Fallout 4: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Vault 88

While by now any Fallout fan who considers themselves a true fan knows about Fallout 4 inside and out, there are still areas that are not as widely explored in Fallout 4 as others. One such instance would include the secret hidden Vault 88 from the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, located underneath the heavily fortified area of Quincy Quarries.

Here fans are able to go deep underground to a long thought lost Vault of the Commonwealth, where only the Vault’s lone Overseer remains, now in a ghoul state. Here are ten things not all fans knew they could do here.

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10 Scrap Broken Vault For Material

Like all settlements of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, this area is filled to the brim with broken items, buildings, building materials and more, showcasing the visual representation of a post-apocalyptic setting. As it happens with all of these broken things in the game world, players are able to scrap these to contribute to building materials for your own settlement.

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Now what’s interesting about Vault 88 is that it is filled with mounds of broken concrete, walls that can be scrapped, radioactive material and so much more, making this rich with building materials for the Vault and even beyond.

9 Explore More Underground Railway Systems

Vault 88 is a massive area to explore to say the least. It has several massive chambers filled with debris from before the war, and enemies of all types and classes just waiting to attack the Vault Dweller upon their entry into the destroyed Vault. One such area waiting to be explored happens to be another underground railroad system.

Much like the other railroad systems the tunnels are nearly collapsed and destroyed, filled with long destroyed trains. Beware however, as hungry feral ghouls are nesting inside this area, making for a tough battle if you aren’t prepared for a fight.

8 Locate Rare X-cell

One thing gamers can do in Vault 88 that many don’t realize is that they can find one of the game’s most rare inhalants, the X-cell. Located on the northeast section of Vault 88 on a store, the item can be found near a statue wearing a sea captain’s hat can be found.

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One of the reason’s this item is so rare is that it used to be sold on the black market, due to its highly addictive nature. Yet those who consume the inhalant will be surprised to see all of their SPECIAL attributes raised by two points.

7 Open Two Secret Backdoor Entrances

Once the long abandoned Vault 88 has been scrapped of all necessary debris and materials and the Vault is ready to be constructed from scratch, fans will notice that two separate back entrances can be found that exit to well known locations in the game.

The first back entrance opens up to Fallon’s Department Store, while the other opens up to University Point. The tricky thing however about these areas is they are filled with several enemies, with the first entrance location leading to super mutants and the other to Synths, and this will leave the Vault open to attacks.

6 Put Ten Extra Settlers Than Normal In Vault

One of the most important aspects of any settlement that the player builds within Fallout 4 has to be those they choose to settle into the settlement after it’s being built. Placing beacons to draw settlers into any settlement is crucial to maintaining the settlement’s food stores, water, maintenance, security and more.

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Yet one thing players may not realize is that in Vault 88, they can add an additional 10 settlers into the Vault more than any other settlement before. The limit for settlers is extended, allowing a larger amount of vendors, traders, and other settlers to arrive as well.

5 Unlock Multiple Workshops

While a large part of this next thing happens to be related to one of the Vault’s main quests, some players may not realize that throughout the Vault, there are multiple workshops and workstations available to use in any given section. The area is so large that it is divided into sectors, and this allows for multiple workshops to be opened.

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This is helpful in the game’s main quest for this area, which includes going to each sector and unlocking the workshops after finding the computer boards, allowing gamers to start scrapping items and rebuilding those sectors if they choose.

4 Fight Legendary Deathclaw

There are definitely no shortages in regards to the enemies that one can find within Vault 88. The DLC is filled with not just one or two types of enemies, but a whole slew of them. From feral ghouls and invading raiders from outside the Vault to wild molerats and more, this Vault has it all.

Two of the more powerful animal enemies one will face in the game are quite legendary. The first of these has to be a Legendary Deathclaw. Deathclaws are by definition very powerful on their own, but this one will mutate and become more powerful.

3 Fight Multiple Radscorpion Nests

There is a second group of animals that are truly powerful in the game world, and a major battle waiting to happen. This animal is the radscorpion, and they are almost as powerful as Deathclaws, especially when they gather in large numbers or nests.

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There is at least one large nest of at least seven radscorpions within Vault 88. This will lead to a major battle, so have the workshop open and build as many defenses/turrets as possible, and always have them handy when traversing deeper and deeper into the various sectors of this truly mind-blowing Vault 88.

2 Test Vault Dwellers With Vault-Tec

One of the reasons this Vault is so large is that it was originally constructed to run a variety of tests on the Vault Dwellers who were to live in this Vault. However the bombs fell before it could be completed, and only the Overseer and her Security Chief survived the blasts.

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As many Fallout fans know, this testing of Vault Dwellers is not new. Each Vault has their own unique testing parameters in place. Here you see how the testing process was made, tasked with testing new dwellers with energy bikes and slot-machines, all of which are rigged.

1 Build Largest Settlement In Commonwealth

After all of the debris and building materials have been scrapped and added to the workbench of the Vault, and after all of the enemies have been cleared out of the various sectors of the Vault, and even after the Overseer’s tests have been completed one way or another, then players can finally begin to build the largest settlement in the Commonwealth.

The area is so large and filled with so many sectors, that one will need to not only gather as much material from the debris in the Vault, but go beyond the Vault to fully rebuild a settlement.

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