts of the Great War.

On the West Coast, many were used as a food source from desperate survivors. Cats did not appear in Fallout 3, as well, even though some Vaults reportedly had pets to keep Vault Dwellers company. Cats may have decided to call the Commonwealth home, without daring to step past the region's borders.

22 How Much Food Do They Need?

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The Brotherhood of Steel has often kept to themselves. They are wary of outsiders, and many believe that most settlers aren't intelligent. They've changed their ways once entering the Commonwealth and wanted to help others.

Proctor Teagan will ask the Sole Survivor to raid local farms and take their food.

The faction has been growing their own food sources in labs. Besides technology, the Brotherhood was also hoarding outside resources. There's no reason why they would need to steal food from settlers.

21 The Weakest Are The Strongest

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In the Fallout series, most know that there are primarily two types: Docile and Feral Ghouls. The aggressive Feral Ghouls will try to attack anything within reach. Fallout 4 has different kinds of ferals, which include withered and rotting variants. Withered and Rotting Ghouls are decomposing, so they should be much weaker. These variants are more powerful than that Reavers who wear body armor. It doesn't make sense of why ghouls who are falling apart would be more powerful than one wearing post-war armor.

20 Guess They've Evolved

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Aliens have always made cameos in the Fallout series. Their presence was made more evident in Fallout 3 and 4. In Fallout 3, the Lone Wanderer only sees the remains of a lone alien.

The Sole Survivor can chase one down in Fallout 4. The alien has taken refuge in a cave. Once they see the alien, they'll notice something unusual. The alien is not wearing a protective helmet. There's no explanation of how the alien can survive being exposed to the Earth's atmosphere.

19 Those Delicious Spuds Will Be Missed

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Although gamers are familiar with potatoes, the vegetable is first introduced in Fallout 2.

On a terminal in the Prydwen, the Botany Department's Senior Scribe Neriah states that potatoes went extinct in 2287.

However, they can be purchased from merchants and found within the West Coast. Since potatoes exist in Fallout 3, if this Scribe was part of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, they should have been aware that vegetables are not in danger of being extinct within America.

18 Why Are They Completely Helpless?

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The Sole Survivor has been trapped in cryogenic sleep for the last 200 years. Once they emerge from Vault 111, settlers will ask for help. The Minutemen faction will also plead for the Sole Survivor's help for helping the settlers around the Commonwealth.

While others in the country have managed to rebuild after 200 years, even in the nearby Capital Wasteland, the Commonwealth has been able to recover. After two centuries, the settlers are still living off of pre-war cereal and canned meats instead of moving forward.

17 The Unusual Kid In A Fridge

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In previous Fallout games, the protagonist must help a group of Ghouls fix their water source. if not, the Ghouls will all pass from dehydration. In Fallout 4, there is a young Ghoul named Billy who has been trapped in a fridge for over 200 years. He has survived in the dark box without food or water. Even in the Boston Airport, a soldier is feeding Ghouls with old canned meat to survive and prevent them from attacking his friends. The inconsistency occurs not only in the series but in the game.

16 Don't Plan Any Road Trips

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The lack of working vehicles in the world of Fallout has annoyed many gamers. Since Fallout 3, players have had to go long distances with fast-travel. This hurts roleplay immersion. Fallout 4 contains several vehicles, from Vertibirds, large aircraft, boats, and submarines.

In the 200 years since the Great War, no one was able to make a car work on the East Coast.

This may be due to technological limitations in the game engine, but with so many working vehicles, it makes gamers wonder why a car can't start.

15 That Doesn’t Belong In There

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After the Great War, survivors had to scavenge for items to survive. Many resorted to eating domesticated animals, eating slightly irradiated food, or prying open pre-war safes.

In Fallout 4, the items found inside were inconsistent. Inside these safes were items that may not exist until after the war, such as stockpiles of bottle caps, pipe firearms, or chemicals. Since we're led to believe these safes have never been opened, it makes no sense that post-war items would be hidden inside.

14 How Can We Trust Him?

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Nick Valentine is Diamond City's resident Synth Detective. After saving him, he helps the Sole Survivor search for Shaun. When the Sole Survivor defeats Kellogg, Nick volunteers to have a piece of the mercenary implanted in his mind. This creates some residual memories, as Kellogg threatens the Sole Survivor. Nick tries to play it off, but it's never explained if he's now a threat. There's also no explanation of how Kellogg would say new dialogue since he's put out of commission.

13 He's a Very Good Dog

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Dogmeat is the first companion the Sole Survivor can recruit on their journey to find Shaun. Unlike previous versions of the adorable canine, he can now retrieve items and do tricks. Even if he fails to find anything, Dogmeat will do whatever the Sole Survivor says.

Dogmeat can bypass locks that the Sole Survivor cannot.

You can even send him to retrieve the high-level weapon locked behind a Master locked glass case in Vault 111. Either Dogmeat is a master of unlocking or Bethesda limit what he could open.

12 Does Nobody Care About Relationships?

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Fallout 4 introduced character romances into the game. No longer did gamers leave the next morning after spending time with an NPC. They could not develop long-time relationships. The first is with Nate or Nora, who tragically passes in the prologue. The Sole Survivor can then choose to move on with someone else. The Sole Survivor's options are open to everyone. No one comments on having long life relationships with multiple companions. The only person who appears hesitant at first is MacCready, who is also a widow, but he is quickly convinced to go on a more devious path.

11 A Lack Of Conversation

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Fallout 4 introduced a voiced protagonist into the series. Previously, gamers had to insert their own voice for their created character. Fallout 4 may have changed the course of the series with a talking character. Though this limited role-play, the dialogue wheel made things worse. The dialogue limited player decisions to Yes, Yes, (Sarcastic) Yes, and No to cancel the conversation. Through the game was advertised as a role-playing game, the player has a limited role in how Nate or Nora will act.

10 That's A Lot Of Batteries

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Power cells fuel several devices in the Fallout series. They are the primary source of energy for Power Armor. These cells should last for decades or longer.

In Fallout 4, power cells are much more limited. If using them in Power Armor, power cells last for hours at a time.

These powerful cells should have enough energy to last through the entire game. The Sole Survivor will have to search for more of these powerful batteries if they want to continue using Power Armor.

9 Your Actions Mean Nothing

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Fallout 3's karma level made gamers think twice about their decisions. The Lone Survivor may have profited from detonating the bomb inside Megaton, but it earned them negative karma. There is no karma meter in Fallout 4. Though you can do terrible things, no one will comment on your actions. At the same time, few will be impressed if you help out others. They may make a passing comment, but it will never benefit the Sole Survivor. The only karma that exists in the game is the player's own moral compass.

8 Was Myron Lying All Along?

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Fallout 4's pre-war safes contain many post-war items. This may be an oversight by Bethesda or intentional. One of the most controversial items found in pre-war safes is Jet, a chem that was first introduced in Fallout 2.

A young genius named Myron claimed to perfect the formula for the addictive substance. Jet should not be located inside pre-war safes. Other fans have argued that Myron was lying. They claim he was not the real creator of the substance and was trying to mislead the Chosen One.

7 No Power Armor Perk Needed Here

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Power armor has been part of every Fallout game. In previous games, the protagonist had to undergo specialized training before setting foot inside the suit.

With the first half-hour of Fallout 4, Nate or Nora can step into the armor with no prior training.

They are already an expert at jumping off of tall buildings and using a mini-gun to take down a Deathclaw. Though Nate may have had some training during his military days, there's no explanation of how Nora, a former lawyer, is an expert soldier.

6 The Plans Were Perfected Post-War

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According to the information found in computer terminals across the Fallout series, Vertibirds were finally perfected after the Great War. Before the bombs fell, the technology to make the aircraft fly was still being developed.

In Fallout 4, Vertibirds are now pre-war aircraft. They can be found in pre-war museums and are seen in Sanctuary Hills during the prologue. This changes the previously established lore that pre-war America didn't have the resources to perfect these human-made birds in the sky.

5 The Cat's Out Of The Bag

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The Enclave is a group of composed of the descendants of the military, politicians, and scientists, but also existed in the pre-war days. They work in secret to ensure their plans aren't discovered. In Fallout 4, there is a pre-war article in the Boston Bugle about the Enclave. The secretive organization was now out in the open.

According to the terminal entry about the group, they were "a secret, militarized "shadow government," known as the Enclave, that would take control of the United States in the event of a nuclear conflagration."

4 What A Waste Of Tech

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The Brotherhood of Steel has long held the reputation of hoarding technology. Only within the past few decades did the East Coast faction begin helping settlers. In Fallout 4, they find themselves fighting against the Institute.

The Institute is filled with the greatest Scientific minds of the Commonwealth.

It makes no sense why the Brotherhood would want to destroy the Institute and take out the scientists when it is a haven of technological breakthroughs. Instead of destroying it, they could have removed all of the research first.

3 Unclear Tech Origins

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Fallout 4 has a variety of power armor for the Sole Survivor to choose from. The X-01 model is one of the most powerful. According to one of the loading screens: "The X-01 series of Power Armor was specially engineered and employed by remnants of the U.S. military after the Great War, and offers increased protection over the older, pre-war models." However, this power armor can be found in pre-war locations. In the Nuka-World DLC, there is a functioning pre-war X-01 that the Sole Survivor can use.

2 It Wasn’t Really That Great

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Fallout 4's opening movie shows Nate, Nora, and Shaun as a happy family. They live in the beautiful cul-de-sac Sanctuary Hills. Pre-war America was a much more bleak place that Bethesda makes it out to be.

In several cities, the government had lost control, and martial law was declared. Natural resources were depleting, and the cost of gas was too high for most. There was also a food shortage, which may have been why so many survivors held onto purified water bottles and canned meat like gold.

1 Is It All In The Player's Head?

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The Sole Survivor's primary goal after waking up from cryogenic sleep is to find their missing son. They are forced to navigate through Vault 111 to find the exit. There are dangers along the way, including hidden pathways and Radroaches.

Before recovering a Pip-Boy, the Sole Survivor has access to the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System or V.A.T.S.

This system should only be accessible thanks to the Pip-Boy. It's unclear why the Sole Survivor can use V.A.T.S. before strapping a portable computer system on their left arm.

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