Fallout 4: Nuka-Cola World Enemies, Ranked

Despite the number of years that have passed since its launch or the reveal of a multiplayer game in the franchise, there’s no denying the popularity of Fallout 4 still reigns supreme. The large and expansive map of the game, the multitude of quests and missions one can undertake, and the ability to explore the Commonwealth alone all make Fallout 4 a fan favorite to this day.

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One other reason for its continued success has to be the stellar DLC that was released post launch. One such DLC was Nuka-World. Here are the ten most powerful enemies in the DLC.

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10 Commander Bear

A good portion of the powerful enemies one will encounter in the game appear early on during the DLC, when the player must compete in the highly dangerous Gauntlet set up by the leader of this Raider ruled land. One of the first enemies the player will have to battle is named Commander Bear, or just Bear for short.

The opponent is layered in heavy armor, and is a member of the Gunners. Players will have to encounter this foe in the Amoral Combat quest in the Cola-Cars arena area of the Gauntlet, and has an assault rifle also.

9 Sabot

The next opponent one can face in the Gauntlet Cola-Cars Arena is Sabot, another member of the Gunners. Note that the operative word here is “could”, as Sabot is an opponent one player can choose to fight in the arena, and in doing so Sabot will immediately become hostile to the player.

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Wearing heavy combat armor and wielding a combat rifle. Known for being aggressive yet foolhardy when in battle, Sabot is also known to assist allies in battle, making him a target in the grand scheme of things, and showcasing the complex nature of the Gauntlet and arena.

8 Dixie

One of the most ruthless members of the Raider gang known as the Disciples in Nuka-World has to be Dixie, a young woman known to all in the gang as the most bloodthirsty and violent of them all. That’s saying something considering how violent this gang of raiders can get in the game.

Her room inside of the Fizztop Mountain area of the park is filled with the bodies of her victims, as well as weapons and Holotapes that she keeps as “trophies”. Using a combat knife and .44 pistol, the player battles her if they turn on Disciples.

7 Maggy “Mags” Black

One of the more interesting and powerful foes one will face in the raider infested world of Nuka-World is the leader of the raider gang known as the Operatives, Maggy “Mags” Black. The player learns through holotapes found and dialogue that they encounter that Mags and her brother William, along with Lizzie Wyath, hail from Diamond City.

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All part of prestigious families in the largest settlement in the Commonwealth, they were banished and exiled after a mysterious accident involving the passing of a young woman inside the city. Mags has a handmade rifle and armor, and her gang’s loyalty.

6 Rage

Humans are not the only thing players have to fear in Nuka-World. While a number of creatures are known already such as the Deathclaw or Mole Rats to infest the area, there are new creatures like Bloodworms or Gatorclaws roaming the park, ready to attack the player. Yet there is one creature known for violence and brute strength roaming the Cola-Cars Arena, and that is a powerful super mutant named Rage.

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While not wearing armor, Rage has a brutal super sledge as his weapon and will attack the player on site as the player’s challenger in the arena.

5 Rogue Knight

One of the most talked about combatants inside of the arena has to be the mysterious Rogue Knight. A former member of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, the character made it to Nuka-World and entered the gauntlet, now arriving as a must battle opponent inside of the Cola-Cars arena.

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The knight will spawn as either a male or female, and there is no way to talk to the knight in order to postpone the battle. Instead the player can calm the knight down in order to take him down easier. Your membership in the Brotherhood won’t matter.

4 Zachariah

One of the more interesting quests in the game has to be the Grandchester Mystery House, which presents itself as a haunted house of sorts. Walking through the home, (which was a haunted house setup at the park), the player encounters room after room of traps filled with flamethrowers, spikes, and enemies galore.

Upon reaching the final room of the house, the player discovers the ex-Gunner Zachariah living in the house. Having set up the house as a way of disposing of people and gaining their loot, the player must fight them to exit the haunted house for good.

3 Overboss Colter

Upon arrival at Nuka-World, Colter is the leader of the raider factions. Overboss Colter was chosen by Nuka-World ally Porter Gage, who thought Colter was the toughest of all the raiders at the park. Yet the lack of leadership and direction Colter brought to the table caused Gage to reach out and find the player.

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Upon surviving the Gauntlet and arena, the final opponent you’ll face is Colter. Defeating him is not only the key to moving to the rest of Nuka-World, but will grant the player the title of Overboss themselves, making Colter one tough battle.

2 Nisha

Nisha has to be one of the toughest foes the player will face in Nuka-World. Leader of the cutthroat gang known as the Disciples, Nisha is the leader players will face if they turn on the Disciples later on in the game.

What makes her such a powerful foe is her combination of psychopathic nature and natural born leadership. She is so strong that she is the only one who has managed to keep the Disciples bloodlust in check, with her only rule being “don’t get caught”. She has many plasma based weapons, making her a truly tough foe.

1 Mason

The most ferocious foe one will face in the Nuka-World game has to be the leader of the raider gang known as The Pack, and that is Mason. Of all the raider gangs, the most uncontrollable and vicious gang is none other than The Pack.

Known to the gang members as the Alpha of the pack, the leader is known for holding contests of animals versus animals and slaves vs animals, making him truly monstrous in his approach. He also uses the animals he and his gang capture as weapons, making his stronghold the toughest to fight entirely through.

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