Fallout 4: 10 Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever

Fallout 4 places us directly in the aftermath of nuclear war, and along the way, we get to hear some great quotes that will stick with us forever.

Fallout 4 is among the strongest games in the entire franchise, and for a good reason. The world is massive and immersive, the characters feel real and interesting, and your choices have lasting effects on the landscape of the Commonwealth. It also has one of the most compelling main storylines that sends us on a hot pursuit after our baby son Shaun.

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During our adventures, we meet countless other inhabitants and survivors, many of which share their iconic wisdom about life in the time of post-apocalyptic nuclear war. Here are 10 amazingly inspiring Fallout 4 quotes that will stick with you long after completing the game.

10 "Protect the people at a minute's notice"

Preston Garvey is one of the first people we meet after waking up from our slumber. Almost immediately he asks for our help, and we're tasked with fending off raiders and a Deathclaw in the small town of Concord while wearing our very first power armor.

Preston is all about protecting the small people of the Commonwealth, those who have no power or the ability to fight for themselves. His sense of duty is truly impressive and inspiring, as is shown in this quote which summarizes what the Minutemen are all about in his mind.

9 "Whatever caused our fates to intertwine would never let them unravel"

Paladin Danse isn't exactly one of the softest characters out there. He's a hardened soldier who truly cares about the Brotherhood and wants to see the humans of the Commonwealth thrive. However, once we get to know him more, he shows an impressive amount of emotional depth.

We'd even say there's a bit of a romantic deep underneath all that metal, suppressed by years of hardened training. It's why these poetic words are so beautiful when spoken by him, because they're unexpected and he doesn't come across like the man to say such things.

8 "You will not be loved, but you will save humanity"

Mama Murphy has seen a lot in her life, and when we come along she strongly believes we have an important purpose to serve in the future. She'll occasionally tell us what our future holds in exchange for some chems, but her true wisdom shines at the very end of the game after we've made our choice about who we side with.

If we choose the Institute, she'll tell us that although we'll contribute to a new dawn for mankind by ruthlessly pursuing scientific advancement, we'll lose many friends and lovers in the process due to our tendency to want to sacrifice in the name of science. It's a truly beautiful way of summing up the Institute ending of the game.

7 "Of the people, for the people"

It's no surprise that Hancock takes his inspiration from American history. Just look at his outfit: it's evident who he admires. Although he might seem like a man from a different time, his priorities are evident in his words.

Hancock wants people to take control of their destinies in the Commonwealth, no matter who or what they are. As a ghoul himself, he's tried to make sure that Goodneighbor is a place where anyone is accepted as long as they can hold their own in a cutthroat environment. And indeed, that part of Boston does seem to be ruled by the people themselves, with minor guidance from Hancock when needed.

6 "Hey, chin up. I know the night just got darker, but it won't last forever"

One of the truly good characters out there, Nick Valentine's only goal is to seek the truth and help people. He's compassionate and interrogative, despite having a tough time coming into terms with who he is and who he isn't.

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Valentine's encouraging words are a great metaphor of everything we need to endure in the Commonwealth, from radiation to super mutants to Deathclaws and more. He's telling us to look on the bright side, and that our struggles are only temporary, with better days ahead if only we keep our chin up.

5 "In a hundred years, when I finally die, I hope to go to hell. Just so I can kill you all over again"

Anyone can empathize with the Sole Survivor's rage when pursuing their baby son Shaun. Desperate for truth, there's nothing that can stop us from getting our way. When we finally reach Conrad Kellogg, the mercenary who was tasked with snatching our baby from the arms of our loved one, anyone is bound to feel the sheer rage against him.

It's why these words are so meaningful, because they represent all the pain and effort we went through just to get to him and find out the truth. Who wouldn't do absolutely everything for their child?

4 "It was just me against the world... and the world had it coming"

Speaking of Kellogg, while he's one of the main antagonists in the game, he's not just some bad to the bone kind of villain without a proper backstory. Kellogg suffered as well, as we discover while entering his mind thanks to Doctor Amari. He's filled with a primal rage, which leads him to pursue the life of a mercenary.

Kellogg's sheer hatred towards the world stems from his childhood where he was abused by his father, as well as having to deal with the fact that his wife and daughter were killed in cold blood. He's a product of his past and his environment, which makes him so much more interesting as a villain.

3 "You're a single bomb in an arsenal of thousands preparing to lay waste to what's left of mankind!"

Any member of the Brotherhood of Steel will know who Elder Maxson is and just how devoted he is to his beliefs. The shock that he experiences and that we feel as well, when we find out that our trusted ally Paladin Danse is in fact not a human but the very thing the Brotherhood has been fighting against, leads him to reduce Danse into nothing but a weapon.

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His words are so destructive and cold, yet at the same time it's understandable that he's trying to protect something greater at all costs. While Maxson isn't our favorite character, his line is among the most memorable ones without a single doubt.

2 "It's the end of the world, all over again"

In the event that you choose to blow up the Institute and bring an end to the fear that so many Commonwealth inhabitants felt towards it, you'll witness a scene all too familiar from the start of the game.

A giant explosion rocks Boston, and leaves the Sole Survivor reminiscing about all that has happened. In a strange way, it's a repeat of what got us into this whole ordeal in the first place: the end of the world. This moment in the game is so iconic it would make an excellent scene in just about any movie.

1 'War never changes"

Again, spoken by the Sole Survivor at the end and heard in the introduction to Fallout 4, this line is one that many fans remember above all others. It was war that created the Commonwealth as it is now: desolate and in pieces.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to salvage our past and Shaun, some things never change, and war is one of them. It's why the Sole Survivor must always be prepared to face a new life, one that might change their destinies forever and not chase the past.

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