Fallout 4 vs New Vegas: Which One Is Better?

While both Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas are great games, they each have their traits which are more superior than the other.

The Fallout franchise is one of the greatest in the history of video gaming, with each new release being highly anticipated by fans as the franchise has built a reputation for incredibly detailed, complex, and entertaining video games.

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Arguably two of the greatest Fallout games (though a case could be easily be made for Fallout 3 as well) are Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas, with each game having its own reasons for being the standout of the series.

While fans will debate until they're blue in the face about which is the greater game, within this list, we will provide five reasons why each game is greater than the other to help settle any arguments.

10 Fallout 4: Greater Graphics

Straight out of the gate with one of the more obvious benefits to playing Fallout 4 is the graphics, which are far more advanced and detailed within the entire game in comparison to New Vegas.

While New Vegas' graphics are certainly impressive and still stand up to this day, the fact that Fallout 4 is the newer of the two games meant that the chances were always high for it having greater graphics.

Every single detail seems to have been focused on within this game, with everything looking sharp and clear, which is a major credit considering how vast and detailed the map is.

9 New Vegas: More Room For Exploration

While every Fallout game encourages exploring, hence why the maps are so large and detailed, it does feel like New Vegas really encourages players to explore in greater detail than any other game in the franchise.

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This game places a real focus on searching the whole map, looking for the random details and small side quests that really makes Fallout standout amongst its competitors.

New Vegas has tons of side quests to be enjoyed and while every other game in the franchise does as well, New Vegas really does stand out in this behalf.

8 Fallout 4: Voice Work

New Vegas might boast the voice of Matthew Perry, who does an excellent job, but Fallout 4 provides the first time that a Fallout game has given the protagonist a voice, which totally changed the feel of the game.

Granted, there were many people who didn't actually like this feature, but for most, it felt like the game taking the next logical step in order to continue improving and feel less robotic.

While it doesn't make a massive difference in the grand scheme of things, as the gameplay is the same, the voice just makes the character feel a little more realistic.

7 New Vegas: Perk System


Fallout 4's perks were nowhere as good as they were in New Vegas, with the choices in New Vegas making far more of an impact on the game in general, rather than just upgrading things you already had.

Every perk had the possibility of changing the outcome of the quests that you begin upon, which is something that the next installment failed to do, with Fallout 4 feeling a little more constricted in that department.

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Perks might not be the first thing people think of when it comes to Fallout games, but there is no denying that they play a big role in the games and when they are enhanced more it is certainly a positive.

6 Fallout 4: Power Armor

The power armor images that come from the Fallout games are arguably the most iconic, yet in New Vegas, there was nothing special at all about the armor, which felt more like another piece of ordinary clothing.

However, in Fallout 4 there was a noticeable difference that could be felt when playing, with the armor really absorbing punishment in terms of bullets and radiation, while the movement was far more sluggish as well.

While it is only a minor detail, since the game promotes it so much, it is important that it gets it right, and Fallout 4 certainly did.

5 New Vegas: More Character Choice

One of the biggest advantages that Fallout New Vegas has is that the gamer's character is pretty much unknown in the Mojave Wasteland when the game begins, and because of that it really is down to the gamer to decide what type of a person they are.

The game starts on a blank slate pretty much, with the only information that is known being that the character is a courier, they had to deliver something, and someone shot them in the head to get it.

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However, in Fallout 4, there is a much more detailed backstory that sets the character off on a fixed path right from the start, which lowers the uniqueness to each different players character growth.

4 Fallout 4: Shooting

Fallout 4 weapon customization and modification

One element of Fallout 4  that does better, not just than any other Fallout game is shooting, and combat in general, which is far easier to use.

Not only is it easier, but it does make things a little harder, with V.A.T.S. being a perfect example, as instead of totally stopping the action, it simply slows it down, which means gamers are no longer allowed to simply use this tactic to essentially cheat death.

The weapon choices and customizability are far greater as well, making the combat side of the game far more enjoyable on the whole.

3 New Vegas: Better Soundtrack

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but if you are a gamer who commits a lot of time to explore the map with the in-game radio playing in the background, then a better soundtrack is a big deal.

Fallout games aren't praised enough for the excellent choice of songs in the same way that perhaps Grand Theft Auto is, but they really do a fantastic job of picking songs that suit the style of the game.

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However, when it comes to these two games, New Vegas certainly has the advantage in term of the greater soundtrack, which just makes it more enjoyable to play casually.

2 Fallout 4: A Greater Story

When you break down the two games, they both have good storylines throughout. However, it is Fallout 4 which boasts the better one as the story, despite being a little more rigid, is packed with emotion and complexity.

Because Fallout 4 is based around searching for your missing son, there is plenty of emotional attachment in what ends up being a thrilling adventure through the Commonwealth.

With the ability to manage and grow settlements throughout the game, you are really able to advance things and make the game feel personable, anchoring the story whichever way you decide.

1 New Vegas: The Mystery

While Fallout 4's story might be slightly better overall, New Vegas has it trumped when it comes to the mystery department. This is one of the games major strengths as it focuses on your courier's search for why they were nearly killed.

The fact that the game starts out in such an in your face, aggressive manner really sets the tone and that mystery maintains throughout, which is a lot of fun

The plot’s main momentum comes from your courier’s search to find out why they were nearly killed. This means the player is free within the game’s narrative to take on as many side quests as they want.

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